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PBS - Chapter 2091 - Battle Against Holy Monk Wangjin

For some reason, Holy Monk Wangjin had his eyes on Qin Nan. He murmured a chant and waved his hand. A great will of Buddhism collapsed onto Qin Nan like a mountain.

Qin Nan looked up. He accumulated the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking on the Heaven-Shattering Saber and slashed forward.

"Humph, bald donkey, what did you say?"

Princess Miao Miao was displeased by the words. She unleashed the power of the Soulless Flesh and activated the Formation of Eternity with Jiang Bilan to entrap Holy Monk Wangjin.

The rogue cultivators who were on Qin Nan's side had no intention to intervene in the battle.

Their job was to bring Qin Nan and the two women to the place where the bodies of the Masters of Dao were. They were not obliged to help Qin Nan whenever anything happened.

They just needed to keep Qin Nan and his women alive.


The eyes of Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, Li Changsheng and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes glittered. They continued to compete for the resources while keeping an eye on the battle. They were waiting for the perfect opportunity to execute their attacks and murder Qin Nan.

"The Bodhi Palm!"

Holy Monk Wangjin was brimming with the will of Buddhism. He avoided the Formation of Eternity and shoved his hand forward. A huge hand appeared and loomed over Qin Nan and his women.

"The Patriarch of the Ancient Bodhi Temple is as strong as the rumors say!"

Qin Nan immediately gathered his will upon experiencing the overwhelming pressure.

The Dao Pattern appeared and shattered the hand with a formidable force.

Qin Nan could not afford to preserve his strength when fighting someone like Holy Monk Wangjin.


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The hand immediately grabbed everyone's attention

Many were dumbfounded when it was destroyed.

They had to admit how outstanding Qin Nan's strength was.

"Is this the Dao Pattern that you've refined after combining the will of the Arts of Dao Seeking with your will?"

Chen Shiyan observed closely as he unleashed a formidable saber intent. His eyes erupted into flames, "Such an outstanding extraordinary path of cultivation! I wonder whether his Dao Pattern or my Saber Soul is stronger?"

He had a habit of challenging those with outstanding strength or had taken an unusual path of cultivation to see who was better.

He would insist to suppress his cultivation and not use his trump card to have a fair fight.

Most importantly, he was not stubborn about the outcome of the battle. He was after the thrill of the battle even if he lost. For him, it felt better than making love.

Therefore, he had been challenging the Saints, Saintesses, and the others that were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard. He did not even treat experts in the Master Realm seriously.

It was his pride. Only those who earned his approval had a place in his eyes.

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Qin Nan was one of them!

"Mister Qin Nan, you are born for this. You are meant to become a follower of Buddhism!"

Holy Monk Wangjin did not seem surprised. The sacred light in his eyes grew stronger as if he had just located his prey, "Statue of the Sacred Buddha!"

He placed his hands together to perform a mysterious hand seal.

The whole tomb was lit up by a golden light. It turned the ceiling into a boundless realm, like it never existed in the first place.

Deep inside the realm was a lotus seat, on which sat an illusionary figure. It was holding praying beads while uttering scriptures.

The Nine Heavens Supremes could not hear anything, but Qin Nan and his women were blasted with deafening voices.

"All rules cease to exist before the Dao Pattern!"

Qin Nan emitted a brilliant glow. His hair drifted in the wind.

The Dao Pattern suddenly unleashed twelve lights, each was like a peerless sword shattering the illusionary figure and the sacred light into pieces.

A strange sight occurred. The figure and light swiftly recovered and returned to normal after they broke into pieces.

It was as if Qin Nan had landed the hit on an illusion.

"Mister Qin Nan, stop resisting. You should place the knife down and repent. You will find the way and make everyone your disciple!"

Holy Monk Wangjin was already sitting with his legs crossed before Qin Nan realized. A Bodhi Tree hovered behind him.

Every word he uttered was magnified countless times before entering Qin Nan's ears, heart, and soul.

The Bodhi Statue unleashed its wrath to suppress Qin Nan's Dao Pattern.

He was using the Bodhi Heart-Calling Art, thus his voice was enchanted to forcibly awaken the urge to pursue Buddhism in one's heart.

No matter how strong a person was, there was also a hint of Buddhism in their hearts apart from their evil thoughts.

After it was awakened, it could be magnified by the Bodhi Call.

Holy Monk Wangjin knew it was impossible to convert Qin Nan with a single attempt. He was planning to plant the seed in Qin Nan's heart and wait for it to nurture slowly.

It would eventually blossom and turn his heart to Buddhism!

"Born for it? Say, Holy Monk Wangjin, as the Patriarch of the Ancient Bodhi Temple, aren't you aware of its presence in my body?"

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh. The Divine Battle Spirit emerged and emitted an ancient glow.

The Bodhi Glow and Bodhi Statue dimmed after their presence weakened.

"What right do you have to convert me?"

The Divine Battle Spirit unleashed an ancient aura. It surged within the tomb like a terrifying will.

Even the things that contained the will of the Master Realm, including the half-Dao Seeking Weapons, Dao Arts, and Master Arts lost their brilliance too.

"The Fifth Immortal!"

Everyone's heart skipped a beat, especially those from the Shidao Tribe.

"Legend says the Divine God of Battle, Xiang Zun is the most special among the Ten Immortals! He was also called the Strongest Master of Dao in the Nine Heavens!"

"Today, I will convince you that you and Xiang Zun are born to pursue the path of Buddhism!"

Holy Monk Wangjin's eyes glittered, yet he did not give up. A string of praying beads, a wooden fish, and a staff appeared around him with a strong will of Buddhism.

The three objects were all half-Dao Seeking Weapons!

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