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TL - Chapter 91: Wu Yu 12 (3)

It really was Tan Jiao. Her cheeks were red as she leaned on my chest, looking somewhat panicked. Wu Miao stood a short distance away, made a face at me, and then ran away giggling.

Immediately, Tan Jiao got up and moved aside. “Wu Miao pushed me.”

I did not want to let go. But in the end, I controlled my urge.

“She’s just being mischievous.”

The two were probably playing beside me when I was asleep, and then Wu Miao pushed Tan Jiao onto me. The two of us stayed quiet for a while before Tan Jiao said, “I’ve told Wu Miao to contact Shen Shiyan after she gets off the ship. I told her to tell him she’s a friend. Shen Shiyan is someone reliable, and as soon as he discovers something suspicious, he’ll investigate it. I figured one more person to look after her would be better.”

I did not expect her to say this. “Thank you.”

Tan Jiao chuckled and said, “It’s nothing.”

I felt like her attitude toward me had changed somewhat. Compared to the past few days of coldn…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.