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ZL - Chapter 1005- Luxurious residence

I summoned the God Dragon Horse and galloped to the palace. When I stepped in, I noticed that Fang Ge Que, Drunken Spear, Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han were all here. Apart from them were people like Luo Fei, Xu Yan, and Situ Xin. The sight of these people made me understand something. The similarity between this bunch was that they were all generals and people who held troops under them.


  "Master Li, you’re here!"

  Lochlan smiled at me. "It is good that you’re here; we can start talking about serious matters now."

  I asked, "Your Majesty, what happened? Why did you call all the generals over?"

  The official beside Lochlan said, "His Majesty wants to thank the generals for serving the nation up till the point all of you have no time to rest at all. His Majesty ordered the north villas of the back palace to be renovated into dozens of General Manors for the generals to reside."

  I was shocked. "This..."

  Lochlan smiled and asked, "Master Li, do you think …

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf, Ciel. Edited by Slumber, Pret.