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ZL - Chapter 1007- Gonggong's Soul

In the basement of Ice Cavern’sthird floor were level 180 Hybrid Demons called Gonggong Tribe Warriors. There were many types of them, namely Blade Warriors, Spearmen, Sword Soldiers, Cavalry, Archers, Chariots, et cetera. There were just Solo-blade Soldiers, Spearmen, and Sword Soldiers at first, and they were all easy to deal with. However, many Cavalrymen appeared eventually. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others charged through this mob of Hybrid Demons, while we relied on the Furnace God Cavalry's stun effect to kill the Cavalry-type monsters.

At the later stages, Chariots also appeared. Chariots were combined-type monsters. The ones pulling these were halberd-wieldingCavalrymen, and onboard them were Archers. On the edges were Spearman Soldiers. One Chariot was formed of twelve monsters. Their combat strength was really strong and they charged about. Our Furnace God Cavalry was unable to block them. This continued until Dancing Forest suggested using Scattered Shot to stun the war horse when we finally managed to prevent the Chariots from charging toward us.


In the corridor of the basement, dozens of Chariots surged about. Our Archers were not enough. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and the others led the Furnace God Cavalry to risk their lives. One Chariot charged at my five-man party and Dong Cheng Yue smiled. "Great! It's finally our turn!"

"What are you afraid of?” I consoled her. Butterfly in my hand shook as I activated Icy Wings to fly across. I brushed past the Chariot and slashed several times. However, the Spearman kept poking me with the spear. In the end, when the chariot was in front of Lin Wan Er, I activated Blade of the Champion's Champion of the Three Armies.I shattered the iron structure of the Chariot with a peng and forced it back, stunning it for one second. Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest used AOE to cover the Chariot.


One of the Cavalrymen hollered in rage and charged at me with a halberd in his hands. He shouted, "How will the Gonggong Chariot be afraid of you rats?"

I shook Butterfly and slashed at him three times. This guy's luck was not good, for Dinghai was triggered. With a peng, the guy was stunned to the spot and I also recovered 50% of my health. I used the level 17 Double Hit and the glow stunned the players around!

One Second Hero held his Zhangba Snake Spear and asked in shock, "Guild Leader, how did you do that? This... was the light of a skill at least at level 16, right? My highest skill is only at level 15..."

I laughed. "Yong Jie, that's actually a level 17 skill light; the level 18 one would probably be even brighter!"


Li Mu was stunned. "My Double Hit is only level 16 and I am confident that I have trained it longer than you. How can yours be level 17?"

I did not hide anything. "The army system rewarded every general a residence. Within is a drill ground. While the players practice hitting the wooden dummies, the skill cooldown is reduced and the familiarity will increase by folds. I trained an entire night to get to level 17; do you think it was easy for me?"

Li Xiao Yao tried to tempt me. "Xiao Yao!"

I said, "No need to say more... Only the master can use the residence; even if others use it, their familiarity won't increase at all. You should just work hard yourself..."



Although level 17 Double Hit was the same as level 10, they did 6 attacks and there were no changes, but the difference was in damage. Level 17 Double Hit dealt around 85% of one's basic attack. As for the one at level 10, it was at most 65%. The difference in damage was huge.

More importantly, the higher the skill level was, the brighter the light being used would be. The players were all younger than us, so we hoped that our skills would be brighter. It would also make flirting with girls much more efficient!

We continued leveling and the battles on the third floor got really intense. What made us happy was that these Gonggong Tribe Warriors could still drop Frost Demon Sets. This meant that our operation ‘collect Frost Demon Sets'could still continue. After we completed this map, we would get at least ten thousand sets. Along with the Furnace God War Horses, these ten thousand Furnace God Cavalry would be able to sweep the continent over the next few months. They would not even be at a disadvantage when facing Hybrid Demons.


We fought from eight in the morning to eight at night. After eating supper, we resumed fighting until it was seven in the morning. Finally, we came to the end of the map. This was an ice palace and at the sides of the hall were many ancient warriors. In the middle was a throne and on it was a majestic-looking general. Without needing to think, this was the legendary Water God Gonggong!

