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100000PSI - Chapter 57.1: Your Big Sis Is Profiting Off You (1)

Ji Xinxin stared at her phone intently.

There was no response from Bai Zhou, just like how he had ignored her request to join his squad earlier. He was like a little kid throwing a tantrum, thinking that the problem would magically disappear by ignoring it.

This was the kind of person Bai Zhou was.

Obstinate and immature.

Ji Xinxin had to spend quite a bit of effort to win him over back then. She knew that she should use a gentle attitude to placate him before casting out her doubts. That was the safest way to deal with him.

A day had passed since their last phone call, but she felt like a fishbone was stuck in her throat every time she thought about it.

Are you going to fulfill your promise to become my girlfriend?

She clearly remembered what he had said back then. Having a good memory was important for a King of the Seas, especially if one was treading on a thin rope like her.

Her character could quickly crumble if she mixed up what she had said to different people. There was no way she would forget it if she had mentioned a key phrase like ‘girlfriend’.

She was absolutely certain that she had never said anything along that line to Bai Zhou. If so, what could those words he had blurted out mean?

Not to mention, Bai Zhou has been meeting Ji Fanyin in private all this while…

Ji Xinxin was extremely tempted to press the ‘Call’ button, but she decided against it.

Ji Fanyin is beside Bai Zhou right now. She’ll be able to overhear our conversation if I call him now. That’ll be disadvantageous to me.

“What’s wrong?” the French man sitting beside her asked concernedly. “I was just unlucky to get sniped. Shall we play another round with your younger brother?”

Ji Xinxin turned her head over and smiled at the man. “He’s playing with another friend. Give me a while, I’ll get a cup of water.”

She grabbed her empty cup and her phone and left the room. In the quiet kitchen, she sent another message to Bai Zhou: 【Do you still remember the promise you made with me? You can’t treat my big sis as my substitute just because I’m not around】

This time, Bai Zhou answered her message: 【It’s not because you aren’t around】

Ji Xinxin stared at those six words intently.

What does Bai Zhou mean by this? It’s not because I’m not around?

Is he talking about the reason why he’s still meeting with Ji Fanyin?

What other reasons could he have if it's not because he feels lonely and needs a substitute?

Ji Xinxin closed her eyes and took a while to calm her bursting emotions. Then, she opened her eyes and started crafting a reply: 【You still haven’t explained what happened last time. When did I agree to become your girlfriend?】

Bai Zhou's reply came in quickly: 【Who is Kitty?】

The shorter the sentence, the bigger the problem.

The moment that concise question appeared before her eyes, Ji Xinxin felt a lurch in her. She knew that there was a possibility that Bai Zhou might find out about it, but she was confident in her means. She thought that she had done a good job hiding it from him.

More importantly, she didn't think that Bai Zhou would confront her over this.

It was almost as if he was prepared to sever their relationship.

Ji Xinxin grabbed her cup and took a big gulp. The icy water made her shudder.

Calm down, this isn’t a checkmate yet. I can still salvage the situation. Bai Zhou is just angry. As long as I placate his anger, I’ll be able to slowly win him back…

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