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PBS - Chapter 2170 - The Army of Eternity, Part Two

The statues had woken up from eternal slumber.


Blinding light rays and overwhelming auras soared into the sky and loomed over the area to drive the boundless darkness away.

The sky instantly fell into chaos while the ground was in the middle of a great calamity. It began to crack apart while shaking violently.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, many Rulers of Dao, and mysterious existences were startled. They quickly backed away.

"What's happening?" the lord of the City of Darkness was startled.

The statues had changed completely. Some were engulfed in scorching flames. Some were enchanted with runes. Some had hundreds of ancient swords floating behind them. Others had enlarged rapidly and turned into titans.

Strong energy was rippling within their bodies. Even the weakest among them was in the early stage of the Ruler Realm!

Most importantly, twenty-three among the statues had an aura that was on par with Eternal Night Heaven Highness! 

Could it be they were twenty-three Heaven Highnesses?

"This is the Army of Eternity which Eternal Heaven Highness has created himself. It's also the strongest army in our era. It has never lost a fight since it was established. It has eliminated many ancient factions and created many legends!" 

Demonic flames were burning in Moxie and Demon Emperor Wutian's eyes.

Even though they were servants of Huangfu Jue and the Army of Eternity was only in their spirits form instead of actually coming back to life, their hearts were pounding heavily still.

One could tell how fierce the competition was back in their era just by looking at the Army of Eternity!

"What's going on?"

"Who are these people?"

The Rulers of Dao, the mysterious existences, and the Masters of Dao were dumbfounded by the sight. They had never seen such a terrifying formation before!

In comparison, Eternal Night Heaven Highness was the most shocked with a great chill running down his spine and turning his scalp numb. The memories that were deeply hidden in his mind had returned.

The Army of Eternity was already making legends when he was only a petty Nine Heavens Supreme.

The Army of Eternity had almost conquered the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm when he became a Heaven Highness. The army was simply unbeatable!

The Ancient Taboo's eyes were brimming with fear too. It did not expect the Undying Cycle Mountain was able to collect their souls. The army reminded it of the nightmare it once had.

"Roll the drums, wave the flags!" Bai Zhongsheng yelled.

The figures were on the move.

Thud thud thud!

A series of drum rolls echoed in the seventh forbidden area and the Northern Battlefield. They eventually spread across the Battlefield of Aeon.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The figures used the Power of Rules to create war flags and waved them back and forth. The single word on the flags was standing out.


It was the name that the Army of Eternity followed.

Qin Nan's Divine Sense was struck by lightning as scenes and voices swept past his mind and echoed in his ears.

"Boss, I don't mind you laughing at me, but I'm taking the role of the first captain!"

"Boss, please, let me join the Army of Eternity again!"

"Listen, you f**kwits, we can be petty, crippled, or dead, but we shall not let anyone dishonor the name of eternity!"

"Everyone, tomorrow will be our last battle. Do you dare to come with me and trample the entire Primary Upper Realm under our feet?"

There were laughter, tears, blood, anger, and sorrow, but Qin Nan's battle blood had suddenly turned restless.

"My master, the Army of Eternity is in position. We are awaiting your order!"

Bai Zhongsheng bowed.

"My lord, first captain, Xiao Lang at your service!"

"My lord, third captain, Gu Zhen at your service!" 

"My lord..."

The terrifying figures dropped to their knee.

Qin Nan shuddered as an indescribable yet familiar feeling surged within his heart and struck deep in his soul.


The whole army became restless following the order.

They were no longer in the past. Their legends, glory, and achievements were buried in the river of time, but the will of the Army of Eternity had never died.


The figures charged forward recklessly.

The mysterious existences that were born in the Battlefield of Aeon seemed to have recalled something. They were overwhelmed by fear. They cried and fled for their lives.

"Everyone, stay calm, they are only in their spirits form. They aren't actually here in person. There's no need to be scared of them!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness had been the only Heaven Highness for a long time in the Primary Upper Realm. He quickly collected his thoughts and suppressed his emotions.

"Bai Zhongsheng, you've surprised me indeed with your contingency plan, but time has changed. I'm the strongest in the Primary Upper Realm!"

"As I mentioned before, I'm going to make the Army of Eternity perish and annihilate the Tribe of Eternity!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' aura skyrocketed. The Rules of Darkness were established as ancient artifacts emerged behind him.

"Fellow cultivators, let's attack together!" a ruler of Dao from the Wang Clan yelled.

The rest of the Rulers of Dao wore determined looks too.

"A bunch of lunatics, I'm not going to die with you all!"

The Ancient Taboo was terrified. It cursed under its breath and executed the plan it had prepared long ago. Its body immediately shattered as it vanished without a trace.

The appearance of the Army of Eternity had caused many people to ignore the glamorous figure holding a blue sword on the other side. She had completely shattered the last formation into pieces.

Her flesh, Divine Sense, the force of the Master Realm, and spirit underwent tremendous changes.

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