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ZL - Chapter 1011- Xing Huo

"Why did Floating Clouds go to Ice and Fire Plains?" I was shocked.

War Hawk Knight answered, "General Xia Ye said that the Flame Lion Mercenary Group has around two hundred thousand people and are really strong. Floating Clouds is definitely heading there to meet with their chief."

"Okay, I understand. I'll head back to Fan Shu City right away."

"Yes, sir!"


I was much faster than the War Hawk Knight and could return to the city by using the management interface. After a white light shone, I appeared in Fan Shu City. I summoned the God Dragon Horse and galloped into the Royal Army camp. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the eleven Majors were already there. They cupped their fists. "General, you are here!"

I nodded and sat at the commander seat. "Floating Clouds is Lochlan's cousin. After Luo Xun died, Floating Clouds has became Lochlan's only loved one, so her sins were pardoned and she was allowed to continue as a Dragonling Army general. However, since she hates me, she won't stop at nothing to destroy me. She has tried drawing Violent Thunder Army General Xu Yan to her side, and now she’s heading to Ice and Fire Plains. If I’mguessing it right, she’s probably heading there to seek Flame Lion Mercenary Group’s cooperation. What strategy do all of you have?"

Han Yuan said, "Send the War Hawk Knight Archers to intercept and kill her!"

Long Xing smiled. "Great idea."

I was speechless. "Although this is a good idea, she is definitely bringing the Dragonling Army experts; if we failto kill everyone, then our plan will be exposed. Moreover, if we bring too many people, we’ll attract attention. More importantly, Lochlan doesn't want to kill her because of their relationship. If we crossthis line, he will be angered."

I said, "On Fire God Mountain, me forcing Luo Xun to kill himself already left trauma in his heart. If we killFloating Clouds, he’ll think that the Royal Army wants to usurp the throne."

Xia Ye said, "General, since you said that, we don't have a better plan. Why don’t we send out a group to bring gifts to them and form an alliance?The Dragonling Army then won't be able to recruit them. Our Royal Army is so strong and have one hundred twenty thousand troops. The Flame Lion Mercenary Group shouldn’t be so dumb that they won’t realize that going against us isn’t good for them."

"En." I nodded. "Xia Ye's plan is great, but what gift should we prepare?"

Xiao Lie smiled. "The Flame Lion Mercenary Group has always been in the desolate plains and are in a poor area. They can only rely on robbing merchants. We just need to prepare 100,000 gold and two thousand goats for them."

"Okay, make the necessary preparations and then we’ll head out!"


I stood up and looked at everyone. "Xia Ye, bring one thousand Heavy-armoredCavalry with me... Just in case, Han Yuan and Xiao Lie should bring fifty thousand in, too. If things go wrong, attack right away. If we can't form an alliance, then we'll wipe them out!"

"Yes, General!"


Half an hour later, one thousand Heavy-armored Cavalry left Fan Shu City and crossed Fire God Mountain in the Ice and Fire Plains. Filling up three large carts was 100,000 gold. The other Heavy Cavalrymen were herding two thousand cows and sheep. With me riding God Dragon Horse in front and Xia Ye holding a flag made us look like envoys.

The wilderness breeze blew at us strongly along the way.

Xia Ye squinted his eyes and looked into the distance. "General, Ice and Fire Plains is so huge; Tian Ling City calls it the western plains. There are twenty-seven tribes, but they are all nomads, so they don't have cities. Only this Flame Lion Mercenary Group could form a city called Lion City, and it has a million residents. The Flame Lion Mercenary Group has also managed to raise the troops to two hundred thousand. They have herbs and farms within the city walls, so they're really strong. That’s also why, though Tian Ling, Swirling Abyss and Moon are always being disturbed, all three cities are unwilling to attack Lion City."

I nodded. "Full speed ahead; let's not be too slow."


After three hours, we had reached deep into the Ice and Fire Plains. A red city appeared on the horizon, and from our location, it looked like it was in flames. In truth, this was because the citywalls were watered in red copper like Fire Elephant City. Its defense should be pretty good.

