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LTBE - Chapter 381: Incredible Alicia (1)

There were different degrees of severity when it came to yanderes.

Those of the Valkyrie Bloodline were fairly normal when it came to dealing with strangers whom they carried no strong personal feelings for. That was the reason why Roel was able to negotiate with Brittany at all.

After sending her off, Roel heaved a deep sigh of relief. He was glad that he had averted a potential raid on the Azure Manor.

This incident gave him a deeper understanding of the Goddess of Fate’s Guidance.

The purpose of this guidance was probably to get closer to Teresa and stop Brittany’s reckless actions. These little steps were crucial to turning Knight Kingdom Pendor into his ally, which would then fulfill the requirements for saving Astrid.

It was really a close call with Brittany here. Her actions weren’t enough to threaten him, but if she had really barged into his residence and kidnapped one of his aides, that would have brought about a whole lot of complications.

Roel let out a sigh and returned to his own room. The moment he opened the door, a silver-haired girl rushed over and gave him a tight hug.

“Welcome back, Lord Brother!”

“Alicia? What brings you here? Isn’t your bed already fixed?”

It was just this morning that Roel personally sent Alicia back to Chris’ house, but here she was, back at the Azure Manor. This put him at a loss of words.

Naturally, Alicia always had an answer.

“Lord Brother, Miss Chris’ kitchen utensils are spoiled, so she told me to come here for dinner.”


First the bed, and now the kitchenware? Just what the hell are you both doing over at Chris’ house? Are you wrecking balls?

Roel was filled with so many retorts that he didn’t even know what to say anymore. He squeezed his forehead with his fingers in distress.

“It’s already after dinner hours. Why are you still here?”

“I was planning to head back, but I noticed some suspicious activities outside. As a safety precaution, I decided to wait for Lord Brother here. Judging from the earlier situation, she seems to be your guest?”

Roel alternated his gaze between Alicia and the cloudless night outside, and he found himself getting amazed by Alicia’s powerful transcendent ability once more.

Is it due to the moonlight? Her power feels almost omnipotent.

Roel decided to tell Alicia about the situation between Geralt and Brittany. To his surprise, the latter snorted in disdain.

“You were able to send her off with some utensils and a bedsheet? Pitiful! I’ve already claimed possession of those things… Cough cough! I mean, she’s a pervert through and through!”

“Yeah, Geralt sure is pitiful. He must have had quite a few of his possessions stolen by her over the years.”


Roel expressed his pity for Geralt, not knowing that he was in the same position himself. Alicia’s expression turned weird upon hearing those words, so much so that she decided to quickly change the subject.

Thanks to the aid from her stalwart ally, Chris, she managed to infiltrate the Azure Manor for the second day. However, she knew that Roel would likely head to the room on the second floor to sleep at this rate, and that was not something she could tolerate.

She had come here with the purpose of sharing a bed with Roel. Otherwise, how could she make any progress?

How can I convince Lord Brother to share a bed with me?

Alicia pondered for a while before a glint suddenly flashed across her crimson eyes. She grabbed Roel’s arms and asked.

“Lord Brother, shall we play a game of chess tonight?”

“Chess? That’s a good idea. There’s still some time before sleeping hours anyway.”

“We’ll watch the moon together afterward!”

“Sure. The weather is great today, so we should be able to get a good look at the stars.”

“Then we’ll share a bath!”

“Alright, I’ll have the hot water pre… Wait a moment!”

Roel belatedly realized what Alicia had just said, and he immediately turned his head over to look at the silver-haired girl with stern eyes.

“What are you saying? You aren’t young anymore. How can we share a bath?”

“What’s wrong with that? It’s not like I’ve never bathed with Lord Brother before… Or could it be that Lord Brother has gotten sick of me? Do you not want me anymore?”

Alicia’s eyes began glistening with indignant tears, making it look as if someone had bullied her. Her sudden tears caught Roel off guard, and he tried to console her in a fluster.

“When have I said that I’ve gotten sick of you? Alicia, you’re thinking too much into it!”

