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ZY - Chapter 314- Spirit Meridian Golden Land

   "Spiritual medicine!"

    She frowned, "I looked through ancient books and finally found this recipe. It is from dozens of rare medicine and one of them even add in half of the celestial turtle fruit. Drink it and don't waste my effort. If you don't drink, I will force it down your throat!"

    Her actions seemed really rough like she might really force me to drink it.

    "No no no... I will do it myself!"

    I stopped her and took the bowl from her hands. I sniffed it and apart from the medicine smell, there was also a fruity scent. It seemed like for this small bowl, Senior Sister spent large amounts of treasures. I sipped and it tasted weird. It was so hard to swallow. It felt like... Senior Sister messed up a bunch of delicacies and this was what she ended up with. How was I going to drink it?

    "Is it nice?"

    Yun Yue sat at the side and questioned.

    "It isn't not nice..."

    I coughed, …

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.