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TL - Chapter 87: Tan Jiao 12 (2)

Ah Yu.

She called him Ah Yu.

The lady that came over had great posture, a lovable smile, and an air of fragrance around her. In everyone’s eyes, she was no doubt a beautiful young lady. However, our dull faces met her warm greeting. Wu Yu merely raised his eyes to look at her. There was no excitement in his eyes nor did he say anything. Wu Miao even rolled her eyes and made it very obvious that she was irritated.

I finished my piece of salmon in one go.

To be honest, Chen Ruying definitely fitted the image of a lovable lady. She was beautiful, with her upturned eyes and natural smile that added sweetness to her appearance. She had a good looking body and fair skin. Even a very hard-to-pull-off white dress looked extremely elegant on her. There was no doubt that most men would fall for her for sure.

With that thought, I suddenly took a glance at Wu Yu and saw that he had only given her a nod of acknowledgment before continuing with his food again.

I felt somewhat pleased, but not very…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.