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ZL - Chapter 1019- God Wind Cavalry

Keng!In front of the crowd, the level 180 Drunk Maple pulled out his sword. On it were magma-like patterns that seemed to flow. This Fire Swordsman's outer appearance looked so cool. He was also riding a beast, which looked like a giant dragon, but while that mount had the appearance of an Earth Dragon, it had a pair of wings that could be retracted, so one did not know whether or not it could fly.

Drunk Maple looked up at the sky and smiled. "Xiao Yao Zi Zai, long time no see; why don’t we have a deciding battle?"

I looked at him from afar. "I'm alone against a few thousand; that's just unfair. Why don’t you come up here? That will be a little fairer, won’t it?"

In terms of one against one, I was not afraid of him.

Drunk Maple waved his hands and replied helplessly, "My mount has wings, but it can't fly. If you don't dare to fight here, then just leave. The Forest of Stars is our territory!"

I was stunned and realized that I had unknowingly entered the Forest of Stars. This was Waterfront City's protection forest. At the same time, Yue Qing Qian's voice came from the guild channel: "People from the Forest of Stars, back out; Indians are invading and they have occupied it. Legend, Hero Mound, Vanguard, and Prague have all retreated!"

I did not say much and just turned towardFire Marsh Plains. In the plains, Fire Marsh Plains was really close to War God River, which was recognized as China Region's territory. The place where we battled was probably just Forest of Stars and Fire Marsh Plains.


I looked down and could see the entire Forest of Stars. The forest was shaking as it appeared like a huge army had entered it. Millions of Indian players were currently attacking the forest. In the north, there were plenty of players being forced out. Further ahead, one could see many China guilds lining up in Fire Marsh Plains.

Shua! I charged to the ground, heading to where Zhan Long's main camp was. Lin Wan Er was lining up the troops; over ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry were lining up the front. All of them held Hellfire Swords and wore the Frost Demon Sets. Zhan Long's Cavalry really was invincible in Tian Ling City; this was an uncontested fact.

Pa! I landed and came to Lin Wan Er's side. "How is our situation?"

Lin Wan Er turned around. Her beautiful face was filled with confidence. "All of us are ready. The ten thousand led by Li Mu is about to arrive. We roughly have around eighty thousand joining the battle. The numbers aren't bad, right?"

"En." I nodded my head and smiled. "Not bad!"

Eighty thousand people.Even in ancient times, that was a strong army. In near times, the person that could lead the eighty thousand was already really powerful. Just thinking about it; I felt really excited.


Around Zhan Long, a bunch of Hero Mound players had gathered. Q-Sword was up ahead. They did not hide anything; their newly gathered mounts converged at the front. Hundred Abyss Cavalry, Divine Tier Boss mounts... These horses' hooves were wrapped in water ripplesand they could walk on water. Moreover with Deep Abyss Gravity's skill to reduce the target's movement speed and attack speed within thirty yards. Along with the mount's decent stats, these Hundred Abyss Cavalry were already one of the top troops in Tian Ling City.

At one glance, there were around ten thousand Hundred Abyss Cavalry present. If all of them were here, like what Tang Qi revealed, twelve thousand of them were indeed a strong group. Along with Q-Sword's calm and stable leadership,the Hundred Abyss Cavalry would definitely be able to steal the show in this King's Hunt event.

I looked at Legend; Enchanted Painting's mount had also changed. Xuan Yuan Feng and Lu Chunyang's mounts were the same, being dark green horses that had bodies wrapped in wind energy. I frowned and asked, "What is Legend riding?"

Yue Qing Qian was Zhan Long's top intel collector. She blinked her eyes. "Legend's main cavalry is still Earth Bane Cavalry; there are around eighteen thousand of them. They’ve recently foundnew mounts, including the ones Enchanted Painting, Xuan Yuan Feng, and company are riding. They’re called God Wind Cavalry, a level 165 Divine Tier Boss with 21,000 Health and 550% movement speed. The speed is frighteningly quick!"

Lin Wan Er opened her mouth softly. "Faster than our Furnace God Cavalry?"

"En." Yue Qing Qian smiled. "If not, why would they be called God Wind Cavalry? Still, their combat stats are weaker and aren't even as good as Hero Mound's Hundred Abyss Cavalry. They have around over eight thousand God Wind Cavalry. Their main goal should be to use mobility to sneak-attack and assist."