“B-but you don’t even want to bathe with me anymore!”

“That’s because you’re already a grown up now. I…”

With his eyes directed straight at Alicia, Roel’s voice slowly trailed off.

Before he knew it, Alicia had already started to grow up. Her appearance had become incredibly beautiful, especially under the gentle glow of the moonlight. Just looking at her made his heart thump nervously, and he felt like a flame was going to blaze within him.

It was his last line of defense as the older brother here to not lay his hands on Alicia, but it was getting harder and harder for him to exert his self-control recently.

As Alicia’s Perfection Origin Attribute matured, her charms were slowly becoming more and more fatal. It already took all of Roel’s self-control to remain composed whenever Alicia grabbed his arm or hugged him. He wasn’t confident of holding himself back if they were to share a bath.

“Anyway, that’s out of the question. There’s no way we’ll be able to share a bath. Ask for something else instead.”

“Then… I want to sleep with you tonight.”


Roel frowned at that request.

Alicia noticed his facial expression and immediately upped her aggression. She stared at Roel with large glistening crimson eyes, looking like she would really burst into tears if this request was rejected as well.

Her pitiful act left Roel with no choice but to submit.

“Fine, but we’ll take one side each. You aren’t allowed to come to my side. We aren’t children anymore, so we can’t be like before.”

“Got it, Lord Brother!”

Alicia’s eyes glowed in excitement upon receiving Roel’s approval, as if she had just won a battle. Roel noticed her response, and it made him sigh in exasperation. It was clear that his point wasn’t getting through to her.

Am I being too lenient on her? But… how do siblings usually get along with each other?

Roel felt that there was something wrong about his interactions with Alicia, but he had no idea what he should do to remedy that. Heaving a deep sigh, he quickly washed up, slipped into a fresh pair of pajamas, and began playing chess with Alicia on the windowside table.

The younger Roel and Alicia often played games together in their pajamas back at the Ascarts’ manor. The two of them had far too many lessons scheduled for them in the day that they could only be together at night. When they finally got tired, they would simply fall on the bed and sleep together, having almost no boundaries between them at all.

But ever since Roel got busy with his work as a proxy fief lord, he no longer had time to play with Alicia. Those happy and carefree days seemed to have passed them by.

The thought of it left Roel with a sense of guilt toward Alicia. He dropped his doubts about whether he had been too doting on the silver-haired girl and instead focused on their game of chess.

The moon was particularly bright today, and Alicia seemed exceptionally spirited under the moonlight. The two of them played till midnight. It ended with Alicia’s victory as Roel had been secretly going easy on her.

Now that they had their fair share of fun, they sat by the windowsill and watched the beautiful moon and stars. Alicia let out a little yawn. Seeing that, Roel chuckled softly and proposed for them to call it a day.

Alicia was excited by the proposal… until cruel reality shattered her dreams.

“Lord Brother, what is this?” asked Alicia with a dissatisfied voice as she stared at the boundary line made out of pillows on the bed.

This time, Roel stood his ground and refused to budge. He knew that he couldn’t waver here, or else his self-control would be the next one to waver. Since he refused to give in, Alicia had no choice but to accept this unfortunate setting.



After snuffing out the lights, Roel and Alicia began going to sleep in silence. But minutes later, a meek voice sounded from the other side of the boundary.

“Lord Brother, I can’t sleep.”

“… How do you fall asleep at Miss Chris’ place then?”

“Miss Chris has magic tools that induce sleep.”


Roel massaged his temple helplessly at Alicia’s pitiful voice.

On the other side of the boundary, Alicia waited quietly, but the lack of response from Roel caused her eyes to droop in disappointment. She was just about to say something more when a hand suddenly shot through the pillow boundary to hold her hand.


Alicia was surprised to have her hand suddenly grabbed. A voice sounded from the other side of the boundary.

“This should do, right?”

“… Mm,” murmured Alicia.

Feeling the warmth from the larger palm, her lips slowly curled into a sweet smile.

With their hands locked together, the two of them slowly descended into the land of dreams.

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