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ZL - Chapter 1032- Queen's attitude


 Flames blazed as Sky Rose used Magma Blade to force Old K into using Oppose the Heavens. Her blade hung low; she was about to use Sword Rush once more. Once Old K's Oppose the Heavens ended, she would kill him.

 I retreated and slashed a Strong Wind Cavalry before holding Zhen Yue Sword in front of Old K!

 Sparks flew as both Sky Rose and I retreated. We had seen how strong Sky Rose was. Apart from me, no close-combat player in China Region dared to face her. Even Q-Sword was unwilling to do so. As for Fang Ge Que, he just attacked from far and did not dare to get close. If Sky Rose left Sword Rush for him, he would probably get killed.

 "You again!"

 Killing intent appeared in Sky Rose's blue eyes. I had finally infuriated her. I raised my hand and used Binding Chains. She tried to dodge, for the moment she got bound, she would definitely die. While Sky Rose moved, Enchanted Painting dashed over with the Water God Halberd. She used Armor Break Slash right away.

 Sky Rose naturally would not tank it so easily. She sank down and left her war horse. She swept with her leg and dropped Enchanted Painting to the ground. She was really quick and had summoned the Magma Break skill once more.


 Flames rose and Enchanted Painting was hit right away. Moreover, it triggered the three times damage on the Dragon Bone Sword, directly insta-killing Legend's top goddess.


 I was shocked when I saw the huge damage numbers. I grabbed Old K up and said, "Heal quickly; you can't die!"

 Old K was shocked. "Why can't I die?"

 I replied calmly, "You haven't gone offline, so the Greedy Nine-headed Snake must have stacked dozens of times; I need you to kill someone to get equipment!"

 "Who?" He was suddenly interested, snapping out from the exhaustion of not sleeping in seventy-two hours.

 "Rhythm of the Rain. Follow me!"


 Sky Rose went over to battle Fang Ge Que, while I led Old K and hundreds of Furnace God Cavalry to charge at Iron Skull City's player base. Rhythm of the Rain was not too hard to kill, since Furnace God Cavalry was stunning everyone. Yue Qing Qian, Lin Wan Er, and I worked together to break Rhythm of the Rain's Mana Shield.

 "Kill?" Dong Cheng Yue's Thunderbolt Finger was storing up.

 I shook my head. "No, Old K!"

 Old K was really quick and used Savage Jump Slash on Rhythm of the Rain. Rhythm of the Rain drank a Health Potion and also reduced damage, but the ability still brought her down to low Health. We had forced out her three Dimensional Leaps, so she was like a rookie Mage under Old K's axe.


Old K used Whirlwind Slash. Instantly, this top Mage in America was killed. A shining staff floated in the sky. This was the legendary Aisha's Staff. We had caused the top weapon in America to drop. They should not have come here at all!


I flashed across, picking up Aisha's Staff. The other equipment was not too important. The effects of this staff were the most important!

I turned around and came to Dong Cheng Yue. I held Aisha's Staff up. "Take this. You are China's top Mage now; even if you face Fang Ge Que, you needn't be afraid!"

Dong Cheng Yue was definitely shocked, her beautiful face filling with surprise. The stats appeared in front of all of us; it was indeed the top staff—

Staff of the Ice Queen, Aisha's Staff +7 (Country Weapon)

Attack: 10,800-16,600 (3,780-5,810)

Magic Attack: +505

Stamina: +500

Agility: +495

Strength: +490

Bonus: Increase user's Magic Attack by 165% and Defense by 85%.

Bonus: Ignore 55% Magic Resistance.

Bonus: 40% chance of causing 100% extra effect on targets.

Effect: Magic Comprehension, raise user's magic growth by 40%.

Skill: Ice Queen's Rage, activate this and turn the entire map into an iceland. Can seal enemy targets, lasting for one hundred twenty seconds. Consume 100 Rage points.Cooldown of twenty-four hours.

Specialty: Country WeaponAmerica

Specialty: No level restriction.


