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ZL - Chapter 1031- Blood price

Shua shua shua...

 Many people used the Valella Crystal to teleport over to China Region. All of them were from Iron Skull City, and most were players from Blades of War. A large number of them were Cavalry, and they rode a dark green horse wrapped in streaks of green wind energy.


 Q-Sword's voice came from behind. Hundreds of Hundred Abyss Cavalry charged up the mountain, but the proud Q-Sworddefinitely would not allow Blades of War to kill China Region’s allies. Furnace God Cavalry had naturally charged over, too. In terms of numbers, we may not have a chance. Sky Rose went mad and spent over 2000 Valella Crystals.

 Li Mu stumbled back. Sky Rose followed closely behind him. I used Icy Wings to get close and then slashed down. I was really quick and did not use a single skill at all. Sky Rose naturally would not use a skill to trade blows; otherwise, I would be able to interrupt her.

 Sky Rose's body shook as she was knocked back by Blade of the Champion…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf, Ciel. Edited by Slumber, Pret.