In the Sea of No Return Battle, we killed the Ocean Demon King and got the Water God Halberd. Who knew what this Water God Gonggong would drop for us?

"Let's draw the normal guards over and kill them first."

I said cautiously, "Don't move; Xiao Wu, draw the monster with Meteor Shot. An attack within ninety yards won't draw over that many monsters."

Dancing Forest nodded.Following which, we spent thirty minutes killing twenty-plus quasi-Boss-level guards. Five hundred of us then spread out and prepared to kill the final Boss!

Pa ta...

When my Overlord Boots stepped on the icy stairs, a cold wind blew on my cape and terrified me. This was Water God Gonggong, someone who smashed right into Buzhou Mountain. If this guy smacked us, wouldmy soul not shatter? I looked at my stats before preparing to attack!

From afar, I locked onto Gonggong and used Great Realm of Desolation on him!



Such a strong defense, my twice damage actually did not exceed 100,000.

Suddenly, Gongong raised his head and showed a half decomposed face. He looked really terrifying and at the same time, he slowly stood up from his throne. His left hand held a translucent shield and on his right was a shining sword. Actually shouldn't his weapon be the Water God Halberd? It was probably stolen so he was using this sword to replace it!

When Gonggong charged at me, I shared the Boss's stats to the guild channel—

Water God's Soul,Gonggong (God Tier 4-star Boss)

Level: 182

Attack: 32,500-42,500

Defence: 35,000

Health: 1,5,000,000

Skill: Desolate Shield, Shocking Waves, Wave Slash, Smashing Buzhou Mountain

Introduction: Gonggong, an ancient water god. He controlled the floods in the world and was really vicious and brutal. As fire and water were enemies, the moment he lost, he smashed into Buzhou Mountain. After many years, his body, which had been sealed, was shattered; only his divinity continued to defend the Ice Cavern. It was said that the person who killed Gonggong would be able to obtain the god weapon in his hands.


Looking at this introduction, when everyone read the last sentence, they all cheered. Still, the stats were also so strong. If he went all out to attack, it would be tough for players to survive.

I retreated and then said loudly, "Prepare to reduce his defense and use speed reduction to stun and restrict him! I will tank; the other close-combat players don't head forward. Just use Blade Spin to damage the Boss from afar!"

Before my words were finished, Water God's Soul was already right in front of me. He cleaved down and it caused waves of damage. This was similar to Drunken Spear's Thousand Layer Wave, but its damage was much higher. When the sword hit my armor, I felt like I was about to rip apart. My health started to drop. This Wave Slash was just too strong—







Actually, my health was just 250,000 and I would have been insta-killed if not for Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring’s timely Heal. They maintained my health at around 50,000. The Twin Dragon effect was used right away and I quickly used Cleansing Rain. I attacked with my Butterfly and the Dinghai effect was triggered. I healed twice to prevent getting insta-killed—




Gonggong's Soul hollered in rage and slashed about. Many energy waves spread out from around him and players within twenty yards were affected. Luckily, I told everyone to spread out and only I hit. Another 90,000damage hit. I used Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword slashed as well as activated Strength of a Thousand Men. I was going all out, risking my life; that also helped me regain much of my Health, maintaining it at around 30%. At any time, I was at risk of being insta-killed.

The blade flashed and I used Zhen Yue Warsong. One Second Hero waved the Zhangba Snake Spear and used Roar of Zhang Fei. Yue Yao Yan held Greedy Shield and activated Greedy Shield Formation. Players within two hundred yards were protected, including me! That 120 seconds of 50% damage reductionsaved me!

Using this rare chance, players charged over. Those who were close to the Boss used all their skills. Those who could not get close used Blade Spin to attack. Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue, and the others'ranged skills smashed down. All of a sudden, the health of Gonggong's Soul started to drop. He did not stop to do nothing, though; instead, he slashed and then used Desolate Shield, which caused most players' attacks to be unable to break through his defense.

It became extremely hard to kill him. After thirty minutes, the Boss still had 50% health, yet over forty Furnace God Cavalrypeople had died!

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We are Hosted Nov3l, find us on g00gle.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.