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LTBE - Chapter 393.5: You’re the Only One (2)

Kurt’s glowing fist collided with Grandar’s skeletal arm, producing a powerful shockwave that rippled outward, raising a tsunami of sand.


In the first clash, Grandar’s body slightly inclined backward whereas Kurt took a huge step backward. Kurt was astonished by Grandar’s strength, but his fighting spirit wasn’t quelled in the least. If anything, it only further stoked his hot-bloodedness.

Without any hesitation, he rushed forward and engaged Grander once more in an exchange of fists. The previous clash had taught him that he was at a disadvantage competing destructive prowess with Grandar, the forefather of the Strength Origin Attribute, so he adapted his strategy in real-time and went with a speedy maneuver instead.

His punches, propelled by the explosive power of his mana, were swift and relentless. It was ridiculous how an arm so massive could move so quickly as to leave countless after shadows in its wake.

On the other end, the eyes of the humongous crimson skeleton began gleaming brightly.

If Kurt was the representation of utmost speed, Grandar would be the representation of utmost strength. Tapping into the burst power of his Origin Attribute, Grandar quietly flung his fist forward. The light that naturally imbued his fist as a result of its sheer force looked reminiscent of a falling comet.


Kurt instinctively understood that it was impossible for him to withstand Grandar’s punch, compelling him to switch from offense to defense. He redirected his countless punches toward Grandar’s fist, hoping to weaken it.

To his horror, Grandar’s fist was as unyielding as divine retribution, impossible to be fazed.


There was a deafening explosion, and Kurt was sent flying with his arms wrapped defensively in front of him. Cracks had appeared on the body he had manifested out of mana. Kneeling on the ground, he looked at his devastated body and understood that he had utterly lost in this close-quarter battle.

However, this didn’t mean that the battle was over yet.

Kurt was not a giant but a transcendent with the ability to emulate the giants. His means weren’t just limited to physical prowess.

“Land of Renascence!”

With a bellow, Kurt channeled his mana toward his Origin Attribute.

The next moment, the Cinder Desert began quaking intensely. Using his mana as a medium, he infused the power of his Giant Bloodline into the earth and swiftly animated thirteen sand giants that immediately lurched toward Grandar.

This unprecedented sight produced a ripple of excitement within the colosseum as the spectators screamed out of delirium.

The black-haired man standing in the middle of the sand giants’ encirclement stood as composed as ever. He raised his head and spoke to his old buddy.

“Still holding on?”

“Of course.”

“Let’s end this.”

Roel began channeling a huge amount of mana that caused the Crown Origin Attribute to intensely pulsate within him. Grandar raised his head toward the sky and released a majestic roar.

His regal disposition became so strong that it looked as if he had become the center of existence in the world, with the others being nothing more than his accompaniment.

As if a mirage, a blood-colored sunset plain overlapped over the desert. A crimson wind rose in the burial place of countless giants, relaying the cheers of the warriors to their king. It was almost as if he had returned to the ancient past.


Grandar’s eyes narrowed sharply as seemingly forgotten memories surfaced in his mind. He let out a furious roar and hurled his fist outward.

With an outburst of mana reminiscent of a supernova, a crimson aura rushed forth from Grandar’s fist with the unstoppable might of a natural disaster, obliterating everything in its path. Crimson lightning crackled in the sky above, declaring the wrath of the giant king.

Its overwhelming force eradicated the sand giants with the slightest nick, and Kurt’s giant body shattered in its face.

A sandstorm rose in its wake, as if to salvage the pride of the defeated.

The spectators fell completely silent. The distinguished guests in the VIP seats stared wordlessly at the projection. The doomsday sight in the semi-obliterated Cinder Desert looked like the aftermath of a battle between ancient gods, rattling their minds.

This was the effect Roel wanted to produce.

Those who had witnessed this battle would never forget why giants had stood amongst the top in the ancient era, and that the one true giant left in the world was Grandar.

The battle between Roel and Kurt finally concluded.

When they appeared in the colosseum once more, Roel’s clothes were covered in bits of sand whereas Kurt was collapsed on the ground.

This time, Roel didn’t bother waving his hands at the spectators, and the stunned crowd couldn’t snap out of their daze to applaud for the victor either. He quietly turned around and made his way out of the colosseum, only to hear Kurt’s voice barely a few steps later.


Much to the opposition of the medics who had rushed over to treat him, the bloodstained Kurt propped up his injured body with great difficulty and called for the departing Roel.

The latter halted his footsteps.

There was a conflicted look on Kurt’s face as he gazed at the man who had just defeated him. He recalled the cheers of the warriors on the blood-colored plain and sighed in resignation.

“About Lord Grandar… it might have truly been a mistake on our part. I’ll look into it.”

“… I see. You may consult me if you have any questions.”

Roel’s expression alleviated at those words, and Kurt finally lost consciousness after speaking his piece.

It was only when Roel’s silhouette had vanished from the colosseum that cheers and applause belatedly sounded from the crowd. They grew louder and louder until they resounded clearly throughout the whole of Leinster.

Sitting on one of the benches of the resting zone, Roel let out an exhausted exhalation. But before he could rest, a student from the Theocracy suddenly rushed over and informed him of an unbelievable news.

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