I smiled. "Then Fang Ge Que shouldn't let the God Wind Cavalry appear here."

Wang Jian smiled. "Brother Xiao Yao, your thoughts are too simple. This King's Hunt is a money-earning tool. They will definitely want to kill, for the more, the merrier. Even if they’re going to sneak-attack, that will have to wait till the main battle ends."

My heart shook. "If they went ahead with that and attacked the fleeing troops, their speed would just be too terrifying!"

"En," Song Han nodded, saying, "Current players' mounts are only at 270% speed, while this God Wind Cavalry is close to double. Who can even escape from that!"

Old K waved the Greedy Nine Headed Snake in his hands. "In terms of the main battlefield, our Furnace God Cavalry is stronger! That's okay, though. If we really fight Legend, we won't lose. Speaking of which, why aren't they attacking? The brothers are getting impatient!"

I smiled. "No rush.When they come, they will come."


A few minutes later, Fang Ge Que sent over a message: "Xiao Yao, come over to the Legend camp. The leaders are all here. Let's talk about how to fight this?"


I headed over. My God Dragon Horse flashed across and stunned Enchanted Painting and Lu Chunyang. Enchanted Painting said, "I bet one hundred dollars that Xiao Yao Zi Zai's mount is faster than the God Wind Cavalry!"

Lu Chunyang asked, "It might not be, right?"

Enchanted Painting chased up. "Guild Leader Xiao Yao, how quick is your God Dragon Horse?"

"620%, why?" I smiled.

"Nothing, thank you!" Enchanted Painting smiled really sweetly. She then told Lu Chunyang, "Thank you for the one hundred dollars; send the money directly to my account.Thank you once more!"

We rode to where Fang Ge Que and the others were at. The various guild-leader-level players, namely Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan, Wang Zecheng, Soaring Dragon, Liu Ying, et cetera, were all present. Even deputy leader Rumor was here, too. However, this person had no standing in the China Region and was seen as a burden. Nobody was willing to listen to his words.

"Little Zai is here; let's begin!" Mu Xuan held her staff. "Let's finish this quickly. I want to head back. My guild is so far away and I still need to run, unless the Cavalry can ride horses."

Yan Zhao Warrior smiled. "I can give you a lift."

Mu Xuan stared at him. "Our astrology signs don't match.Sorry."

"You don't even know what mine is."

"Anyways, it doesn't match!"

I laughed and jumped off the horse. "Let's have a chat; how are we going to fight? Is there a plan?"

Fang Ge Que replied, "We don't have a good plan now; after all, this event is restricted to a few maps. We aren't able to attack Waterfront City, too, so we can only do what we can."

"What can we do?" Liu Ying asked.

Fang Ge Que waved. "This battle concerns whether or not Waterfront City belongs to China or not. The India Region definitely wants to revolt. The key to this event is achievement points. Whoever gets more will take over Waterfront City, so we must kill more of them.” Fang Ge Que coughed. "On the main battlefield, we definitely won't lose. Our NPC army is also much stronger than Waterfront City, so we just have to control our guild and allies in a way that they won't run about. If we fight them head on, we can definitely win. The mid- and small-tier guilds don't head to other maps. Otherwise, the enemies will surround and kill us. We may lose our achievement points then and also Waterfront City."

Rumor asked, "If we just wait here, will they fall for it?"

Fang Ge Que said, "Apart from this, there's no better way. If they don't attack us, then we will push into the Forest of Stars. They will fight us."

I nodded. "Okay, then let's set up the formation well."

"En, good luck!"

Fang Ge Que pumped everyone up and then everyone scattered. Mu Xuan wanted me to ferry her to Appearance Alliance's formation, so I had no choice. When I placed her down, the deputy leader Wild Swan smiled. "It seemed like the guild leader had succeeded. How does it feel?"

Mu Xuan's face flushed. "Let's talk about this later..."

I was speechless and rode the horse back to Zhan Long's territory.


The war drums rang out and the various Tian Ling City NPC armies headed out. Fire Dragon Army, Xia Yu Army, et cetera appeared. I also ordered the Royal Army to battle. Not long after, many Dragon Crystal Cannons appeared behind the Zhan Long formation. The Royal Army would not charge first and let Zhan Long players gain achievement points first.

Twenty minutes later, the Forest of Stars started shaking. Many India Region players appeared in our field of sight. The battle was about to begin. The atmosphere was so tense it was tough for one to breathe.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.