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ZL - Chapter 1012- Envoy failed

After sitting down, Xia Ye, who was right beside me, reinforced his arms with Holy Domain Strength. As a careful person, he had raised his combat strength to the maximum. Even if Xing Huo tried something, we would be able to react in time.

I smiled. "Stay calm."

Xia Ye smiled back. "Understood. I am always calm."


At this moment, officials outside shouted, "Waterfront City Marshal, Azure Ocean Army General Liu Long is here!"

A bunch of people arrived from the outside. In front was a young general around thirty years old who was holding a sword. This fellow was actually allowed to enter the manor with a sword. The words Azure Ocean Army General Liu Long appeared above his head. He was a Waterfront City NPC General?

"Waterfront City Marshal?" I frowned. "When did Waterfront City have a Marshal?"

Xia Ye replied softly, "This Liu Long used to be a Major of the Rongdi Army; Luo Xun left him in Waterfront City. After we wiped out Rongdi Army, he disbanded the fifty thousand Rongdi Army troops in Waterfront City and conscripted them with the local people to call themselves as the Azure Ocean Army. He has around one hundred thirty thousand people. Maybe because of that, he dares to call himself a Marshal. Snort!Such a clown.Even you don't dare to call yourself a Marshal, yet he actually dares to. Truly what a joke!"

My lips curled up. "Calm down; don't be angry."



In the end, Liu Long sat opposite of us with his few Majors. He looked at me and laughed coldly. "I was wondering who it was. So it’s the Suiding Duke!Which wind actually blew you here?"

I lowered my head, looked at the burning chicken, and did not bother about him. Liu Long's face turned red from anger and he nearly started a fight with me.

A while later, the official outside shouted again, "Tian Ling City Fire Axe Army deputy general Wang Zecheng is here!"

This time, I was shocked. "Why is this fellow here?!"

Xia Ye looked at me in confusion. "Why is general so shocked?"

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"He's the one who caused the Fire Axe Army to attack the Fire God Mountain. Now, he has actually come to Lion City; what is he planning?"

Xia Ye replied, "We will adapt to everything; that is what you taught me!"



A short while later, Floating Clouds brought a bunch of Dragonling Army generals in. Alongside her was Flame Lion Mercenary Group's Xing Huo. The two of them had gotten really close; Floating Clouds was even holding his hand. I felt really dejected, for I had lost to her. This trip was for nothing!

"Generals, please take your seats; no need to be so polite."

Xing Huo smiled and sat with Floating Clouds, saying, "Tian Ling Empire's Suiding Duke, Waterfront City Marshal, Tian Ling Empire Dragonling Army's Lady Yun, and Fire Axe General Wang have all come to my Lion City. Come come come.Let's drink and talk about the alliance!"

Xing Huo smiled. "Let's be direct. Suiding Duke represented the Royal Army in wanting to form an alliance with my Lion City. Waterfront City's Liu Long is requesting us to fight with them against Nine Heavens City, while Tian Ling City's Fire Axe General Wang sent a million gold to borrow one hundred thousand troops. Hehe..."

He stopped. "I am poor and love gold. Who wouldn't love gold? I do want to loan the one hundred thousand troops to General Wang, but I can't reject Suiding Duke. The Royal Army is strong and is the top army. I'm afraid that if I reject the Suiding Duke, the Royal Army will thrash my small Lion City..."

I smiled. "What is General Xing Huo saying?We have an alliance, so why will the Royal Army want to attack an ally?"

Xing Huo smiled and cupped his fists, "Suiding Duke is such a frank person; since you said that, I am at ease."

He was a little drunk and hugged Floating Clouds. "Unfortunately, while I love gold and am afraid to die, I also love women, especially ones like Lady Yun. Who wouldn't be tempted?"

She smiled and sat on his lap. Xia Ye, Liu Long, and the others were like air.

Xing Huo looked like a brute and he acted like one. In front of everyone, he reached his right hand into her clothes and touched around. Floating Clouds flushed red and could not help moaning.



