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ZL - Chapter 1038- Hot goddess

The next few days were really calm. Although Heaven Planning Hall's appearance caused a storm, players still competed to join in as the Heaven Planning Hall would reevaluate players each month. Each person would have a chance to rank up until they reached Battle Axe. As for the Great Battle Axe, it was already decided that Rumor would get that role.

  In truth, this meant that Fang Ge Que was not the country war commander anymore. Those four days, he had not done anything out of hand. After asking around, I found out that Liu Gong sent a few players to join Run like Flames to support Rumor. The youngest of them was above 40. They were probably there to tell Rumor what to do and what not to do. Liu Gong was not stupid; he knew that the Great Battle Axe would definitely get judged. He just hoped that Rumor could use his actions to shut the players up.


  Since Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, and Yan Zhao Warrior joined, Wang Zecheng did, too. He was the fifth Battle Axe, and now only three positions remained vacant. Yan Zhao Warrior tried to persuade me to join them temporarily and get the 15% CBN points first, but I rejected him firmly. Actually, since I had joined the army system, I did not care much about the rankings as those were all fake.

  In the blink of an eye, it was Saturday.

  Du du...

  After dinner, the phone rang. It was from Shen Bing. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were beside me and were dressed up nicely as we were getting ready for a student gathering. Lin Wan Er helped me suit up as I donned a tie. I picked up the phone and asked, "Sister Shen Bing, yes?"

  Shen Bing smiled. "My PaPa Bar is opening today; are you coming tonight? If you are, then I'll keep a good spot for you. Oh, right. I also invited a superstar to sing; the appearance fee alone was 200,000!"

  "Then that artist is definitely not an A-lister." I smiled.

  Shen Bing was speechless for a moment. "I did want to, but Captain Wang definitely wouldn't allow it!"

  "Okay, I'll ask Wan'er and Dong Cheng if they wanna go."


  I looked at the two beautiful girls and asked, "Shen Bing's bar is opening, and she's inviting us over. Do you two wanna go?"

  Lin Wan Er looked at her white dress and smiled. "Since we have already changed and done our makeup, why don’t we head over after the student gathering?"

  "En, what about Dong Cheng?"

  Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "Of course, if not what if you kidnap Wan'er!"

  "Why, she is mine, anyway."

  "Scoff! Tang Qi, what about you?" Dong Cheng Yue looked at Tang Qi.

  Tang Qi, who was in the middle of adjusting his collar, giggled. "I need to protect you, so naturally I will follow."

  "Okay, then..."


  Recently, I had been too busy with game matters and had not attended class at all. If this continued, I would definitely get expelled. There were many people in the gathering; I even heard that the student board and the deans had organized it together. Many professors and management would be there, so I had to show myself.

  At around 8, we arrived in the hall. This was also the place I had accompanied Lin Wan Er before, but it was not such a joyous affair back then.

Liu Ying spilled wine on my shirt. This time, it definitely would not happen. If he dared to be arrogant, I would not hold back.

  I walked in. Right away, there was the smell of thick wine and desserts. Lin Wan Er and I entered the hall side by side. The student checking our identification was stunned when he looked at Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. After all, these two girls were the top two beauties in the university.

  From afar, Tang Gu saw us and waved. "Li Xiao Yao, Tang Qi, here!"

  He was looking at us excitedly. Probably it was not us particularly; he was just hoping that we would bring Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue over. Logically speaking, I should beat him up, since he was thinking about his good friend's girl. However, I did not have such a thought at all. Maybe I subconciously felt that he posed no threat me or rather that Lin Wan Er's reputation was too high. How could no one chase such a beautiful girl?

  I walked over and sat down at Tang Gu's table. My attention landed on the food on this particular table. The university was really rich; such a feast at least cost a few hundred thousand, right? The school paid for all this food as if it cost little at all.

  The delicacies gave off tempting scents. There were cold and hot dishes, and in the middle was a giant plate covered by a lid. My OCD had been triggered, and I kept thinking about what was below it. Lin Wan Er looked at me with love. "Are you a pig? You only think about eating. Many beauties will come today; why aren't you looking at them..."

  I casually replied, "You are enough; other girls are no different from pigs."

  Dong Cheng Yue was not happy at all and glared at me. "What do you mean? Tang Qi, you are my bodyguard; beat him up!"

  Tang Qi was stunned. "Miss, Li Xiao Yao is so much stronger than me; I can't defeat him..."

  "You still need to fight even if he beats you up badly."

  "Don’t you love me at all..."

  "Who are you even?"



  Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue talked about girl matters. A few minutes later, a few other girls walked over with wine. They were dressed nicely and had makeup on their faces. Once girls applied makeup, they all looked good. Among them, one smiled at me. "Isn't this the legendary Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Hehe! I didn't expect to be fortunate enough to see Zhan Long's guild leader; can I offer you a toast?"

  I was shocked. Lin Wan Er smiled. "Drink, then."


  I poured red wine and smiled. "Thank you."

  She giggled, causing her chests to shake. Girls these days really developed so well! Tang Qi and Tang Gu both ogled. Although Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were definitely much better looking than her, both did not dress so sexily.

  She looked at me and touched cups with mine. "Xiao Yao, I am Liu Tian Tian, a second-year student. Nice to meet you!"

  I smiled and drank half of the wine. She then took out her phone. "Can I get your number? Wan'er, please don't get angry; I just want to brag to my sisters. Hehe!"

  Lin Wan Er's eyes were filled with hesitation. She was definitely unwilling to let me give my number to other girls, but Liu Tian Tian was too warm, such that I did not know how to reject her. I could only say, "Er... I lost my phone and didn't get a new card..."

  "Er..." She knew that I was being fake, but she did not expose me. "Then give me your QQ; you definitely have that, right?"


  I had no choice and could only give her Dong Cheng Yue's QQ.


  After she left with the few girls, Tang Gu said, "Li Xiao Yao, you really are good at picking up girls? So annoying!"

  Tang Qi said, "Calm down. Get used to it. Eh, Tang Gu, look; there are a few girls drinking alone over there! Do you want to pick them up?"

  Tang Qu went over happily.

  I looked at his back and asked, "Those few girls don't look easy; why did you let him take that risk?"

  Tang Qi laughed. "The girl in red is the top beauty of the School of Literature; her name is Dong Ling, fourth stage black belt in taekwondo. I heard that she's a lesbian... No one dares to hit on her; I saw how lonely Tang Gu looked, so..."

  "La la?"

  I looked at Dong Ling. Under the light, she was exceptionally beautiful. Who knew that such a girl was actually lesbian? What a waste. Good luck, brother!

  A few seconds later, he ran back. He got tripped a few steps in, and his nose turned red. Although it was dark, I could still see that Dong Ling had tripped him. This girl was so terrifying!


  "How do you feel, brother?" I asked.

  Tang Gu pushed his glasses up. "Her body is so hot... I-I swear I'll get her!"

  I gave a thumbs up. "Good luck!"

  Lin Wan Er giggled. "I know her. Even if you do get her, you'll probably get tortured."

  Tang Gu clenched his fists. "She's my goddess from today onward. Even if I get hurt, I'll get her!"

  I: "..."


  A group of people had walked over. The one in front looked familiar. It was actually Liu Ying, who was in a famous tuxedo. Behind him were two to four students. Tyrant of Western Chu looked over at us as if he was looking for trouble.

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