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ZY - Chapter 281- Ignorant Captain Lu

 Night, I continued to hunt the Flame Turtles in the new leveling location.



    Along with White Bird piercing through, another Flame Turtle fell to the ground. It dropped a shell and also another golden colored Fire Turtle Shel. I looked at my bag and I had over 400 Fire Turtle Shells. A few more and that should be enough for Ah Fei.

    But when I raised my head, there was a smaller and tender-looking Flame Turtle that spawned. More importantly, was the level above its head-- lv1!

    The level 1 Flame Turtle had appeared!

    At this point, I had over 11 Flame Turtle Sealing Cards and my chance of succeeding was really high!

    At the same time, I heard horse hoof sounds and also a familiar rough voice, "Be careful, who is that... A red named player? No, an Assassin, he is... July Wildfire!"

    I turned around and saw a bunch of people appear. The one leading was Man of Steel who I h…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.