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PBS - Chapter 2092 - Not Weaker

Usually, a peak Nine Heavens Supreme could only unleash the maximum potential of a half-Dao Seeking Weapon at a time.

However, Holy Monk Wangjin was able to control three of them at the same time.

Among the three half-Dao Seeking Weapons, the staff was mainly used for attacking. It unleashed a powerful demon-suppressing art under Holy Monk Wangjin's control. It was imperious like the wrath of the Nine Heavens.

The other two half-Dao Seeking Weapons were targeting Qin Nan's mind and soul. Each praying bead was resonating with the Bodhi scriptures while the wooden fish uttered a magical sound.

"Such terrifying strength!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes who were competing for the Soul Howl Immortal Jades were startled.

The hands of those who were in the Greater Success Stage and early stage, in particular, were sweating. If they were in Qin Nan's place, the monk would definitely plant a seed of Buddhism in their hearts, which would eventually convince them to convert to Buddhism.


Qin Nan remained still. He faced the attacks boldly.

The Dao Pattern buzzed. Its aura skyrocketed once again as the figure inside it rose to its feet and threw a punch forward.

The Bodhi Glow, Bodhi Intent, and Bodhi Notes were completely nullified.

Qin Nan immediately executed the Unstoppable Step. He moved quickly and fired three formidable saber intents at the three half-Dao Seeking Weapons.

"You weren't using your full strength?"

Holy Monk Wanjing's eyes widened. He quickly changed his hand seal, "Rise of the Buddha, the Dao of Buddhism forever exists!"

The Bodhi Glow, Bodhi Intent, and Bodhi Note appeared once again. This time, they were combined into a drop of water. It ignored the Dao Pattern and attacked Qin Nan's mind and soul.

He had used the Bodhi Heart-Calling Art in advance!

Meanwhile, Supreme Wanqing who was fighting Zheng Wuyuan in the distance grinned. She cast a strange seal with her left hand.

The area around Qin Nan and Holy Monk Wangjin were filled with ripples. A power that was on par with the Bodhi Heart-Calling Art attacked Qin Nan's mind and soul too.

The Patriarch of the Ten Desires Sect had been planning her move from the very beginning. However, her method was mysterious. She was releasing faint energy that the people could not detect.

Zhuang Nan, Li Changsheng, Supreme South World, and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes who were watching Qin Nan closely found their chance. The Supreme Force in their bodies rose as they were ready to execute their moves.

The rogue cultivators shared the same reaction too. They were ready to save Qin Nan when his life was in danger.

However, just as the two peak Nine Heavens Supremes' attacks were about to land on Qin Nan, the spirit behind Qin Nan suddenly woken up. Its battle intent and aura immediately reached a terrifying level.

A strong wind surged in all directions.

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled while Holy Monk Wangjin and Supreme Wanqing were astounded. They quickly backed away and executed an ancient Dao Art to nullify the force.

On the other hand, Princess Miao Miao, and Jiang Bilan performed a hand seal. The Formation of Eternity suddenly appeared on a Soul Howl Immortal Jade and took it away when the peak Nine Heavens Supremes were lost in their thoughts.

"Hehe, got it!"

Princess Miao Miao smiled.

They had long been preparing their moves when Qin Nan and Holy Monk Wangjin got everyone's attention.

However, the situation was too complicated. There were a lot of peak Nine Heavens Supremes too. They could only acquire a single Soul Howl Immortal Jade.

"Damn it!"

Zhuang Nan was displeased and a little jealous.

He was jealous of Qin Nan for having the perfect and powerful Divine Battle Spirit.

Only the authorities in the Master Realm were able to pose a threat to Qin Nan's mind and soul from the looks of it.

That alone was enough to keep Qin Nan away from dangers.

"The Fifth Immortal definitely lives up to his name!"

Supreme Wanqing smiled, like she was not bothered after her attempt failed.

Holy Monk Wangjin did not say a word. His eyes did not have any hint of fear or disappointment, but excitement instead.

He did not have to plant the Bodhi Intent or the Bodhi Seed in Qin Nan's heart. He just wanted to probe the Divine Battle Spirit's strength.

"Such power, which means it's more interesting to defeat it!"

Holy Monk Wangjin withdrew his thoughts. He murmured a chant and focused on competing for the Soul Howl Immortal Jade.

Qin Nan and his women were finally left alone.

Zhuang Nan and the others no longer had a chance. They focused on the battle instead of wasting their time further.

"Xiao Lanlan, let's go find ourselves some treasure!"

Princess Miao Miao's eyes glittered, as if she was completely unaware of the situation.

Qin Nan did not stop them. Now that they had secured a Soul Howl Immortal Jade, they would no longer find themselves in danger until they found the place where the bodies of the Masters of Dao were located.

Qin Nan had lost interest in the rest of the valuables. He observed the battle between the peak Nine Heavens Supremes.

He had learned a lot from the battle with Holy Monk Wangjin and Supreme Wanqing. He was surely able to learn their Dao Arts secretly by observing their battle.

Qin Nan might have practiced twelve Arts of Dao Seeking, but he had only learned a few Dao Arts. He had yet to discover the full potential of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking.

The battle lasted for an hour.

Chen Shiyan, Daoist Qianlong, and those who were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard had no trouble securing themselves a Soul Howl Immortal Jade. Meng Langtian also got himself one. Cao Ling and Xiang Han too. The rest were taken by the peak Nine Heavens Supremes who were relatively stronger.

The two women did not find much loot, but the Princess was still in a great mood.

Qin Nan closed his eyes. A few moments later, his eyes flickered when they sprang open.

He had learned the Bodhi Heart-Calling Art and the Bodhi Call!

He had also learned the mysterious Dao Art that Supreme Wanqing used to attack one's mind and soul.

He also learned a Dao Art that Daoist Qianlong was using, which was called the Extreme Living Demonfist Art!

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