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ABBR - Chapter 101-Pt.2

On the other side of the same city…

Two people who had just concluded their amorous business laid down with their backs facing each other. Despite sharing the same bed and blanket, the two acted as if they didn't know each other and kept their mouths shut for a long time.

Eventually, though, Fang Qin couldn't take the silence any longer and asked, "Are you...okay?"

"Mhm," Ange blandly replied, her voice showing neither hints of exhaustion nor joy.

Fang Qin pondered for a moment, turned around, and looked at Ange's messy hair. Then, she thought to help Ange straighten her hair but stopped before her hand reached it. Instead, she began quietly inching her way closer to Ange.

The room was quiet, so even the softest of noise would be amplified by magnitudes. Ange naturally heard Fang Qin approaching her, so she hurriedly moved to the edge of the bed.

However, Ange quickly stiffened when she felt a thin and dry hand landing on her waist, followed by a warm and tender body sticking to her back.

After securing her prey, Fang Qin teasingly spoke by Ange's ear, saying, "You're about to fall off."

Fortunately, Ange had her back against Fang Qin, so the latter couldn't see the blush on her face. Then, after mentally struggling for a moment, she said, "Then, you move over a little."

Fang Qin acquiesced and began moving back bit by bit. However, her arm remained wrapped around Ange's waist, so their bodies inevitably rubbed against each other as Fang Qin moved. The friction, in turn, stimulated Ange and caused her body to heat up again, so she tried to struggle free from Fang Qin's embrace.

Eventually, Fang Qin had enough of this awkward struggle and decisively turned Ange's body around. Then, their eyes met.

Upon thinking of the madness just now, Ange awkwardly lowered her head to avoid Fang Qin's eyes.

On the other hand, Fang Qin fixed her gaze on Ange and asked in a hopeful tone, "How was my technique?"

"..." There wasn't much light in the room, but as their bodies were practically stuck to each other, Ange could see even the pores on Fang Qin's face. After deliberately looking away, Ange indifferently said, "So-so."

"Then...do you want to do it again?"

Ange's mouth opened slightly, and she stared at Fang Qin with an incredulous gaze.

"I'm messing with you," Fang Qin said with a faint smile. "I know it's your first time."

So what if it's my first time? Do you think you're amazing just because you're experienced?

When Ange saw Fang Qin flipping the blanket away and trying to get out of bed, her brain suddenly malfunctioned, and she reached out to pull Fang Qin's hand in the heat of the moment.

Caught off guard, Fang Qin got dragged back without resistance. Then, before she could react to the situation, a certain someone had pressed her back onto the bed.

The rain had lasted only two hours, yet Ange had stayed cooped up in Fang Qin's small apartment for five whole days.

They spent the first two days together because it was the weekend. Apart from eating, bathing, and using the toilet, they had spent the rest of their time in bed.

As for the next three days, Ange stayed in Fang Qin's apartment because she suddenly developed a fever. Although Fang Qin had to leave for work during the day, she would immediately rush back to take care of Ange after work. The care she provided was nothing but meticulous.

As Ange didn't return to the hotel, she dared not tell Xu Chuanchuan about her illness. It was also only after she had recovered from her fever did she notice the messages her friend had sent her.

Looking at the message asking about her development with Fang Qin, Ange hesitated for a long time before replying: "We did it."

Xu Chuanchuan: "That fast?!?!"

Their relationship had indeed developed rapidly. When their weekend debauchery ended, Ange had even suspected that everything was but a wet dream for a moment. However, there was also no doubting that all of this was real.

Initially, Ange had thought to leave and pretend as if nothing had happened. In fact, on the first evening, she did try to leave when Fang Qin was showering. However, when she set off to execute her escape plan, she came to discover that her clothes were still hanging outside to dry.

Naturally, Ange wasn't so bold as to run away butt naked, so she obediently returned to the bed. Then, when Fang Qin finished showering and came out of the bathroom, she gently asked, "Does it still hurt?"

These four simple words instantly filled Ange's heart with guilt.

How scummy am I to think of running away after doing it?

Ange's eyes wandered around guiltily for a moment. Eventually, though, she couldn't help resist the temptation and turned to stare at Fang Qin's long and beautiful legs. Then, after nervously swallowing her saliva, she said, "I'm not that fragile."

Yet, despite her claim, Ange still fell sick in the end.