As this was a staff that Old K had caused to drop and that I had saved his life from Sky Rose, I had the rights to decide who this staff would belong to. Dong Cheng Yue had always been the top Mage, so the staff was naturally hers. Moreover, considering my relationship with her, I had no reason not to give this to her.

There were only ten more minutes to the end of the event. Wang Jian and Old K were not willing to lose just like that, so they led the Furnace God, God Wind, and Hundred Abyss cavalries to attack Drunk Maple's camp. However, they were spreading out, so we could not kill many NPCs. On the contrary, Clear Black Eyes had trapped Xu Yan. The stupid Xu Yan actually moved twenty thousand Violent Thunder Army troops to assist, which caused us to be overtaken in the last minute—

China Region: 37,319,291

India Region: 37,341,297


It was so close.

The bell rang and the result was announced. We were unwilling to accept this, but we had no choice—


 [System notification: Players, please note; King's Hunt event has ended and the final results are: China Region 37,319,291 points, India Region 37,341,297 points. System has judged that the winner is India Region. Waterfront City now belongs to them. Moreover, city production +20%. India Region players, obtained rewards: +1 level, +15 Charm, +100 gold. Following the change of owners for Waterfront City, it obtained: 94,000 Azure Ocean Army, 170,000 Flame Lion Army, 14,000 Dragonling Army, 5,000 Royal Army, and 40,000 Red Throat Army. Players can freely choose the army they want to join! The MVP of this King's Hunt is Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China)! Second to tenth are Drunk Maple (India), Fang Ge Que (China), Clear Black Eyes (India), Cang Yue (China), Simple (China), Q-Sword (China), Jian Feng Han (China), Cang Tong (China), and Thunder Bear (India). Rewards will be distributed in five minutes!]


 On the peak of Three Blades Mountain was Drunk Maple. He was afraid that we would continue to attack. Flame Lion Army fled and Judgement was still chasing them. In truth, the event was over and we did not need to continue. Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword's expressions were really ugly. After all, we had lost a main city, and now Waterfront City truly belonged to them.

 We took out our City Return Scrolls. From afar, Sky Rose had 22% Health. She actually did not die. Legend's Flagbearer gritted his teeth. "Boss, let's kill Sky Rose. She's alone. D*mn! She actually came to our territory. Let's kill her to vent our anger!"

 Fang Ge Que sighed. "Forget it. There's no point. She's all alone. If we do kill her, the forums will diss us. Forget it. Even if we want to kill her, let's wait for the next country war."

 Sky Rose did not fear anything. She drank her Health Potion while looking at Fang Ge Que. "Fang Ge Que, Legend has dropped... You actually took such a long time to kill so few of us. If this were a real country war, how could you stop our fifty thousand Strong Wind Cavalry?"

 Shock flashed in Fang Ge Que's eyes. Even I was frightened. There were actually fifty thousand Strong Wind Cavalry? How strong was the guild behind Sky Rose?!

 Fang Ge Que calmed back down. "That's okay. We will solve it when the time comes. See you in the next country war."

 Sky Rose walked past Legend's God Wind Cavalry as if she were a queen monitoring the troops. Her aura was something that few of the China Region female players had. Probably only two female players had such an aura: One was Zhan Long's Queen Cang Tong, and the other was Legend's War Goddess Little Demon.

 Lin Wan Er's aura was natural, and along with her game strength, she was the queen in many’s hearts.

 As for Little Demon, when she was in Conquest, she charged into the over four thousand men's base of Lone God to claim the flag. After which, she charged out while holding the flag. The smile in the videos showed her pride and arrogance.

 Thinking about that, one could only feel emotional. Afterward, she actually became our Mocha. Who knew when she would be able to return? Then, Zhan Long would have another Queen who could shock the world.


 In the end, Sky Rose walked to Zhan Long and looked at us, "You are the people in China Region that possesses the most threat to Blades of War. Goodbye!"

 A few minutes later, the rewards were finally here!

 As the MVP, level +4, Charm +80. I also gained a four star god weapon dagger which I gave to Lin Wan Er right away.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.