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PBS - Chapter 2112 - Stone of Time and Space


Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

The purple key once reacted when he entered the statue where he found Master Chihao's soul, and it was showing a reaction again now. Could it be...

Qin Nan quickly directed his Divine Sense into the key. As he thought, something seemed to be reaching out to him.

He realized it was from the eighty-sixth ray of light.

"Master Chihao, do you know what this key is for?" Qin Nan asked.

"Mm? What key? Holy crap!"

Master Chihao straightened his figure. He said with wide eyes, "I once heard three specific routes of the Trial of Hundred Paths have something called the Three Mystical Doors. No one is able to forcibly open the door. They can only be opened with special keys."

Qin Nan's eyes glittered, "What's inside the Three Mystical Doors?"

Master Chihao shook his head, "I have no idea. I didn't even make it to the second floor. However, there must be something incredible inside if the Three Mystical Doors are so mysterious."

Master Chihao's eyes flickered passionately.

He already made up his mind. He would not devour anyone before entering the Three Mystical Doors with Qin Nan.

"I didn't expect something I found in the Three Moons Pagoda would be related to the Trial of Hundred Paths here. Hang on, there were two keys in the Three Moons Pagoda. I only took one of them."

Qin Nan turned around as a sudden thought crossed his mind.

Zhuang Nan happened to be looking at him too. He also realized what the key was for.

"Qin Nan, let's make a deal, let's agree not to tell anyone about the key, and I won't trouble you nor send someone to stalk you for the time being. How's that?" Zhuang Nan transmitted his voice.

Qin Nan was protected by a few factions. It was extremely difficult to kill him for the time being.

It was better to spend his time on finding the secret of the key instead of falling out with Qin Nan now.


Qin Nan knew what Zhuang Nan was up to. He immediately updated his two women on the situation.

"Fellow cultivators, thanks for your help," Qin Nan looked at Meng Langtian, Xiang Han, Zheng Wuyuan, and the others. He brought his fists together and said, "I've come across something which is reacting to one of the paths. Shall we go take a look together?"

If he was on his own, the cultivators of the other factions might be after him even if Zhuang Nan kept his words. It was better to stick with the others for now.

"HAHA, sounds like a good idea. I was wondering which path I should choose too!" Meng Langtian burst out laughing.

Xiang Han, Zheng Wuyuan, Han Qiuying, Cao Ling, and the others nodded after a slight ponder.

The Nine Heavens Supremes soon picked their paths and left the place.

A few were scanning Qin Nan with their Divine Sense. Qin Nan waited patiently until half of the crowd had left before he and the others took the eighty-sixth path.

Time gradually passed. Qin Nan discussed a lot of things with the Saints and Saintesses along the way, including the current situation, Martial Arts, and their cultivation.

Through it, Qin Nan had a better understanding of everyone's personality.

Zheng Wuyuan was smooth in establishing relations with others. He always wore a smile on his face without showing any extra emotion.

Cao Ling was a little dull. He was listening quietly most of the time.

Han Qiuying was a little strange. She kept looking at Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan at times. It kept sending chills down Qin Nan's spine.

As for Xiang Han, he might look like a rough bloke, yet he was intelligent in some ways too.

Meanwhile, Meng Langtian did not look like a typical Patriarch. He completely lacked integrity and would keep mentioning treasure or gambling.

However, he was also the reason why the atmosphere was easy and warm along the journey.

Half an hour later, the path finally showed some changes. The surroundings were replaced with darkness. They could only see over five zhang away with their eye-techniques and Divine Sense.

They started encountering traps too, including illusionary demons, ancient soldiers, and other formations.

However, Qin Nan's group was fairly strong. They easily overcame the danger without compromising their speed.

Two hours later, they finally saw a glimpse of light in the distance.

"Damn it, about time. What was the master of this Wuyue Palace thinking to make the path so long?" Meng Langtian grumbled. The others picked up their pace and flew into the light.


Everyone was startled after they entered the light.

They found themselves on a spacious battlefield. The sky was filled with debris while the ground was covered in ravines. They were broken limbs and skeletal remains across the place. It was still a horrendous sight after a long time.

Most importantly, the will of different arts were rooted in the rift like trees. They were still around after a long time had passed. Some of them were strong enough to send chills down their spines.

It was obvious that the weakest cultivator who took part in the battle was at least in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

"Are those pieces of the Stone of Time and Space?"

Zheng Wuyuan suddenly looked in one direction and said, "It seems like this battle had taken place during the era of the Supreme Highnesses."

He walked forward and picked up a black stone around the size of his thumb. He observed it for a moment and wore a pitiful look.

The stone was seriously damaged. It had already lost its power.

"Cultivator Zheng, what's this?" Qin Nan asked curiously.

How did he know the battle had taken place during the era of the Supreme Highnesses by just looking at the stone?

"Brother Qin, don't you know?" Zheng Wuyuan was startled.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, the Stone of Time and Space is a unique immortal stone refined by the Boulder of Time and Space. It contains a wisp of the energy of time and space. The Boulder of Time and Space is one of the most mystical existences in the Primary Upper Realm. Rumors say whoever that finds it can comprehend the principles of time and space."

"Unfortunately, it has broken into pieces during the battle between the four Supreme Highnesses. We can no longer produce the Stones of Time and Space, thus the ones we found are all from the era of the Supreme Highnesses," Cao Ling explained.

"Qin Nan, you should really learn more about these things since the favor which Brother Xiang Han and the other factions are asking you is somewhat related to the Stones of Time and Space," Meng Langtian said. He seemed to be hinting at something else.

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