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PBS - Chapter 2093 - Corpses of the Master of Dao

"Fellow cultivators, thanks..."

Qin Nan gave the resources he promised to the rogue cultivators before going inside the tomb. Meng Langtian was tempted to claim it, yet Meng Jinxian knew how shameless his father was. He immediately stopped his father before the man embarrassed himself.

"You didn't do a single thing. Are you seriously asking for a reward?"

"Fellow cultivators, we are done here. Let's insert our Supreme Force into the jades together."

Voices came from the Soul Howl Immortal Jades. The twenty-four Soul Howl Immortal Jades were linked, allowing the holders to transmit their voices.

Chen Shiyan and the others proceeded to inject their force into the jades.

"Brother Nan, we'll relocate as soon as we arrived and attack. We must start chaos regardless of the circumstances," Jiang Bilan said with a stern look.

She had changed the way she addressed Qin Nan as they were rummaging the place for valuables.

"Xiao Nanzi, don't worry, I'll look after you!" Princess Miao Miao said.

Qin Nan nodded calmly before pouring his Supreme Force into the Soul Howl Immortal Jade.

Each Soul Howl Immortal Jade began to emit a brilliant glow. It went through the tomb and soared into the sky to connect with something.

Following it, Qin Nan felt everything before him crumbling. A magnificent door appeared out of nowhere and floated in front of the crowd.

A few moments later, Qin Nan felt himself being brought to another place.

Before he could observe the surroundings, he felt two shocking auras coming from not far ahead. He subconsciously tensed while his heart skipped a beat.

The aura was different from the Divine Battle Spirit's. It was imperious yet it did not feel ancient. It was trying to subdue everything in the world.


Meanwhile, strong murderous auras soared into the sky and locked onto Qin Nan.

"Sky-Stride Blow!"

Qin Nan was long prepared for it. He unleashed the Dao Pattern which encapsulated Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan. They soon vanished into thin air before reappearing somewhere ahead.

"Dao-Jolting Saber Art!"

Qin Nan quickly executed the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and unleashed thousands of saber intents while slashing forward.

A series of explosions took place.

Qin Nan kept outputting saber intents. Some were directed at the two corpses of the Masters of Dao while the others were surging in all directions. Princess Miao Miao, Jiang Bilan, and he were wearing a stern look as they realized what was going on.

Even though Cao Ling, Zheng Wuyuan, and Han Qiuying claimed they were on his side, he did not trust them.

Their best option was to start chaos as they had planned!

"Why isn't anything happening?" Qin Nan's heart sank.

The two corpses were like mountains. The saber intents he unleashed could not touch them, nor did they trigger any traps or formations.

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan, do you think we have no idea what you're planning? You might not know this, but the place where the two corpses never have any forbidding auras. There would only be killing and blood!" Zhuang Nan burst out laughing as he, Supreme South World, Li Changsheng, and other peak Nine Heavens Supremes turned into rays of light flying at Qin Nan.

Daoist Qianlong, Holy Monk Wangjin, and Supreme Wanqing did not expect Qin Nan's actions. They only collected their thoughts after some time. They immediately unleashed tremendous auras.

More than thirty peak Nine Heavens Supremes were trying to kill Qin Nan!

However, lots of rustling occurred.

Qin Nan, Zhuang nan, Li Changsheng, Supreme Supreme South World, and the others felt a great chill running down their spine, followed by a strong sense of danger. They had to cancel the execution of their Dao Arts and backed away.

"Void Master Bugs!"

"What's happening!? Where did so many Void Master Bugs come from?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled.

Even people like Chen Shiyan, Han Qiuying, and Daoist Qianlong were astounded.

"Mm? Void Master Bugs?"

Qin Nan was overjoyed. He quickly observed with the Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle.

He found himself in a canyon covering a distance of over a hundred thousand li. The sky had no sign of the sun, moon, and stars, nor was there any source of light. It was pitch-black, with faint silhouettes of mountains in the distance.

Two corpses over a hundred thousand zhang long and thirty thousand zhang wide were floating not far away from him. They were still with the strong presence of an ocean.

Countless insects that had three red tails with sharp spikes and silver scales that were sharp as blades were coming out of the corpses.

A river of them had already come out of the corpses in less than a breath's time, like they were not going to stop.

The Void Master Bugs' eyes turned bloodshot when they saw the cultivators. They immediately went berserk and picked up their pace. They charged at the Nine Heavens Supremes while revealing their fangs.

They were quick as lightning. Each Void Master Bug contained a destructive power that was enough to hurt an ordinary Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage.

The crowd had no problem fending off a hundred of them, but their numbers were too overwhelming. There was a whole army of them. Even the peak Nine Heavens Supremes did not dare to take them on.

"Damn it!" Zhuang Nan, Li Changsheng, Supreme South World, and the others wore pale expressions.

Wasn't the place free of traps and formations?

Even if the chances of it being protected by formations and traps were slim, why must it happen when it was their time!?

"HAHAHA, little bugs, you came just in time!"

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan flew out of the Dao Pattern. The former was overjoyed after seeing the sight before her. She might even have the urge to feed them resources if it weren't for their ugly appearance.

The Nine Heavens Supremes twisted their lips.

The two women were the only people who were pleased with what was happening!

However, no one noticed Li Changsheng's eyes brimming with joy despite the circumstances.

He was focused on killing Qin Nan previously, thus he did not have a chance to observe the surroundings. However, when the Void Master Bugs appeared, the corpse on the right caught his attention.

He could clearly sense the power of bloodline from it. It was the bloodline of his clan!

The Master of Dao was an expert of the Li Clan!

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