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ZY - Chapter 299- Spreading like flames

  When I listened to the conversation behind me, I nearly burst out laughing.

    Time to go and begin my journey of gains! As long as I got enough Flame God Wood, I would then smash the Flash Spirit Talisman that Senior Sister gave me to complete this quest! Oh right, I didn't get a quest this time. I just purely wanted to collect materials myself!


    Right at that moment, I picked up a weird scent. I raised my head and saw a human-height tree. The entire tree was translucent and streaks of light wrapped around it. The veins on the leaf gave out a flame light and there were also fruits on it which glowed too. It was the one that gave off the scent.

    I looked closely and with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the stats jumped out--

    Bright Fire Date: Precious herb, after eating, can expand lifespan. The Player's hunger level will increase to 100% and last for 72 hours.


    Good stuff!

    My hea…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.