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PBS - Chapter 2186 - Longshan

Qin Nan suddenly turned and flew toward an ancient Bodhi City.

He was as quick as a flash of lightning. Not a single cultivator was following him. He was on his own.

"Is he out of his mind?" Supreme Changxiao was surprised.

Many factions already knew Qin Nan had come. They were going to react soon, yet he was planning to attack the Ancient Bodhi Temple instead of leaving? 

The Nine Heavens Supremes in the Bodhi City were aware of Qin Nan and his men just like Supreme Changxiao, but they too were helpless against it.

The Patriarch of the Ancient Bodhi Temple, Holy Monk Wangjin had obtained some ancient scriptures three months ago. He was still comprehending the scriptures in seclusion. He made it extremely clear that no one was allowed to disturb him no matter what happened.

The rest of the Nine Heavens Supremes were only in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. The rest of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes were busy traveling around the world to teach people their ideas.

If they decided to participate in the battle, they were simply asking for their deaths. They could only stay in the city and watch the battle.

"Huh? Why is Qin Nan..."

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled when they saw Qin Nan heading toward them.

"Sound the bell!"

A few Nine Heavens Supremes reacted quickly. They transformed into golden figures and struck the bell with all their might. A shocking Bodhi intent burst out of the bell and soared into the clouds.


Qin Nan came down from the sky like a heavenly mountain. He shattered the Bodhi intent without using any Dao Art. His overwhelming presence surged across the Bodhi City.

The Bodhi City was half a Dao-Seeking Weapon at first. It had absorbed countless resources over the years, thus had accumulated a shocking amount of energy.

The spirit of the Bodhi City woke up and unleashed its power when it sensed the approaching danger.

An ancient Buddha appeared in the sky with circles of golden light bursting out of its back.

Qin Nan was not bothered by it. He gathered the will of twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and turned them into a slash.

A blinding light shone upon the ground and devoured the golden light. A destructive saber intent tore the Buddha into pieces.

The remaining saber intent exploded and loomed over the Bodhi City like a wild storm, resulting in a series of explosions. The Nine Heavens Supremes immediately defended themselves.

Qin Nan arrived above the biggest temple in the city. He unleashed his aura and razed the temple to the ground. His eyes unleashed a shocking power as he peeked through the formations into a room.

"Who dares to disturb me when I'm..."

Holy Monk Wangjin was startled. His heart was brimming with anger.

He had almost comprehended the ancient scriptures after three months, yet he was forced to wake up because of the great sense of danger. His efforts over the past three months were in vain.

How could he not lose his temper despite being the Patriarch of the Ancient Bodhi Temple?

However, his face was filled with shock when he saw the blue-red hair drifting in the wind.

Was that Qin Nan?

His eyed widened.

"Wangjin, do you still want to convince me to convert to Buddhism?" Qin Nan uttered coldly.

Overwhelming saber intents gathered at the tip of his saber from different directions as he slashed forward.

Holy Monk Wangjin's heart skipped a beat. He immediately ignited the Sariras in his Divine Sense without any hesitation. Huge trees emerged from the ground to construct a mysterious world above the canopy.


The slash instantly destroyed everything it came across.

Holy Monk Wangjin spat out a mouthful of blood. He flew out of the room with a pale face. The kasaya he was wearing which had the power of a half-Dao Seeking Weapon dimmed significantly with cracks over it.

If it wasn't for the kasaya, the injuries he sustained would be even worse.

However, he had no time to waste. He quickly unleashed the power of the Sariras and executed a forbidden art to flee into the distance.

Qin Nan's aura was overwhelming like a demon. He was about to chase after Holy Monk Wangjin when Princess Miao Miao's voice appeared in his mind, "That's enough. Xiao Nanzi, we'll setlle our score with the bald donkey next time!"

Qin Nan halted in his track. He turned into a ray of light and vanished into the distance.

Meanwhile, the seven Heaven Highness Clans, Mumen Sect, Shidao Tribe on the nineteenth branch, and the ancient tribes and formidable factions on the rest of the branches were startled.

Ancient cities and palaces rose into the sky under the astounded gazes of the rogue cultivators. They were unleashing powerful auras as they made their appearance.

"Qin Nan has finally shown up!"

"It's a great opportunity for us!"

"We must stop him from escaping at all costs!"

Loud voices echoed across the sky. Even the experts ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard came out of their seclusion without any hesitation.

Clusters of light rays flew to the eighteenth branch. It was an extremely rare sight.

"Crimson Emperor Saber Intent!"

Qin Nan led his men and unleashed wisps of saber intents while the rest of his Dao Arts surged in all directions.

They soon reached the teleportation formations.

Their plan was extremely risky as even a single mistake might cost their lives, but everything was as Jiang Bilan had predicted.


The experts who were approaching from the distance were startled. They had a strong urge to teleport right in front of Qin Nan to detain him.

However, they did not make it in the end. They could only watch the formations being activated while emitting blinding glows.

"HAHAHA, listen up you all, Cultivator Qin Nan isn't the only one who attacked you. I, Longshan, am responsible for the attacks too!"

Elder Long laughed as he transmitted a message to the cultivators.

He was a rogue cultivator without any restraints. He did not have much time left either. After spending a long time suffering in the Westernmost Land, he realized there was no need for him to act cautiously.

He preferred to part from this world after stirring up a huge scene. 

"Oh, I almost forgot, the Saint of the Xu Clan, Xu Ruchen is with us too."

They vanished after Elder Long finished his sentence. They were instantly teleported to an ancient city under the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree.

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