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PBS - Chapter 2130 - Nine Heavens Blood Dragon Pond

The first place was not far from their location. Xu Ruchen soon slowed down.

Below them was a bottomless ravine around a few hundred thousand zhang wide. Different ancient auras were rising continuously from it, followed by deep intimidating groans.

Xu Ruchen said as he was entering the ravine, "We call this place the Nine Heavens Blood Dragon Pond. From what we observed, it can absorb the blood essence of the cultivators who had fallen in the outer and middle sectors of the Westernmost Land and refine them into a form of energy."

Qin Nan was shocked.

He did not expect the first place to be so astonishing.

Many experts had fallen in the Westernmost Land over the years. How terrifying would the energy be if it had absorbed all of their blood essences?

"Wait a second! If it had absorbed their blood essence, won't it also absorb the power of their lineage?" Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

After all, there were most likely a lot of disciples of the seven Heaven Highness Clans and the Hundred Primordial Tribes among the deceased.

Xu Ruchen said after a brief pause, "Elder Long and the others found this pond around five hundred years ago. The energy it had back then was very weak, most likely because it had only formed recently. However, it has stored a huge amount of energy over five hundred years." 

Qin Nan's lips twisted. Why couldn't he say it earlier?

The pond sounded absolutely insane just a moment ago, yet it was not even that impressive when Qin Nan learned it had only existed for around five hundred years.

The two kept going deeper. 

Xu Ruchen was extremely familiar with the place. They had no trouble avoiding the traps and danger.

"We are getting closer...mm? Someone is here?"

Xu Ruchen raised his brows. Qin Nan also noticed three unusually strong presence ahead.

However, he was not too worried.

Xu Ruchen told him there was a strong barrier consisting of the Heaven-Shrouding Qi close to the Nine Heavens Blood Dragon Pond. Even those who were under the Heaven-Shrouding Curse took two hours just to reach the pond. 

It would most likely take other peak Nine Heavens Supremes a few days to make it through the barrier.

Qin Nan and Xu Ruchen soon saw three cultivators.

There were a young man, a woman, and an old man, each with the aura of the peak Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

The old man was only a normal peak Nine Heavens Supreme, but the young man was no ordinary person. He had seven eyes on his face, each with a strong immortal intent.

The woman was different too. It was as if there was a unique space inside his body. As she was releasing her supreme force, her body would also release a different force which was stronger than the supreme force.

The three of them were attacking a strange gray mist with powerful Dao Arts and ancient Dao Weapons.

"I've met them before. They are Lin Chenli, a candidate of the future Patriarch of the Qimu Tribe, and Zhang Yue'er, a candidate of the future Patriarch of the Chizha Tribe," Xu Ruchen transmitted his voice after a quick glance.

Lin Chenli, Zhang Yue'er, and the old man had long noticed their presence too. Their eyes were filled with astonishment when they turned around.

"Are you... Qin Nan?"

Zhang Yue'er was shocked when she recognized Xu Ruchen, "And you are...Brother Xu?"

Since when did they know one another? And why were they here at the Westernmost Land?

Lin Chenli was the first to react. He said with a smile, "Cultivator Qin, Cultivator Xu, you two must have come here because you knew there's a place with fortunate encounter behind this barrier. Why don't we work together to break the barrier and split the loots?"

Lin Chenli was actually not in a great mood.

There were over a dozen people in their group too, but the three of them had tricked the others and came here on their own so they would not have to share the loot.

To their surprise, the gray mist was too strong for them. They had only advanced half a zhang after wasting half an hour. There was also the risk of them being corrupted by the Qi.

They had no choice but to join hands with others even though it was against their wishes. He was thinking if he should call the rest of the group here.

He did not expect to stumble into Qin Nan and Xu Ruchen.

Rumors said that Qin Nan had mastered an extraordinary path of cultivation, granting him incredible strength. Xu Ruchen was also a Saint of the Xu Clan, thus he should be quite strong too.

"Let's work together with them for now. If it doesn't work, we might have to call the others..." Lin Chenli said.

"I'm sorry, we aren't interested in working together with you," Qin Nan said.

"Not interested?"

Lin Chenli was startled. He almost thought he had heard it wrong.

"Brother Qin, Brother Xu, you might have no idea how powerful the gray mist is. Even the three of us only managed to advance half a zhang after half an hour. We won't be able to make it through the barrier if we don't work together," Zhang Yue'er said.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, I know you are capable as the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness' son, but the gray mist is very unusual. It is imbued with a strong curse..." the old man said.

Qin Nan shrugged. He did not respond to them. He flew toward the gray mist while ignoring the astounded look from Xu Ruchen.

"Humph, what an idiot! I can't wait to see you suffer!"

Lin Chenli grinned after collecting his thoughts.

However, the grin on his face froze after a while.

Zhang Yue'er and the old man were startled too.

Qin Nan was completely unaffected by the gray mist. He soon disappeared into the barrier.

"No wonder he doesn't want to work with us!" Lin Chenli took a deep breath.

The three of them had definitely underestimated Qin Nan's capabilities.

However, he looked at Zhang Yue'er and the old man as a thought crossed his mind.

The other two were looking back at him passionately too.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan had already crossed the mist.

He found a pond around twenty zhang long and ten zhang wide. The ground close to the pond was covered in runes like some kind of formation. A formidable energy was rising from the pond too.

He could faintly see three dragon-shaped orbs floating in the pond.

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