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PBS - Chapter 2178 - The Traitor's Anger, Part Two

The two Rulers of Dao and the Masters of Dao were startled. They quickly emitted strong auras to defend them from the sacred light.

Deep rumbles occurred continuously between the Heavens and Earth.

A few thousand breaths later, Xiang Hun's body emitted a strong force. It absorbed the pure energy of the ancient mountain within an instant as the mountain crumbled to dust and dissipated in the wind.

On top of it, loud buzzes took place across the land within a few hundred thousand li. The rare phenomena consisting of illusionary ancient beasts like heavenly dragons and phoenixes flew at Xiang Hun.

Xiang Hun floated in the sky. His body underwent tremendous changes as runes surfaced on his forehead and combined into patterns.

"The birth of chaos and rules, the formidable Great Dao of the world rises and sinks, from which all living creatures are born," Xiang Hun spoke. His voice increased gradually. It was deafening like thunder in the end.

Wisps of energy burst out of his body and surged thousands of li away. They continued to spread further away without slowing down.

It eventually filled the confined world.

The two Rulers of Dao and the Masters of Dao sensed its time had come to a still. Everything had stopped, as if they were frozen.

Some time later, a series of explosions took place to break the silence. The whole place began to shake vigorously.

"Is that..."

The Masters of Dao were dumbfounded.

They suddenly felt extremely minuscule in the world, like when they were still Human Gods in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

"This is unbelievable!"

The Rulers of Dao were astounded too.

The Masters of Dao might be unaware, but the two of them could tell that the rules of the world had been modified with force!

Even the two of them could not possibly achieve such an astonishing feat!

Besides, Xiang Hun's cultivation was only in the peak Master Realm.


Xiang Hun's eyes sprang open as he let out a roar.


His aura skyrocketed as his flesh surpassed the rules and the Great Dao of the world. He was no longer a part of it like everything else.

He had achieved the Indestructible Dao of Eternity!

"HAHAHA, it's done at last. Even though I've only achieved the early stage of the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity, no one could possibly defeat me in this fallen era! Once I achieve the Master Realm, I will trample Eternal Night that piece of trash under my feet and become the strongest existence in the world!" Xiang Hun burst out laughing.

However, at the very last moment, his body shuddered as if an invisible hand had reached out from the darkness and grabbed him, stopping his transformation.

"What's going on?"

Xiang Hun's expression shifted greatly.

He had refined the Flower of Eternity and the energy equivalent to the peak Ruler Realm, yet why did the transformation stop all of a sudden?

The scenery around him changed all of a sudden. The confined world was replaced by chaotic darkness with only a magnificent tree glowing in the distance.

"The Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree?"

Xiang Hun was startled. He noticed the tree turning transparent. A wisp of energy remained still inside it.

"Is that..."

Xiang Hun's eyes widened.

He was familiar with the energy. It was the Indestructible Force!

The darkness and the tree soon vanished as everything returned to normal.


The two Rulers of Dao and the Masters of Dao immediately noticed something out of place. The transformation of Xiang Hun's body had stopped.

Did it fail?

"HAHAHA, how marvelous!"

Xiang Hun suddenly burst out laughing after a while as if something great happened, yet everyone could see the flames of anger burning in his eyes.

"Master, I didn't expect you to prepare a contingency plan like this for the sake of your reincarnation!" Xiang Hun clenched his teeth as his body trembled. 

Only one Impenetrable Sacred Flesh could exist in the world, let alone the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity.

There was still a wisp of Indestructible Force in the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. It was like a seed. Even though it had yet to sprout, but as long as it was still around, Xiang Hun would never claim the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity.

"Patriarch, what just happened?" the two Rulers of Dao asked. They were only willing to join the Heaven-Slaying Sect because Xiang Hun promised he could claim the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity.

"Zhou Di had a contingency plan..." Xiang Hun took a deep breath and told them the truth.

"It's difficult to refine the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity indeed!" the two Rulers of Dao exclaimed. They were well aware of the efforts needed to achieve something remarkable. They simply assumed they had overcome the biggest challenge.

"By the way, Patriarch, we have something important to tell you. Recently..."

The two Rulers of Dao immediately told Xiang Hun everything that happened in the Battlefield of Aeon.

"Big Brother showed up? The Army of Eternity too?" Xiang Hun was startled.

He was familiar with Bai Zhongsheng and the condition of the Undying Cycle Mountain. In other words, Qin Nan no longer had any backup except for Empress Feiyue and the Undying Cycle Mountain!

"Patriarch, what should we do next? Should we tell Zhuang Nan and the Supreme South World about what happened?" the two Rulers of Dao asked.

"That won't be necessary!"

Xiang Hun interrupted and said, "I'll think of a way. I'll handle Qin Nan myself!"

His eyes flickered coldly.

His respect and gratitude toward Zhou Di had declined gradually ever since his betrayal, especially after what happened just then.

He might not notice it, but he was determined to claim the wisp of Indestructible Force. He would show no mercy to anyone who tried to stop him, including Qin Nan.

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