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TL - Chapter 90: Wu Yu 12 (2)

She would turn occasionally and stand still. Her long hair rested on her shoulders. Sometimes, she would look impressed, and at other times, she would have a genuine smile on her face. She looked free-spirited and innocent. Without me noticing, I had already stared at her for some time. Currently, those worries I had about being with her were creeping up in my mind again.
I took several big gulps of water, and when I placed the water bottle down, I noticed her staring at me. From such a distance away, I could see a hint of warmth in her eyes again; they were not so cold anymore. She looked peaceful, revealing that gentle side of her that had been hiding away. We stared at each other for a few seconds. I knew she could not see my facial expression clearly. Then she lowered her face and kicked the sandy floor a few times.
I leaned back with my arms supporting me to look up at the sky, thinking to myself that I should control myself.
All of a sudden, an umbrella came and blocked my blue sky and sunshine.
I frowned.
With a very innocent look, Chen Ruying came beside me and said, “Ah Yu, I didn’t believe you when you said it yesterday. But… you really do smoke?”
I looked at the cigarette in my hand and took a few draws from it, ignoring her.
She sat beside me, which annoyed me. I wanted to move away. She asked, “You like this type of girl, hah? She does look like a good girl. Easy going and beautiful. No wonder you’d fall for her,” Chen Ruying said with a smile. I had never expected her to say this, which somewhat changed my opinion of her a little. I let out a smile and said nothing.
“You only smile when I mention her, huh?” Chen Ruying suddenly muttered.
I shut my eyes and said, “Yeah.”
“So… are you serious about her, Ah Yu?”
I heard myself say, “I’m serious about her. I like her a lot.”
There was a lull before Chen Ruying said, “Oh, but hear me out. You’re among the few top university students in the whole country. You even got your master’s degree. That day, I overheard her and Wu Miao conversing, and it seems like she did not even go to a recognized national university. She didn’t even do well in her studies. If you stay together, you’ll definitely have plenty of challenges to overcome. I guess with such a huge difference between you two, there would be difficulty communicating, right? I… am telling you this as a friend. But maybe I’m thinking too much into this. Father did say that you would have a bright future, mainly because you’re a very logical person.”
After staying quiet for a bit, I opened my eyes and said without looking at her, “Actually, to me, I don’t really care how others look at her. But Chen Ruying, from what you said just now, I could not feel a hint of friendliness. That’s why I think I must make it clear to you: you don’t understand her at all. She… she is actually someone that many adore. And I’m the one that is average and normal.
My mind immediately thought about the day when I first met her at the repair shop. She came to the shop in a bright orange SUV; her silky hair was down, with a natural smile on her face. She was such an attractive lady. She attracted the attention of all the guys at the repair shop. On the other hand, I was at the corner of the shop, covered in dust, hands greasy, smelling of sweat, and looking somewhat depressed.
I smiled unknowingly and said, “She’s like my little sun. My only sun in this world of mine.” After saying that, I shut my eyes once more and ignored Chen Ruying.
With Chen Ruying’s footsteps gradually fading away, my surroundings finally became quiet.
I was unsure how, but I fell asleep then and there. Then at some point in time, maybe a few minutes later, I suddenly felt someone sitting on me. That familiar fragrance made me subconsciously hold onto her while I opened my eyes.

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