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ZL - Chapter 1031- Blood price

Shua shua shua...

 Many people used the Valella Crystal to teleport over to China Region. All of them were from Iron Skull City, and most were players from Blades of War. A large number of them were Cavalry, and they rode a dark green horse wrapped in streaks of green wind energy.


 Q-Sword's voice came from behind. Hundreds of Hundred Abyss Cavalry charged up the mountain, but the proud Q-Sworddefinitely would not allow Blades of War to kill China Region’s allies. Furnace God Cavalry had naturally charged over, too. In terms of numbers, we may not have a chance. Sky Rose went mad and spent over 2000 Valella Crystals.

 Li Mu stumbled back. Sky Rose followed closely behind him. I used Icy Wings to get close and then slashed down. I was really quick and did not use a single skill at all. Sky Rose naturally would not use a skill to trade blows; otherwise, I would be able to interrupt her.

 Sky Rose's body shook as she was knocked back by Blade of the Champion. Both the horse and she retreated. Shock appeared on her face. "We met again! Regardless, I'm still going to kill that guy of yours!"

 I spread my arms and stepped heavily onto the ground. I then used Trampling Thunder. You still wanted to kill Li Mu with me around? What a joke!

 However, scenes that would only occur in dreams still happened. Sky Rose sank low and flashed across with her horse. She turned into a shadow that pierced my body. Her skill was called Sword Rush, the strengthened version of Blade Rush. It was a Holy Ghost Grade 3 skill that allowed one to surge toward any target within forty yards. This was the reason why I could not block her.

 The Wind Carrying Slash I used only killed three of the Cavalrymen in front. Behind me, Li Mu cried out. Sword Rush dealt a huge bunch of damage. However, as one of Zhan Long's strongest generals, this fellow did have skill. He pulled the reins of the horse and white light exploded. He had used Absolute Authority!

 Peng peng peng...

 Flame Scorching Sword slashed onto Sky Rose's shield, which caused sparks to fly. Li Mu's skills and equipment were all high-class, and one combo dealt up to 130,000 damage. However, her sword also pierced through Li Mu's body as she had used her combo, too. Our Valiant Bravery Camp boss was killed just like that.

 I turned around and used Defeat the Dragon!


 I was actually unable to grab Sky Rose. Only then did I notice that she was level 182; she was a level higher than me, so Defeat the Dragon was not effective. At that moment, she used Sword Rush to arrive behind me. She smiled sweetly. "MVP of the first country war, are you looking for me?"

 Of course, I would not think that she was interested in me. Her Dragon Bone Sword slashed on my body and dealt 50,000 damage right away. I used Sword Tempest and brought her down to low Health. She was too tanky. After she used Sword Rush three times, she actually dared to be so arrogant?!

 Sky Rose had less than 20% Health left. I raised my hand and used Seven Stars Teleportation. Sky Rose retreated while looking at my Seven Stars Teleportation position. She was really smart and avoided the eye. I flashed and sent Butterfly flying.

 "Help me block it!"

 Sky Rose shouted and instantly two Cavalry players blocked her front. Sparks flew and their shields were broken by my Butterfly. Unfortunately, this had greatly slowed down the sword’s momentum. I could only watch as Sky Rose faded into the crowd. I raised my arms and lightning spread through my fingers. I used Thundering Heavens on that crowd.

 When I retreated and got back to full Health, the Furnace God Cavalry around had started to charge forward.

 Blades of War players waved their blades, and every few swords, a gust would spread forth, dealing a fan-shaped damage to enemies within thirty yards. Because of that, the Hundred Abyss and God Wind cavalries were not their match at all. Only Furnace God Cavalry could rely on Flying General and Quickness to battle them.

 "Strong Wind Cavalry," Lin Wan Er said. "Level 172 Demon Harvest Tier Boss mount; they should be two levels higher than the Furnace God Cavalry. Every four strikes, there will be a Wind Slash effect, which is really powerful!"

 In the distance, Old K used Whirlwind Slash on the crowd and caused the Strong Wind Cavalry to fly upward. I smiled. "They're just so-so. Be careful of the people behind! Scouts, begin!"

 Yue Qing Qian flapped and started to fly up.


