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ZL - Chapter 1010- Upgrade country weapon


[System notification: Congratulations to Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai for his successful seventh job advancement! Obtained title: Heaven Protecting Dragon Rider.As he is the second player in China to get his seventh job advancement, he has obtained the bonus rewards of +100 Charm!]


Holy light descended and the job title above my name changed from Country Protector Dragon Rider to Heaven Protecting Dragon Rider. At the same time, the system notified me that my stats had increased. A large amount of data was something that players could not see. There were definitely many huge changes when one went from their sixth to seventh job.

I smiled at Frost, inquiring, "Since I have became stronger, do you have any new moves to teach me?"

Frost was stunned and replied, "Nope! I don't have much to teach you."


I was confused. I knew that this beautiful teacher was special, but she was actually so special that she did not give me skills after my seventh job advancement!

I sat on her desk and started to play with Butterfly. It looked really exquisite and it was a really good sword!

Frost looked at me. "What are you doing?"

I replied, "If you don't teach me anything, I'll just sit here and not leave..."

She burst out laughing, saying, "You fellow, how are you even the Royal Army General and the empire's Commander in chief?"

I smiled. "Of course not.My teacher hasn't taught me anything..."

"Okay, okay..."

Frost surrendered. "Most of my skills use god power, so one has to have a god divinity to use. You don't have such ability. Let me think what else I have that I can onto you..."

I had an idea. "How about that cool technique you used to crush Luo Xun's army, Heaven Control?"

"Heaven Control..."

Frost opened her mouth. "That's possible, for it also uses god power. Your present body isn't just strong enough with it only possessing Holy Domain Strength. If you use Holy Domain Strength to use Heaven Control, it won't be as strong as what you saw."

"That's alright," I smiled, saying, "as long as it looks good."

"Okay, come and learn it then!"

Frost opened up the skill interface. What shocked me was that it was actually a Deity Tier technique and it was really cheap! So strong—

Heaven Control Lv-1 (Deity Tier Technique): A domain formed by god power, once it reaches the peak, the wielder can control everything. One can even reverse time and control reincarnation. Required level: 180, required fee: 5,000 gold.


Gold of 5,000to learn a Deity Tier technique was too cheap. When she was teaching me the skill, Frost had her eyes closed. When I looked at her beautiful face and her trusting expression, I really wanted to kiss her. Let us forget it, though, in case she beat me up.


Heaven Control appeared in my skill list. Actually, I had been thinking about this skill for a long time!

"Have you learned it?" Frost smiled and asked.

I nodded. "En!"

"Do you want to try using it?"


I turned around. I looked at the ink on her desk and opened my hand. I used my mind to use Heaven Control and a power surged in my blood. I felt connection to the surrounding energy, as if I could touch the invisible power around me. Using my strength, the ink bottle started to shake. I tried for three minutes and the ink just shook for three minutes. It did not move at all.

I felt a sense of defeat, but the familiarity of Heaven Control increased by 7 points. It seemed like the skill level was too low.

Frost smiled. "Heaven Control is a special ability; you need to train it to increase mastery. It took me half a year to train it until full comprehension. You are too far off!"

I nodded and smiled. "En, I can't hope to have your level of strength. I just want half the effect!"

"Okay, work hard and you will!"



I made up my mind to head back to my residence and train Heaven Control there. This would increase the skill familiarity quicker, but before that, I had something else to do. That was to upgrade Zhen Yue Sword!

I said goodbye to Frost and returned to Tian Ling City!

I headed straight tothe altar; once I reached it, Zhen Yue Sword started buzzing. The blade could sense the power summoning it over. After I confirmed this, I let Zhen Yue Sword flew out of its sheath and hung in mid air. The altar's power began to shine brightly as the weapon started to spin in the air. A seven-colored godly light enveloped it and then the blade’s evolution ended.

I held Zhen Yue Sword's handle and returned it to its sheath. I looked at the blade’s stats and smiled. En, this was the true stats of a country weapon—

Zhen Yue Sword+7 (Country Weapon)

Attack: 11,800-17,200 (4,130-6,020)

Strength: +505

Stamina: +500

Agility: +495

Magic Attack: +490

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 165% and Attack Speed by 85%.

