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EIF - Book 03 Chapter 092: Destroying Chu Chen

The Twenty-Nine Line-Pair World Ritual Array exploded, turning into a vast mushroom cloud. Ensnaring Performance, the Foundation Rock Deity, Huangfu Chaoge, the Heptagold Sect Master, Chu Chen, and the others all fell silent.

What happened to the earlier prideful Dugu Qiubai?

That prideful Dugu Qiubai who scared away Ao Shun disappeared?

The ritual array had exploded, kicking up dust. The surroundings turned chaotic.

“Oh no! We were tricked!” The Heptagold Sect Master’s expression suddenly changed.

“What?” Chu Chen’s expression changed.

“Such a large ritual array would require a lot of energy, especially for manifesting Dugu Qiubai; the drain would be even more horrifying for that. They were already a spent force earlier. Had we waited a while, the ritual array would have collapsed on its own,” the Heptagold Sect Master roared furiously as his expression changed.

The Heptagold Sect disciples’ expression changed as they looked in the direction Ao Shun left in.

By now, …

Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by DragonInWhite. Edited by VampireCat.