Ange absolutely refused to admit that she had fallen sick because her body was weak. Instead, she attributed her sickness to being unaccustomed to a foreign land.

Shaking her groggy head, Ange slowly typed a reply, saying: "We're both single adults who have physical needs. So, if we want to do it, we'll do it. What's so strange about it?"

Xu Chuanchuan was already used to Ange's bold remarks, so she didn't think much of her friend's reply. Instead, she said: "Congrats! Congrats!"

Ange: "For what?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "Now that you two have already done it, hurry up and get together!"

Ange fell into a daze when she read the latter half of Xu Chuanchuan's message.

Get together?

This was a problem she hadn't really thought about…

Thus, when Fang Qin came back from work that day and solemnly said "Tang Xin, be my girlfriend," Ange couldn't help but feel a little stunned after some simple pleasantries.

Staring at Fang Qin blankly, Ange asked, "Why?"

Smiling, Fang Qin said, "I like you, and you like me. Also...we're a good match in that aspect, so wouldn't it be good for us to be together?"

When Ange saw Fang Qin slowly approaching her, she panicked and subconsciously blurted, "No—"

"No?" Xu Chuanchuan nearly spat out her food when she heard her friend's story. After patting her chest and calming down, she looked at the person seated across her incredulously and asked, "Why did you refuse?"

Ange had already recovered from her fever, and her clothes had dried up, so she "fled" from Fang Qin's home and returned to her solitary life in the hotel.

However, as her mood kept staying terrible, Ange eventually invited Xu Chuanchuan for a private chat.

Xu Chuanchuan had brought food with her, so they talked while they ate. Naturally, Xu Chuanchuan also asked about what exactly happened that day.

Even though the situation was filled with intense emotions, Ange had described it indifferently. Only, when she brought up the part where Fang Qin asked to date her, cracks began appearing in her calm facade.

"No reason in particular," Ange said while stuffing some food into her mouth.

Then, Xu Chuanchuan put down her chopsticks and urgently asked, "Since you like her, why didn't you agree?"

Raising an eyebrow, Ange responded in a dull tone, "Who said I liked her?"

"Why did you do that with her if you didn't like her?!"

Revealing a playful smile, Ange said, "I've always been a superficial person. I already told you that I'm a scummy person, yet you didn't believe me."

Xu Chuanchuan choked. Then, she said, "I don't believe you. We've known each other for six years now. I wouldn't have stayed friends with you for so long if you had a bad personality. Also, you've been writing for so many years now, and there are plenty of beautiful readers trying to seduce you every day. If you were a superficial and callous person, you would've long since screwed your fans. I know you're not that type of person."

Ange's smile gradually faded along with her appetite. Then, she put down her chopsticks and said, "I'm just worried that…"

"Worried about what?"

Ange took a sip of water to moisturize her throat. Then, she slowly continued, "She and I still lack understanding of each other. We don't know each other's habits and personalities. I'm worried that...she might turn out to be another Fragrant Citrus."

Frowning, Xu Chuanchuan said, "How is that possible?"

"It's hard to tell," Ange said, sighing. "I used to like Fragrant Citrus a lot back then, whether it was her face, body, or cute personality. I found her to be very cute and lovable. But when I invited her to live with me in Shanghai, I came to realize that her cuteness was nothing but an act. She turned out to be lazy and vain. This revelation disgusted me, which is why I dumped her without hesitation."

"But Fang Qin isn't that type of person. She is a very good person."

"Does being a good person mean she will be a good match for me?"

"You'll only know if you match once you've tried dating her!" As an experienced hand, Xu Chuanchuan felt that she needed to give Ange a lecture. "I used to reject Murong Shi a lot in the past. I felt that she was bossy and domineering. But didn't we still end up together? Even if you two are a mismatch in some aspects, if you two really like each other, you'll learn to change for the other party."

"Are you done?"

"...Yes." Xu Chuanchuan grew a little restless when she saw her friend's unfazed expression. Then, she suddenly thought of something as she said, "A good person like Fang Qin is hard to come by. If I didn't have Murong, I would've long since gone after Fang Qin."

Raising an eyebrow, Ange jokingly asked, "Aren't you afraid I'll relay these words to your Big Jealous Bug?"

Xu Chuanchuan's expression changed a little. However, she quickly regained her calm and said, "Don't interrupt. We're still not done with your business. Ange, you must seize fate once it arrives. Otherwise, you'll live to regret it."

Ange fell into contemplation.

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