Bonus: Ignore 50% of target's defense.

Bonus: Have a 66% chance of ignoring defense.

Effect: Strength of Weapon.Weapon durability drops at an 80% slower rate.

Effect: Blade energy sweep.Deal 60% splash damage to targets within eight yards

Effect: Zhenyue Warsong. Summon the warsong within the weapon and raise friendly unit's basic attack by 6,000, lasting for ten minutes. Consume 120 Rage value, cooldown of four hours.

Specialty: Heavy-armored job

Specialty: Country weapon, China Region

Specialty: No level restriction.


It was an all out increase and the most obvious one was the special skill change. Zhenyue Warsong was improved and it increased basic attack by 6,000. The cooldown also went from six hours to four hours. Along with the wine, I could use it every two hours!

Dancing Forest's Huangzhong Bow and Enchanted Painting's Water God's Halberd could both be strengthened. Country weapon equipment was the most valuable itemas each one provided a super-strong skill to a player. The weapon-type ones could increase Attack, and everytime a player advanced, they could increase their weapon's stats. Thus, the weapon would not need to be changed and could be used to the late game.

Moreover, compared to the level 200, five-star god weapon Butterfly, Zhen Yue Sword's Attack was just slightly lower with its level 180 stats. It was around a three- or four-star god weapon, but that was enough. Anyway, Dancing Forest and Enchanted Painting's weapons would probably never need to change. I was feeling fortunate that Huangzhong Bow was in Dancing Forest's hands. If not, the top bow would not belong to Zhan Long. Dancing Forest's stats were not lower than Bai Li Ruofeng, just that her mechanics were slightly weaker. As long as she sparred with top players like Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, and Wang Jian, she would understand her skills and movement. I believed that she would take over Bai Li Ruofeng to become the top Archer in the China Region eventually.


Many friends sent me congratulatory messages and I replied to them one by one. I then returned to the residence to train Heaven Control. I held Butterfly and used Heaven Control to manipulate a dummy from afar. The familiarity increased bit by bit; it was much faster compared to when I was training outside. I used Sword Tempest on one of the wooden dummies, too.

By 10pm, I checked my skill familiarity; Sword Tempest, Ice Domain, and Binding Chains were all level 18. Double Hit, Wind Blade, et cetera were on their way to level 19. With a ring, Heaven Control had reached level 8.

I opened my hand and targeted a wooden dummy. I felt as if I was controlling gravity. With a crisp peng, the arm of the dummy was snapped off by me. The broken arm flew really quickly and pierced the nearby wall. Tsk!This damage was really high.

From afar, the yellow-uniformed maidservant smiled. "General is so amazing!"

I smiled and opened my hands to use Heaven Control. An apple flew into my hand, and I made a grab for it, but it unfortunately shattered. My strength control was not that good yet. This domain also caused a breeze to blow her skirt up to her thighs. One could not tell that this girl's legs were quite good.

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Her face flushed red and she smiled. "General!"

I smiled and did not bother about her. I used Heaven Control to control her body, but I received a notification that it could not be use on living beings. Tsk! I could only use it on dead things, not players. That made sense.If Heaven Control could be used on players, that would be too overpowered. Still, the fact that I could control stones to attack like Frost was already good enough.


I was training happily when suddenly I heard wings flapping. A Royal Army War Hawk Knight landed and cupped his fists. "General, Han Yuan has told me to send you news. Just a short while ago, dozens of mysterious people have crossed Fire God Mountain and are heading toward the Ice and Fire Plains. They seem to be heading toward the Flame Lion Mercenary Group."

"Flame Lion Mercenary Group?"

I frowned.The name was quite familiar. Lochlan had told me about it before. That was the strongest mercenary group located between Tian Ling City and Swirling Abyss City. I asked, "Why did you have to tell me this?"

War Hawk Knight replied, "The reason is that I noticed one of them being a general of the empire."


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"Floating Clouds!"

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.