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100000PSI - Chapter 61.2: Vixen Service (2)

Before Ji Fanyin could reply, a person standing behind the madam impatiently interjected, “Sorry, can you step aside for a while?”

It was a delivery man dressed in Missfresh’s uniform. He was holding two plastic bags in his hands.

“Yes, I ordered the delivery.” Ji Fanyin reached out to receive the plastic bags. “Thanks.”

The delivery man quickly confirmed the delivery with his phone before rushing off.

With two bags in hand, Ji Fanyin looked at the madam and said, “Pleased to meet you. May I know how you’re related to Bai Zhou?”

The madam didn’t look angry even though she had been kept waiting for a moment. “I have no blood ties with Bai Zhou, but my son is his younger brother.”

Ji Fanyin had heard from Bai Zhou about the messy state of his household, prompting her to raise her eyebrows.

Ah, it’s the lover who bore an illegitimate child for Bai Zhou’s father.

“Do you need me for anything?” Ji Fanyin got straight to the point.

The madam gracefully smiled and spoke unhurriedly, “Could we speak inside? I’m aware of the relationship between you and Bai Zhou. You’re a rational and intelligent woman. I believe that we can have an amicable chat.”

Looks like she’s a tough character.

Well, I guess an ordinary person wouldn’t have dared to give birth to an illegitimate child under the watchful eyes of Bai Zhou’s mother, let alone convince the couple into accepting the arrangement.

With a smile, Ji Fanyin stepped aside and allowed her in.

“Has Bai Zhou been here too?” the madam asked with a casual voice, as if she was just satisfying her curiosity.

“He doesn’t know that I live here.”

The madam nodded in realization before remarking with a chuckle, “You know how to protect yourself. You’re a smart child.”

Ji Fanyin turned to look at her. She was still considering whether she should get a glass of water for her guest, but there was no need for it now.

“Take a seat.” Ji Fanyin gestured to the sofa.

“Aren’t you going to serve me a cup of tea?” asked the madam as she settled onto the sofa.

“Are you here to have tea?” refuted Ji Fanyin.

“You really don’t put on a front. I’m starting to get curious how you were able to make Bai Zhou so infatuated with you,” said the madam.

“You’re curious? I thought that you’d know much more than me,” mocked Ji Fanyin.

“You don’t have to be so guarded. I didn’t come with ill-will.” The madam gracefully rested her hands on her knees. “On the contrary, I admire your ambitions. I personally believe that a woman should be ambitious. Only then can she make a place for herself in this male-dominated society.”

Ji Fanyin answered with a perfunctory “I see” while organizing the ingredients that had just been delivered. She was waiting for the other party to get to the point.

“You like money whereas I’m fond of power. We’re both using men to achieve our goals… There are far more similarities between us than you imagine.”

Ji Fanyin curtly replied, “So?”

The madam looked at her with a smile and said, “I just want to ask. Are you interested in working with me to earn more money?”

Ji Fanyin was in the midst of peeling a tangerine when she heard those words and smiled.

There’s only one possibility here. She intends to crush Bai Zhou so that her son can inherit the Bai Family.

That’s no easy feat to pull off. Bai Zhou’s mother won’t let it happen, and Bai Zhou’s father would have to suffer a stroke before entertaining that idea.

“You must be thinking that it’s impossible.” The madam wasn’t angered by Ji Fanyin’s skeptical attitude. “I didn’t think that it was possible either, but your appearance showed me a sliver of hope. Sometimes, all it takes is a woman to turn a lofty young master into a penniless loser.”

“You want me to drive in the wedge between Bai Zhou and his father until he’s erased from the line of succession,” Ji Fanyin summarized the madam’s intention.

“I won’t ask you to do the dirty work all alone. If anything, my workload will be greater than yours. However, you can rest assured that you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. That’s why I brought this here with me today.” The madam reached into her Hermes bag and retrieved a document folder.

Ji Fanyin was actually excited for a moment when the madam reached into the bag. She thought that it would be a cheque, so naturally, she was disappointed to see that it was a document instead.

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