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PBS - Chapter 2099 - Discovery

"Xiao Nanzi, are you hurt?" Princess Miao Miao asked as soon as she opened her eyes.

Jiang Bilan wore a worried look too.

They had sensed the presence of five peak Nine Heavens Supremes while they were attempting their breakthrough.

For some reason, three of them left first, and the remaining too left in the end.

"Don't worry, I'm fine."

Qin Nan glanced behind him and saw the three peak Nine Heavens Supremes who were still unwilling to give up running away in panic. He then explained everything.

"Which means, the four factions you mentioned are asking us for a favor?" Princess Miao Miao's eyes glittered.

That was great news!

Every formidable faction had been around since the terrifying battle in the past. They had most likely saved up a lot of resources. It would be great if they could get the resources in return.

"Not necessarily. After all, we still don't know anything about the solutions they have, and what they want me to do," Qin Nan shook his head.

Most importantly, he was not Zhou Xiao's reincarnation. The four factions were still clueless about it.

Speaking of which, there was one thing that Qin Nan did not understand.

According to Xiang Hun, Zhou Xiao was indulged in his own desires. He did not have any worthy achievements.

How was it possible to find the place to ascend to the Heaven Highness Realm through him?

"Brother Nan, I think we can use the four factions' attitude to save us a lot of trouble when the time comes," Jiang Bilan said.

"Mm," Qin Nan's eyes flickered coldly.

Leaving aside the Mumen Sect, Zheng Clan, and Han Clan, he never had a good impression of the Shidao Tribe.

It was true that the Shidao Tribe had voluntarily put aside their conflict. He just needed to learn more about the cooperation the Shidao Tribe was looking for. If Zhou Xiao was really the key to it, he would not mind abusing it to pay the Shidao Tribe back.

As for the possibility that the Shidao Tribe might fall out with him again?

They were enemies to begin with. It did not matter if they became enemies again.

"Come on, Xiao Lanlan, stop calling him Brother Nan. It might flatter him. Just call him Xiao Nanzi like me," Princess Miao Miao said.

"Ugh, Princess, I...I can't call him that," Jiang Bilan was speechless. She was too embarrassed to call Qin Nan Xiao Nanzi.

"Oh, are you embarrassed to call him that? You can call him husband then," Princess Miao Miao squinted. "That woman who's called Rudao even calls him little husband. If you call him husband, it means your status is higher..."

Qin Nan broke into cold sweat. How did Rudao even come into the picture? Did the Princess mention her on purpose?

"Xiao Nanzi, why is your face turning pale?" Princess Miao Miao grinned.

"(Cough cough), Princess, let's not discuss that now. We should hurry and head to the next place."

"Oh, also, I already knew where we should go next."

Qin Nan and the two women left. They followed the guidance of the Ownerless Heaven Pattern.

The three might have run out of luck, as the places which the Ownerless Heaven Pattern guided them to only consisted of Immortal Trees that were formed with the bones of the Master of Dao. In addition to it, there were already people competing for them.

Qin Nan considered for a moment and decided not to get himself involved. The three of them were currently an eyesore to most people, thus they might be picked on if they showed themselves.

Time gradually passed. The world changed again after a day.

The four suns in the sky had disappeared. They were replaced by a bright moon. Qin Nan and his crew kept feeling like they were being spied on.

The moon turned out to be the eye of the Master of Dao.

Unlike last time, over a dozen Nine Heavens Supremes immediately turned into brilliant rays flying toward the bright moon.

Qin Nan thought after seeing them, "I should hurry and improve my cultivation to the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm."

If the three of them could achieve the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, they would be able to fend off Zhuang Nan, Supreme South World, and the others and guarantee their safety.

If the opponents had less than ten peak Nine Heavens Supremes, they might even have a chance to win the fight.

Qin Nan soon calmed his thoughts. He kept searching by following the Ownerless Heaven Pattern's guidance.

Around two hours later, they flew to the bottom of a lake and discovered many mystical flowers and plants of different colors.

The energy they contained was nowhere close to the energy of the two immortal trees, but they were great in numbers. Princess Miao Miao, Jiang Bilan, and Qin Nan still benefited after refining them.

Time gradually passed. Battles of different scales happened continuously across the place.

Some time later, Qin Nan became restless after flying for a long time.

The light which the Ownerless Heaven Pattern was emitting grew stronger.

Throughout the search, Qin Nan had noticed that the stronger the body part that the Ownerless Heaven Pattern discovered, the greater the light it was emitting.

The light it was currently emitting was the brightest so far!

"Princess, Bilan, I think we have found a good spot this time!"

Qin Nan grinned. He immediately picked up his pace.

Some time later, the three finally came to a stop. They lifted their gaze.

Their eyes flickered with astonishment following a glance.

There were several mountains in the distance which combined into a mountain range.

Among them, the mountain at the center was extremely tall and blood-red in color. It had countless strange plants and magnificent trees on it. Deep rumble kept occurring on it too. Each time it occurred, an aura of the Master Realm would surge at the other mountains like a great storm.

The energy which the mountain contained was shaking vigorously!

Qin Nan was excited as he collected his thoughts.

The mountain was obviously the projection of an important body part. The two immortal trees which they found before were nothing compared to it.

"Qin Nan, Princess, I think we should take turns to refine it. After all, we are still a long way from reaching the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. A single mountain won't be enough..."

Jiang Bilan was the first to speak. She was trying to make the decision before Qin Nan could speak.

However, their eyes glittered before she could finish...

Someone is coming!

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