Xia Ye slapped the table, causing the wine cup and flash to jump up. He could not take it anymore. "Xing Huo, this is preposterous!"

Xing Huo enjoyed the girl in his hands and squinted his eyes. "General Xia Ye, are you drunk?"

I stood up and pressed Xia Ye back down. "General Xing Huo, he is drunk, so I shall apologize for him. Still, looking at your relationship with Floating Clouds, you have decided to help her, haven’t you?"

He smiled. "Commander in chief misunderstood; how can I be such a person? Don't worry. I will sign an alliance with Royal Army and also agree to General Liu Long's alliance. As for Lady Yun, she is my concubine. I am always a fair person. Girls are girls and work are work!"

I laughed coldly. "Great. Since the alliance is set, please give me a contract so that I can return to Royal Army."

"Don't be in a hurry, Commander in chief." Xing Huo smiled. "Why don’t you rest here tonight and then return to Tian Ling City tomorrow? If you don't let me be a good host, the people of the world might laugh and insult me."

Xia Ye frowned. "General, it seems like we won't be able to leave today."

I nodded. "Then let's stay and eat our fill."



The feast continued. Wang Zecheng's expression was the worse. Xing Huo had rejected him; thus, he ordered his men to leave. Wang Zecheng directly shattered the City Return Scroll.

However, I could not return. Xia Ye and the one hundred Saint Hall Cavalrymen were still here; if I left, they would be in danger. Xing Huo was tough to read, but I was sure that he was perverted. Otherwise, he would not have fallen for the wiles of Floating Clouds. I even had a thought. If we really killed Floating Clouds here, that would be the best outcome for Tian Ling City, right?

Late at night, Xing Huo took our gifts and arranged rooms for Xia Ye, the one hundred Royal Army soldiers, and me. My room was in the middle.

Dong dong...

Suddenly, my door was knocked at. I pulled out Butterfly, and when I opened, I noticed that it was a fat butler. "Commander in chief, the night is long, so why are you sleeping so early? Our General Xing isn't dumb and he knows that a hero must have a beauty by his side. He ordered me to send a beauty over to serve the general. If you like her, you can bring her back to Tian Ling City."

He stepped aside. Behind him was a girl around twenty years old who was dressed in red. Under the moonlight,the lady appeared alluring as she looked at me. "Wen Wen greets the Commander in chief!"

I frowned. "No need.You can bring her back."

The bulter laughed and cupped his fist. "General, you don't need to be too polite; I shall leave now! Wen Wen, take care of the general well.If not, you will be punished!"

After saying that, he left.

Wen Wen stood in front of me and tears welled up in her eyes. "General, if you want to chase me out, I will be killed!"

I frowned. "Then come in!"

I allowed her in and I pointed at the corner of the bed. "You can sleep."

"What about you?" She looked at me in shock.

I carried Butterfly and replied, "No problem. I will walk around the drill ground. I'm not tired. You can sleep."

"Yes, General..."


The Royal Army had a drill ground, and when I attacked the copper dummy, I noticed that the skill familiarity increased really quickly, too. Although it was lower than my residence, it was not bad. I closed my eyes and trained Heaven Control. I sensed the power around me and used Holy Domain Strength to comprehend Heaven Control.

Night in the game lasted only two hours and passed in the blink of an eye. When Xia Ye and the others walked out, they saw Wen Wen exiting my room. Xia Ye smiled. "General, you seemto have had a good night..."

I glanced at him and lowered my voice. "Xing Huo sent her over; do you think I dare to touch her?"

Xia Ye kept his smile. "General's words are true."

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"Let's headback to Fan Shu City."



When we were about to say goodbye, the butler said, "Commander in chief, General Xing set out last night."

"Where to?"

"I don't know; why would he tell me about that..."



I jumped up my horse and ordered Saint Hall Cavalry to charge out of Lion City.

I asked in the guild chat. Fan Shu City, Tian Ling City, and Fire God Mountain were all okay. Where did Xing Huo go to? Floating Clouds was gone. That was so weird.

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