The sound of a wind flute came from the distance, and many huge and small herds became visible to us. The moment we got close, we saw sparse farm fields everywhere. As we traveled amid these crops, a scent filled my lungs, causing me to speed up a little.

A little further ahead, roughly two hundred troops were guarding this pass. They looked at the one thousand of us with wary eyes. Many Archers were ready to fire. A Cavalry with a commander mark on his shoulder said seriously, "No outside troops are allowed in Lion City; who are you!"

Xia Ye cupped his fists. "General, please help us report. The Tian Ling Empire's Royal Army General, Suiding Duke Li Xiao Yao, is here to meet the Lion City Head, Flame Lion Mercenary Group Leader Xing Huo!"

The general was stunned."Suiding Duke Li Xiao Yao is here in person?"

I smiled and took out my token. "Do you want proof?"

He got a little nervous. "No need. Suiding Duke is too polite. Please enter. Still, Lion City has its own rules and nomore than one hundred from outside can enter. There are one thousand Royal Army soldiers present!"

Xia Ye looked at me. "General, what now?"

I did not hesitate. "Select one hundred to follow me inside!"



Xia Ye called the first party to follow me in. They were elites and nearly all were Saint Hall Cavalry. With them, even if the Flame Lion Mercenary Group tried anything, we would be able to flee. Anyway, I was fine with this as I just needed to activate Icy Wings and then no one could stop me.

Xia Ye still held his staff and led the bunch to guide the cows and carts into Lion City. When we entered, we realized that this place was not rich. Most of them did not have nice clothing. Lion City was located in a poor area, and not much land could be used to farm; no merchant groups even came here to do business. Naturally, they could not compareto Tian Ling City.

A mercenary captain led us towardthe city lord manor. Lion City was not huge, and in twenty minutes, we went from one end to the other. When we were here, we noticed that the manor was really luxurious; it even exceeded that of Tian Ling City's palace. Many white pillars stood tall, and just below it, there were many well-equipped soldiers. When we were in front of the white jade gates, a general with an axe shouted, "Stop! Do you all know the rules? Remove your weapons; if not, you can't enter!"

I kept Butterfly and Zhen Yue Sword inside my bag and said, "Leave our weapons."


Xia Ye frowned. "Without weapons, if they try anything, we’ll be fish on the chopping board!"

"Don't worry; they won't dare."


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The bunch of Royal Army troops removed their weapons and moved the heavy gold filled boxes to enter the manor. It was a general manor, but in truth, it was no different from a palace. There were many steps; fortunately, everyone I brought with me was a Saint Hall Cavalry, so they would not pant due to the weight. Their cultivation levels were much stronger than these mercenaries.

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I entered the hall. At the center, there was a group of dancing maidservants. These girls did not wear much clothing like those civilians outside, but their attires were still a different matter. Thin cloth covered their beautiful bodies. Xing Huo really knew how to enjoy.

"Tian Ling Empire Royal Army General, Suiding Duke, is here!" a soldier shouted.

Another voice rang out. "All of you, back down!"


The dancers left and I finally saw his true face. This was a thirty-five-year-old guy with a mustache on his face. He was a level 177 Deity Tier Boss. He was a little stronger than Han Yuan and Xiao Lie; even Xia Ye was not his match.

He was dressed in gold armor. He stood up. "Commander in chief's arrival is our Lion City's honor, but may I know for what?"

I stepped forwards. "Lochlan mentioned you to me, so I decided to pay you a visit; I brought with me 100,000 gold and two thousand cows as well as sheep as meeting gifts. I hope that the Royal Army can form an alliance with your mercenary squad. How about we become brothers?"

Xing Huo smiled. "So that's the case.Ah... Commander in chief came from afar and your troops should be tired. I'll have a feast for you. Coincidentally, there are other guests, so why don't we dine together?"

"Other few guests?"

I frowned. Floating Clouds had definitely reached this city before us, but apart from her, who else?


Xing Huo waved his sleeves and brought us into the side hall. This was a really wide area and golden light shone around. Xia Ye ordered the Saint Hall Cavalry to guard the perimeter and only a few of us entered the dining area. This place was huge and could fit over forty people.

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