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PBS - Chapter 2082 - Disciplinary Statues

"Devouring the Heavens and Earth!"

"Seven Suns In the Sky!"

"Fist of Heaven Highness!"

Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, and Li Changsheng executed their powerful attacks.

A boundless devouring force surged forward and constructed a realm. Several suns rose into the sky and unleashed strong flames. A magnificent figure traversed an immeasurable distance and descended from the sky.

They were no ordinary peak Nine Heavens Supremes. Even those who were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard would struggle against the three of them, not to mention there were three other peak Nine Heavens Supremes too.

"River of Eternity!"

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan used a forbidden art without any hesitation. They ignited their blood essence and performed a hand seal, unleashing the boundless Force of Eternity to encapsulate the Dao Pattern.

"Sky-Stride Blow!"

Qin Nan gathered his focus.


They vanished into thin air together with the Dao Pattern before reappearing close to the Three Moons Pagoda.

However, they were unable to dodge all the attacks. They had to endure a portion of the damage. The Dao Pattern shook vigorously following a series of explosions, like it was going to shatter.

Qin Nan had long prepared for it. He took out the talisman which he obtained from Supreme Zhi Guang's belongings. A teleporting energy sped them up, allowing them to enter the Three Moons Pagoda.

"Damn it!"

Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, Li Changsheng, and the others cursed under their breath. They immediately went after Qin Nan.

They were not willing to let Qin Nan and his women enter the Three Moons Pagoda because they had no clue what was inside it, nor could they predict what was going to happen.

They would be displeased if Qin Nan managed to escape under the circumstances.

Meanwhile, inside the Three Moons Pagoda...

Qin Nan asked, "Are the injuries serious?" He knew they must have paid a huge price to unleash the formidable Force of Eternity.

"Xiao Nanzi, don't you worry, we are fine. We just need some time to recover," Princess Miao Miao said with a pale face, "The Force of Eternity can last for another half an hour. It will continue to strengthen the Dao Pattern."

Jiang Bilan said, "Qin Nan, let's focus on the Three Moons Pagoda and see what opportunities it has."

Qin Nan clearly understood the situation. The Dao Pattern hovered in the air under his control.

He finally had a chance to observe the surroundings.

Based on his previous observation, the Three Moons Pagoda had three floors. They were currently on the ground floor.

The pagoda was floating above a deserted land. It was covering an area of ten thousand wide. At the center stood one hundred and eight statues each carrying a halberd on their back while emitting a murderous aura.

There was a rundown temple in the distance with thick smokes coming out of it. It had a peaceful aura unlike the statues.

"These are no ordinary statues!"

Qin Nan was overjoyed.

It was exactly what he hoped for.

"Qin Nan!"

Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, Li Changsheng, and the others arrived too.

"Death Upon the Area!"

Qin Nan slashed forward.

Wisps of saber intents suddenly appeared and wrapped around the statues.


The eyes of the statues sprang open as they emitted a blood-red glow. They immediately drew the halberd on their back and unleashed the auras of the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Death to all intruders!"

The statues uttered coldly as they split up into over a hundred rays charging at Qin Nan and everyone else.

"Holy crap! These are Disciplinary Statues!" Zhuang Nan's face turned pale.

They would struggle to defend themselves even with six peak Nine Heavens Supremes on their side.

Qin Nan would have a better chance to escape when the situation got out of hand!

"Go inside the temple!"

Qin Nan did not dare to lower his guard.

The Disciplinary Statues were only complicating the matters. They had to venture deeper into the Three Moons Pagoda to flee for their lives!


An epic battle took place on the deserted land.

It was an unusual land since it was only shaking slightly despite the terrifying battle that was taking place.

Qin Nan's crew ended up with the upper hand.

The three of them were only in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, thus they had attracted fewer Disciplinary Statues. Qin Nan was also using his eye-technique and Sky-Stride Blow to quicken his pace.

Zhuang Nan and the others were slower in comparison.

They would occasionally find a chance to attack Qin Nan, yet their attacks were easily nullified.

"They went inside!"

Qin Nan and the two women finally went into the temple. Supreme South World and Li Changsheng's faces darkened. They were no longer wearing a grin.

"Cultivator Changsheng, we won't achieve anything at this rate. We must send someone into the temple and stop Qin Nan from finding some kind of formation that can help him escape this place!"

"Don't you worry, we will make sure Qin Nan is dead!" Zhuang Nan yelled.

"Do you take me as an idiot?"

Li Changsheng wore a cold face.

It was true that he was determined to kill Qin Nan, yet if all seven of them had to clear a path for someone, they would have to use their trump cards.

How was he supposed to defend himself if they turned against him?

Either way, he had to guarantee his own safety.

Unless, they let him enter the temple first.

Zhuang Nan knew time was running short. He stopped convincing Li Changsheng and asked the others to clear a path for him instead.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan's group frowned when they entered the temple.

The temple was not huge. There was a cauldron at the center with countless incense sticks that were releasing a soothing scent.

There was a portrait at the front. It was a blurred drawing of a white-haired old man.

Qin Nan had inspected the cauldron and the drawing. There was nothing special about them.

"This isn't making any sense. The Three Moons Pagoda has three floors. Even if there isn't anything valuable here, there should be a way to the next floor. Why is there nothing here?" Princess Miao Miao was confused.

"Qin Nan, try destroying the temple. If nothing happens, the statues must be the key," Jiang Bilan said.

Qin Nan nodded. He unleashed a tremendous saber intent.

The temple was sliced in half.

As it was already rundown in the first place, it immediately broke into pieces after it was attacked.

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