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PBS - Chapter 2191 - The Art of the Immortal Demon, Part Two

Qin Nan was extremely excited when he figured out the reasons.

Part of it was because he was Huangfu Jue's reincarnation.

But the main reason was, the Art of the Immortal Demon from Huangfu Jue was similar to Zhou Di's Indestructible Flesh of Eternity. It was the main source of strength for Huangfu Jue.

Words were not needed to describe how outstanding the art was!

Even though Qin Nan was not too fond of being Huangfu Jue's reincarnation, he was curious to see the art that granted Huangfu Jue the chance to match Zhou Di's strength.

"Oh Xiang Hun, I doubt you know what you have done."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered murderously. He quickly calmed his thoughts and focused on the ancient voice that was echoing in his mind.

Time gradually passed. Ten days later, Elder Long, Xu Ruochen, and the rest of the Nine Heavens Supremes finally comprehended the six battling formations.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, everyone is done. It's time for us to practice the formations!" Elder Long blurted out in excitement.


He, Xu Ruochen, and the Nine Heavens Supremes soon noticed something unusual.

Why didn't Qin Nan respond?

"No wonder that kid's Martial Skill Talent is so insane. He's so focused when he's only cultivating! I should wake him up..." Elder Long transmitted his thought into Qin Nan's mind.

Normally, he would not disturb Qin Nan, but the circumstances did not allow them to waste any time. Comprehending the formations and mastering them were two different things. They needed a lot of training to fully utilize the formations.

Qin Nan must participate too since he was the main backbone of the formations.

However, Elder Long sensed a terrifying aura after transmitting his thought. He subconsciously took a few steps back.


A tremendous demonic aura burst out of Qin Nan's body. The water in the surroundings turned cloudy too.

Xu Ruochen and the Nine Heavens Supreme were startled. Qin Nan's presence was like an ancient demon in their eyes.

Their hearts were pounding heavily.

"What art could possibly unleash such a terrifying demonic will?" the Nine Heavens Supremes gasped.

"Let's not disturb Cultivator Qin Nan. We'll practice the formations ourselves," Xu Ruochen said decisively.

Little did they know, Qin Nan was not practicing an art. He was comprehending it.

The secrets of the Art of the Immortal Demon greatly surpassed Qin Nan's imagination. He had yet to fully comprehend it even with his Martial Skill Talent.

Time gradually passed.

The demonic will Qin Nan was emitting grew stronger. Xu Ruochen and the Nine Heavens Supremes had moved a thousand li away so they would not disturb him, yet they were forced to move ten thousand li away in no time.

The ancient voice in Qin Nan's mind dissipated after twenty-six days, allowing him to reclaim his consciousness.

"A Supreme Highness is truly not to be underestimated!" Qin Nan exclaimed.

He discovered something during the process. The art in his body was not the complete Art of the Immortal Demon. It only consisted of the outline and the first part of the Art of the Immortal Demon! 

The remaining two parts were still bound by the mysterious energy. They were still inside the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree.

However, it took Qin Nan twenty-six days just to comprehend the outline and first part of the Art of the Immortal Demon.

The concepts and ideas it had left Qin Nan in astonishment.

There were two main concepts to the Art of the Immortal Demon. The first one was about immortality, and the second one was about demonizing.

The ideas regarding immortality had only appeared in the outline. The first part mainly talked about demonizing.

The demonizing here meant the idea of surpassing all demons. In other words, he was to become a Demon Emperor!

"I'll practice it now!"

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and performed a mystical hand seal.

The demonic aura hiding in his body left his Divine Sense and started circulating in his meridians.

He was enjoying the benefits of his predecessor's hard work. Normally, one would need to repeat the process of obtaining the Blood of the Heavenly Demon, the Heart of the Earth Demon, the Will of the Human Demon, and constructing the Demon Realm for nine hundred and ninety-nine times to refine a single wisp of the demonic will.

However, Qin Nan was able to skip the entire process.

He had gone straight to the second step of circulating the demonic will in his meridians to transform into a demon.

Once he finished refining one hundred and three demonic meridians, he could gather his will and soul to surpass the restrictions of the world and establish the Demon Realm which was beyond the control of the Primary Upper Realm and the Secondary Lower Realm.

Only then would the Art of the Immortal Demon showed its power!

After all, only those in the Ruler Realm could grasp the Power of Rules.

Only those in the Heaven Highness Realm could invent their own Rules!

However, the Art of the Immortal Demon was free from these restrictions. Even if Qin Nan was only a Peerless Ruler, he could still establish the Rules of Demonizing and even construct the Demon Realm.

That being said, it did not mean Qin Nan had achieved the Ruler Realm and possessed the power of the Ruler Realm after constructing the Demon Realm. He still needed the energy to support the Demon Realm.


A few hours later, a series of rapid explosions emerged from Qin Nan's body, each unleashing a powerful force in every direction.

His meridians began to pulsate vigorously as wisps of demonic will began to accumulate.

The explosions gradually became rhythmic as time passed. 

He was now a Demonic Cultivator.

Days went by quickly.

Xu Ruochen, Elder Long, and the others had established all kinds of formations with overwhelming auras.

They had gotten the gist of the six battling formations.

They were heading to the forbidden areas which they would avoid normally. They pressed forward while maintaining their formations to overcome the forbidding auras.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan's hair gradually turned dark red. His aura had become more imperious as if he had put on a demonic coat.

He had refined all one hundred and three meridians. They were constantly growing stronger whenever he was cultivating.

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