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ZY - Chapter 304- Ice Blade Boomerang

  I sighed and my heart felt pain for some reason.


    I looked at my level, level 81, at least my level looked good. Forget it, I headed to the War Hall to learn my level 80 Assassin skills. Based on Illusionary Moon's rules, for every 20 levels, players could learn skills.

    Just like that, I entered the War Hall to speak to the elder. Two skills appeared in front of me--

    Ice Boomerang Blade (S Grade): Consume 50 energy and condense a frost blade to deal 100% damage to targets within 5 yards. It would also reduce speed. Level required: 80

    Secret Flash (S Grade): Consume 80 energy to enter force stealth in battle, the level required: 80.


    En, these two were skills that could decide the Assassin scene and they were also two decisive skills. One was an AOE damage and slow skill. Ice Boomerang Blade greatly increased Assassin's leveling efficiency and team fight damage. One Ice Boomerang Blad…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.