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PBS - Chapter 2084 - The Mysterious Island

Time gradually passed. Five hours later...

Qin Nan tried to absorb the demonic aura, but it vanished without a trace after entering its body. He could not transform it, nor could he store it.

According to Qin Nan's speculation, it was likely because he did not practice any demonic art.

Qin Nan suddenly saw a glimpse of light further ahead in the dark.

"An exit?"

Qin Nan immediately picked up his pace.

When he ran out of the light, a strong Immortal Qi encapsulated him, making him feel like he had arrived at an Immortal Land of Pure Qi.

"Mm?" Qin Nan observed his surroundings.

He was currently on a floating island with a radius of around five hundred li. The island was grown with all kinds of strange flowers and plants. It was brimming with Immortal Qi too, which would occasionally take the form of different beasts.

The surroundings of the island were completely white with polygon-shaped crystals of different sizes.

"Is this a forbidding aura?"

White flames erupted in Qin Nan's eyes. He drew out the Heaven-Shattering Saber after some observation.

His saber intents surged outward.

The crystals remained perfectly still. The Heaven-Shattering Saber felt like it had landed on an invisible barrier. It was unable to advance any further.

"Such a powerful forbidding aura!" Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

Even if he was to execute his strongest blow, he could only break the forbidding aura slightly without destroying it.

In other words, he was unable to escape.

Qin Nan sharply noticed the purple key in his storage bag was glowing faintly, as if something on the other side of the forbidding aura was summoning it.

"The key is used to open some kind of gate and seal. Since it's showing a reaction, does that mean we've gone from the Three Moons Pagoda to another forbidden land?"

Qin Nan frowned. He soon shook his head and activated the Dao Pattern to release Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan.

The two women seemed to have realized the extraordinary level of Immortal Qi. They started glowing as they absorbed it continuously.

Qin Nan's eyes flickered apologetically. He soon calmed his thoughts.

Either way, it was a good thing that they had made it here.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan had plenty of time to recover. Supreme South World and the others would need some time to catch up to them even if they knew where they went.

He could also use the opportunity to cultivate in seclusion and attempt to achieve the Greater Success Stage.

Meanwhile, the Three Moons Pagoda...

Its sudden appearance had attracted many cultivators nearby. The mountain, forest, and barren land were no longer quiet and peaceful.

As for Li Changsheng and the others, they were enraged when they realized they had lost Qin Nan. They withheld the anger in their hearts and claimed the Immortal Comprehension Grass and the other key as compensation before proceeding to the second floor.

The successions on the second floor were extraordinary. Since Li Changsheng had a head start, he ended up claiming a third of them while the others secured the rest.

The two groups had left the Three Moons Pagoda. They arrived at a desert outside the ruins.

Supreme South World was sitting with his legs crossed. He had unleashed the soul of the Tenth Immortal.

A few thousand zhang away, Li Changsheng and his men were performing hand seals to execute a forbidden art too.

Some time later, their eyes sprang open at the same time in disbelief.

"Qin Nan has gone to the Land of the Duo!"

They did not believe it at first, but it turned out to be a fact since they had confirmed it multiple times.

"The Land of the Duo? Isn't there two more months until it's accessible?" Zhuang Nan was struggling to believe it too. He looked at Li Changsheng who happened to be looking at him.

The two exchanged glances before their expressions darkened.

If Qin Nan was currently in the Land of the Duo, it simply meant they had to wait for at least two months until they could go to the Land of the Duo to kill Qin Nan.

The Land of the Duo was also a reputable land of fortune in the Dao Seeking Land. It contained two well-preserved bodies of the Master Realm and other successions!

If Qin Nan became a peak Nine Heavens Supreme in two months, it would be difficult for them to kill Qin Nan!

"Cultivator South World, Cultivator Li, I need your help to confirm Qin Nan's location doesn't change in the next few days!" Zhuang Nan said with a gloomy face.

Supreme South World did not mind. Li Changsheng nodded too after some time.

If Qin Nan's location changed significantly, it meant he had started to claim the successions in the Land of the Duo.

It did not matter much for the former, but the latter would hesitate to take on Qin Nan alone.

"By the way, Wu Shen..."

Zhuang Nan took a deep breath before he said, "Spread the news!"

Wu Shen was startled. He asked, "The Land of the Duo is one of the best lands of fortune. It's going to attract many experts. Wouldn't spreading the news attract more people and complicate matters?"

Zhuang Nan's eyes flickered coldly, "It's exactly what I want! The others are only going to treat Qin Nan in two ways, either kill him or capture him for his secrets."

"Either outcome isn't going to disturb our goals. If someone did kill him, we just need to secure his dead body. It's a lot easier that way."

"If they caught him, we just need to promise the respective faction some benefits, and they will be more than willing to offer us his blood essence."

Wu Shen agreed after thinking about it. He proceeded to carry out the order.

Supreme South World harrumphed coldly. He was displeased by Zhuang Nan's decision.

Capture Qin Nan?

What a joke!

Qin Nan must die!

On the other hand, Li Changsheng was not planning anything. He simply led his men and headed for the location of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree.

He just received some news that the thirteen leaves at the top of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree had undergone unusual changes. Something incredible might appear soon.

The changes might not be significant, but it was the first time the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree had shown an unusual reaction. It would benefit him a lot if he could learn the reason behind it.

They had to wait for two months, meaning that he had plenty of time left.

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