 Under the bombardment of Wind Slashes, Tian Ling City players started to dwindle. Moreover, Sky Rose's mobility and strategy were really good. The Tri Sword Rush during a twenty-five-second interval caused her to kill people really easily. She killed Xuan Yuan Feng, One Second Hero, Darling Duck, Tang Qi, Sword Tears, et cetera. All we could do was kill more Strong Wind Cavalry to take revenge!

 The battle on the cliff reached a really intense stage. Sky Rose used Valella Crystals to teleport three thousand people over, but they definitely did not expect China Region players to be so strong. We did not retreat at all. This was because we were also the strongest in Tian Ling City.

 While the elites of Iron Skull City and we fought as one, Drunk Maple led Conquer the World over to pincer us. We were instantly in a complicated position. Right at that moment, something worse had arrived.

 In the sky, Yue Qing Qian flapped her wings. "Brother Xiao Yao, Rhythm of the Rain is here!"

 As expected, she really came!


 At the backline, a Mage appeared. I ordered Zhan Long players to use their Anti-magic Shield. In five minutes, Rhythm of the Rain was unable to endure it. The country weapon, Staff of the Ice Queen, shook as she activated the skill, Ice Seal!

 I had an Anti-magic Shield on me, too. Close to a third of the Furnace God Cavalry ahead all had Anti-magic Shields. We did not have many Healers; otherwise, everyone would be able to get Anti-magic Shields!

Shua shua...

 A cold storm swept the battlefield. The players with Anti-magic Shields dodged the ice effect. Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er, et cetera even used their invincibility skill to dodge the attack of Aisha's Staff. However, close to half of the people were frozen and that lasted for one hundred twenty seconds!

 "Protect those who are frozen!" Wang Jian, Old K, et cetera charged at the front.

 As for me, I charged into the crowd. I looked on as Sky Rose summoned the Holy Ghost Grade 3 skill, Magma Break. A giant volcano erupted, and many frozen players were killed just like that.

 "Meng Yao, Nuwa Stone!" I shouted.

 Li Meng Yao was really quick, and the light on her shield flashed. It turned into a holy shockwave that swept the surroundings. Each player had a Nuwa Protection effect, which could block tens of thousands of attacks within a certain time. This way, the frozen players would not be killed so easily. Right at that moment, Fang Ge Que waved his fan and closed his eyes. He stood among the God Wind Cavalry crowd and stomped on the ground. A flame swept forward and a Deity Tier skill exploded, Melting Flames!

 Flames swept into the distance to burn many Iron Skull City players. The frozen God Wind Cavalry started to melt. D*mn! Fang Ge Que actually had such a skill. Our intel division did not even know about it!


 More and more of our men surged from below, while Sky Rose only had three thousand. In less than an hour, only one thousand were left, but they were still trying their best to kill us. However, their defeat was destined.

Pa pa...

 A flapping sound came from above as a Royal Army War Hawk Knight landed. He cupped his fists respectfully. "General, something happened at War God River!"

 I cursed and had a bad feeling. "What happened?"

 War Hawk Knight replied, "Xu Yan led thirty thousand Violent Thunder Army troops to enter Questioning Heaven Ice Plains and was attacked by the Waterfront City adventurers. General Han Yuan told me to ask you if they’re to assist them."

 I gritted my teeth. "Is Xu Yan stupid? Didn't I order no one to cross the War God River?"

 The War Hawk Knight was helpless. "I don't know about that. General, should we assist?"


 My heart was dead as ash. "We have lost this war."


 Yue Qing Qian shared to me a scene, which was of Questioning Heaven Ice Plains. A bunch of Cavalry players surged into the NPC army, and both sides suffered heavy losses. This was the Lightning Trampling Cavalry led by Clear Black Eyes. No wonder we did not see Clear Black Eyes here. Her real goal was Questioning Heaven Ice Plains, not Three Blades Mountain. Fang Ge Que and I failed, for no one had expected her plan.

 Yue Qing Qian said, "Clear Black Eyes invited Floating Clouds as bait to draw Xu Yan out, which was why they would head over."


 I nodded. Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons were too heavy and could not be moved to the ice plains. Which was why these 30 thousand were easy pickings. The gap between the India REgion and us wasn't much. 30 thousand NPCs was 1.5 million points. The distance to victory was getting further and further away from us.


 "What now?" Lin Wan Er asked.

 "Kill them!"

 My eyes flashed cold, "Since Iron Skull City dare to come then we shall make them pay a huge price!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.