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TL - Chapter 96: Tan Jiao 13 (3)

After looking at him for some time, I fell asleep.

I slept deeply and dreamt about a place that was warm and quiet. Perhaps I was hungry, as I even dreamt about having fish with Zhuang Yu. In that dream, the fish even licked my face. It was gentle and licked my eyebrows and eyes. It even kissed my lips and my neck. In my dream, I wondered if I had been pent up with my desires.

When I woke up, I was greeted by the yellowish hue of the setting sun. It had stopped snowing outside, and the sky seemed brighter than before. Soon, I saw Wu Yu lying beside me, sleeping.

He had changed into the T-shirt and pants we got at the shop next door. Sleeping soundly, his breathing was calm and steady.

After staring at him for a while, I gently lifted up his hand. This hand was not the hand of that studious man I met last year on that day anymore. Rather, it seemed bigger and stronger with small scars and calluses. He must have gone through a lot, I thought to myself as I kissed his hand, reluctant to let his hand go.

Ah Yu, you may not know this, but it was you that brought my joyful heart to this somber place and made me care about you.

Ah Yu.

I am the only person in the world that can call you that.

My dear Ah Yu.

Don’t hesitate, don’t blame yourself, and don’t lose hope. Though you may be treating me coldly right now, I will not squabble or bicker with you over small matters anymore.

I want to help you achieve your dreams.

I want to help you get your mother and Wu Miao back, even if it means diving headfirst into this turbulent river of time.

Of course, I also hope that I can have a place in your heart.

You did say that I am your little sunshine. Your one and only sunshine.

When Wu Yu woke up, there were already two dishes on the table that I got the owner to make. There were also a pair of winter jackets on the sofa that I got the owner to go buy for us. Obviously, they were couple jackets. Even though one was deep blue and the other was peachy red, they had the same design. His was sized 180, while mine was sized 160.

I was on a call with Zhuang Yu. When I saw him wake up, I smiled at him and continued to say, “Damn it, stop asking too much and come over. It is at times like these that we need that smart brain of yours. Ah Yu, you must come through for me this time. I’ll pay for your trip and accommodation.”

After some persuading and coaxing, Zhuang Yu finally agreed to come immediately. I felt conflicting emotions upon ending the call. I asked her casually and found out that she had just finished her year-end exams and was having her winter holidays. This meant that no matter which point of time I went back to, Zhuang Yu would either be taking her exams, preparing for her exams, or just finished her exams. Suddenly, I felt sorry for Zhuang Yu.

And sure enough, the Zhuang Yu of right now did not know who Wu Yu was and knew nothing about the cases or anything that happened after that. Since I could not explain all of it through the phone, I could only plead with her to come here. To be honest, I had a strange feeling that she could help us. Perhaps she could figure out something after our journey through time again. Of course, this could merely be my bias trust in her, just like how she believed I could solve any murder case.

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