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PBS - Chapter 2125 - Heaven-Shrouding Curse

"Seal of the Great Light!"

"Art of Nirvana!"

"Ancient Godly Fist!"

The six figures displayed an outstanding teamwork as they moved into a formation and unleashed powerful Dao Arts to attack Qin Nan from all directions.

"A monk of the Ancient Bodhi Temple?"

Qin Nan did not react a first as he was taken by surprise. The attacks were already inches away when he collected his thoughts. He had no choice but to use the Sky-Stride Blow to escape to safety.

"Such a strange move, but you are going to die today nevertheless!"

The peak Nine Heavens Supreme of the Ancient Bodhi Temple did not resemble a follower of Buddhism at all. He performed a hand seal with a menacing aura.

"Dao-Jolting Saber Art!"

Qin Nan executed the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and gathered their will on his saber as he slashed forward.

Wisps of formidable saber intents poured down at the six figures. Their formation did not last for a single breath. It was crushed into light dots which dissipated into the surroundings.

"Twelve...twelve Arts of Dao Seeking? You've mastered twelve Arts of Dao Seeking?"

The six Nine Heavens Supremes with ghastly appearances wore an astounded look. They quickly reacted as they sensed a shocking danger approaching.

However, their Dao Arts were no match against the saber intents. It was like the difference between the light of the sun and moon and fireflies.

Following a series of explosions, their Dao Arts were overwhelmed. The saber intents landed on them mercilessly. They cried out in agony as they fell into the sea.

They would have died if Qin Nan did not preserve his strength.

There was a huge difference between peak Nine Heavens Supremes too.

"How did you all end up like this? If you tell me the truth, I will spare your lives," Qin Nan told the peak Nine Heavens Supreme.

"(Cough cough), I didn't expect to stumble into someone on the Supreme Leaderboard this time."

The peak Nine Heavens Supreme spat out a mouthful of blood, yet his eyes showed no sign of fear. He blurted out in excitement instead, "Your heart must be very delicious."

The other five were excited too.

A strange sight took place. Their shattered bones recovered swiftly. They had recovered from their injuries in less than two breaths, as if the saber intents did not deal any harm to them.

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Qin Nan frowned. He slashed at two of the skeletons and shattered them into pieces.

However, the pieces soon gathered as they reclaimed their initial appearance.

"HAHAHA, stop wasting your energy. We are not going to die no matter how strong you are! Since you are ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard, we'll give you a quick death so you won't suffer much!"

The peak Nine Heavens Supreme burst out laughing as he made his move again.

"Interesting," Qin Nan smiled.

He unleashed the Dao-Melting Immortal Flames.

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They were undying just as the peak Nine Heavens Supreme had mentioned. They would soon recover from their injuries no matter what Qin Nan did.

Qin Nan did not notice anything unusual after observing them for a long time.

However, Qin Nan was not worried at all. The six of them might be undying, but their cultivation was too weak. Qin Nan would be able to suppress them temporarily and leave if he wanted.

The Nine Dragons Seal in Qin Nan's soul suddenly showed a reaction again. It emitted three rays of light into Qin Nan's dantian to merge with his supreme force.


Qin Nan was startled. He gave up on the thought of suppressing the enemy and slashed at the peak Nine Heavens Supreme.

"Tsk tsk, how stubborn are you? I already told you we won't die. Stop struggling, or I'll..." the peak Nine Heavens Supreme said disdainfully. He did not even bother dodging the slash.

The light in the peak Nine Heavens Supreme's eyes shuddered. The slash had broken two of his bones on his left chest and left a huge cut on his right chest.

A gray aura burst out of the wounds and rose into the sky.

His soul felt a tremendous pain.

The other five figures came to a stop too.

One second...

Five seconds...

Ten seconds...

The peak Nine Heavens Supreme realized something while he was crying out in agony. His right eye was filled with astonishment.

"He...he didn't recover?"

The other five Nine Heavens Supremes shared the same reaction too.

It was more surprising that seeing Qin Nan using twelve Arts of Dao Seeking.

"The Nine Dragons Seal keeps giving me surprises," Qin Nan murmured.

He said with a smile, "What now? Do you choose to die or tell me the truth?"

The six Nine Heavens Supremes exchanged glances upon collecting their thoughts.

Their eyes were mixed with fear and surprise.

The peak Nine Heavens Supreme who was injured finally clenched his teeth and said, "We only ended up like this because of the Heaven-Shrouding Curse!"

He immediately wore an astounded look after saying the words.

The other five Nine Heavens Supremes reacted the same way too.

They were able to tell the truth!

"Heaven-Shrouding Curse? What's that?" Qin Nan asked.

"You...you are my savior. If you need any help, I won't hesitate to do it even if you asked me to attack the Ancient Bodhi Temple!"

Shi Ming was very excited. He calmed down and said when he saw the confused look on Qin Nan's face, "My savior, you have no idea. Not only did we become undying after we are placed under the Heaven-Shrouding Curse, our flesh will finally turn into skeletons, and we are forced to kill outsiders."

"In addition to it, we are not allowed to tell anyone about the Heaven-Shrouding Curse and the Westernmost Land even if we wanted. It's like we are being controlled by an external force."

Shi Ming asked after a brief pause, "As for the Heaven-Shrouding Curse, did you encounter the Heaven-Shrouding Qi when you came to the Westernmost Land?"

Qin Nan said, "Are you referring to the aura with negative emotions?"

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