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ABBR - Chapter 105-Pt.1

Ever since Murong Shi took over, the company's performance and revenue had been improving by the day. Every employee's work volume had also increased, and the company's Lunar New Year holidays had been reduced from two weeks to just eight days this year. As soon as the holidays began, Xu Chuanchuan immediately made her way back to Xian City.

However, Father Xu still wore an unfriendly face when Xu Chuanchuan met him. Even so, Xu Chuanchuan still toughened up her courage to greet her father.

Then, to Xu Chuanchuan's surprise, Father Xu indifferently looked at Xu Chuanchuan and said, "Your mother has placed some dumplings in the freezer. You and your little sister can reheat them if you're hungry."

This was the first time Father Xu had taken the initiative to say something to Xu Chuanchuan since their cold war began, so Xu Chuanchuan got so excited that she broke down in tears. She also shared the good news with Murong Shi on that same night.

Murong Shi was also happy to hear the news. Then, she asked, "Which day does your family normally visit your relatives on?"

"The second and third day."

"Then, I'll head to your house on the fourth."

Long before coming out of the closet, Xu Chuanchuan had already considered bringing Murong Shi back to meet her parents. Hence, she was more than willing to have Murong Shi join her in Xian City. However, she was also afraid to trouble Murong Shi because of Father Xu's current attitude.

"My father is still the same as before."

"Then, all the more reason for me to go."

On New Year's Eve, every family in the neighborhood set off fireworks and firecrackers, giving the area the air of Lunar New Year. Father Xu, Mother Xu, Grandpa Xu, and Grandma Zhang sat in the living room and watched the Spring Festival Gala. Meanwhile, Xu Xiangxiang was secretly hosting a live stream in her room. As for Xu Chuanchuan, she had also locked herself in her own room and held a video chat with Murong Shi.

The curtains weren't drawn, so Murong Shi could see the fireworks going on outside through the video chat. Then, she said, "It's been nearly 20 years since I played with fireworks."

During the conversation, Xu Xiangxiang knocked on the door and asked, "Sis, do you want to set off some fireworks? Yuanyuan and Quanyuan are waiting downstairs.

Yuanyuan and Quanquan were the daughter and son of Xu Chuanchuan's cousin brother. The two were lively children, so Xu Chuanchuan disliked playing with them. She was the opposite of Xu Xiangxiang, who could have fun with anyone.

Xu Chuanchuan couldn't be bothered to move from her bed, so she said, "I'm not going; you guys have fun. And make sure to be careful."

After shooing Xu Xiangxiang away, Xu Chuanchuan resumed her conversation with Murong Shi. When she thought about how Murong Shi would be visiting her home in a few days, she couldn't help but feel a headache. So, she discussed with Murong Shi how they should handle the situation.

Currently, Mother Xu's stance on their relationship was neutral, so they only had to focus on pleasing Father Xu.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Xu Chuanchuan woke up before Mother Xu even came to knock on her door. After washing up, she left her room for breakfast while holding three big red packets in her hands.

The three red packets contained Xu Chuanchuan's one-month salary plus her two-month annual bonus. She did not save even a cent for herself, and she gave the red packets to her parents and grandfather.

When Mother Xu opened up her red packet and saw its content, she said, "You already gave us 30,000 the last time you came home. There's no need to give us so much this time."

Smiling, Xu Chuanchuan said, "My company will be distributing our salaries again after the holidays. This money is just to show my respect for you."

Mother Xu had already found out about Xu Chuanchuan's side job as a novel author, so she didn't continue refusing the money. Then, after keeping the red packet, she said to her quiet husband, "Look at how filial your daughter is. Stop wearing that ugly face already."

However, Father Xu remained silent. Only after finishing his meal did he pick up the thick red packet. Then, he said, "No matter how wealthy their family is, you need to make sure not to get taken advantage of lest you get looked down upon by others. You don't need to send money back every month from now on. Save some for yourself as well."

Mother Xu had said such words last time as well. However, Xu Chuanchuan felt much happier when she heard her father saying them. Even though today was a festive day, Xu Chuanchuan couldn't help but have the urge to cry.

Although Father Xu didn't specify his words, Xu Chuanchuan knew that the "others" Father Xu spoke of referred to Murong Shi. His tone when speaking had also softened significantly.

Is this a compromise?

It probably wasn't. However, since Father Xu had already said so much, Xu Chuanchuan still looked at the situation positively. At least she knew her father still couldn't bear to sever relations with her.

Sometime later, Mother Xu said, "Your father might be stubborn and has a bad temper, but how could he be so cruel as to disown you?"

In reality, Father Xu had loved Xu Chuanchuan very much when she was young. However, after Xu Xiangxiang appeared, the family's financial burden had increased substantially. Hence, Father Xu became busier and ended up ignoring Xu Chuanchuan. Father Xu might not be good with words, but he had always cared for her in his heart. Because of this care, Xu Chuanchuan felt terrible when she was waging a cold war with her father.

On the Lunar New Year's fourth day, Xu Chuanchuan went downstairs early in the morning to welcome Murong Shi. The two had missed each other a bit after being separated for several days. However, due to their environment, they dared not act too intimate with each other.

While helping Murong Shi with her luggage, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "Nervous?"

"A little," Murong Shi said with a light smile.

Pretending to be surprised, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "You actually know how to be nervous?"

"I'm always nervous whenever I meet your parents. I barely got any sleep last night," Murong Shi said, sighing.

At this mention, Xu Chuanchuan noticed that there were indeed dark circles under Murong Shi's eyes, so she decided to hug her lover.

The one feeling the most awkward regarding Murong Shi's arrival was naturally Father Xu. However, when he tried to flee from the house, Mother Xu stopped him and said, "Little Shi is our guest. She has also brought you so many presents. Even If you don't cherish them, shouldn't you treat her to some stir-fry?"

Mother Xu typically took care of all of the household chores. This naturally included cooking. The reason why she said so to Father Xu was just to remind her husband to show Murong Shi some face.

After hesitating for a moment, Father Xu took off his sandals and gloomily entered the kitchen.

Father Xu cooked all of the food for lunch that day. Although the dishes were nothing extraordinary, Murong Shi felt that they tasted better than dishes made by chefs of five-star hotels. She also wasn't stingy with her praises as she said, "Uncle, your cooking is really good."

"They're nothing special. Eat more if you find them good," Father Xu awkwardly said.

"Thank you, Uncle."

Fortunately, Mother Xu was rather enthusiastic. Pointing at the plate of fried bamboo shoots and cured meat, she said, "I dug up these bamboo shoots myself, while the cured meat is a specialty of our hometown. Give it a try."

Murong Shi offered another praise after taking a bite.

"I prepared a lot of the cured meat this year. Bring some back to your parents when you go home."

"Thank you, Auntie."

Murong Shi remained in the Xu household until the day before the company holidays ended. During this time, Xu Chuanchuan took her on a tour around Xian City.

Because Murong Shi had enjoyed herself so much, she had completely forgotten to report back to her family. Eventually, Murong Mingshu got so anxious that she called over, asking, "How are Chuanchuan's parents treating you? Did things go smoothly? If not, should Aunt Lian and I visit them? I think it'll be easier for us elders to communicate."

Murong Shi didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she heard her mother's words. Then, she said, "You just need to deal with Dad. Chuanchuan and I will take care of things here."

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