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ABBR - Chapter 98-Pt.2

After the birthday banquet, Grandpa Xu and several people belonging to the older generation made their way to the nearby Senior Activity Centre to play chess. Father Xu also followed after the group of seniors, while Mother Xu, Xu Chuanchuan, and the others returned to the Xu family's new home.

The new apartment was 120 square meters in size. It had four bedrooms, one kitchen, and two bathrooms. It was significantly larger than the old house.

Xu Xiangxiang was overjoyed at getting her own room. After entering the house, she ran to check out her new room without even taking off her shoes.

"Xiangxiang!" Mother Xu shook her head in frustration when she saw her youngest daughter's actions. Then, she turned around and said to Xu Chuanchuan and co., "We originally reserved a room for your grandpa, but since he refused to move, we turned it into a storeroom. There's not enough time to clear out the room, so would you two mind sharing a bed tonight, Little Shi and Little Xin?"

Murong and Ange sharing the same bed? Xu Chuanchuand dared not imagine what would happen if she allowed this to happen. So, she hurriedly said, "Mom, Murong will sleep with me, while Tang Xin will sleep with Xiangxiang."

"Alright, then," Mother Xu said, smiling. "Have a seat and watch some TV first. I'll go make some tea for you all."

Although they had eaten a big meal for lunch, Mother Xu also made a sumptuous dinner to entertain Murong Shi and Ange.

After having her fill of food and drinks, Xu Xiangxiang sat down on the sofa with a swollen belly. Then, she sighed and said, "Even Grandpa found himself a partner. Where is my boyfriend?"

Probably influenced by Xu Xiangxiang's words, Mother Xu suddenly called Xu Chuanchuan to her room and started asking whether her eldest daughter was dating or not.

Xu Chuanchuan feared her mother's nagging the most, so she simply gave her usual excuse of "I still don't want to date." As a result, Mother Xu grew upset and nagged at her for another period.

"What did you and your mother talk about for so long?" Murong Shi asked after seeing Xu Chuanchuan returning to the room.

Then, Xu Chuanchuan told Murong Shi about the conversation with a long face.

Revealing a bitter smile, Murong Shi said, "I guessed as much."

Xu Chuanchuan hesitated to speak.

"What's wrong?"

"Murong, let's confess to my mother."

Murong Shi's expression changed slightly. Then, locking eyes with her lover, she asked, "Have you thought it through?"

After listening to her mother's "lecture" for half an hour, Xu Chuanchuan came to an understanding. She no longer wished to make up excuses to deal with her parents' questioning. Not only was it tiring, but it also made her feel guilty.

"I have." Xu Chuanchuan nodded. Then, she held Murong Shi's hands and said, "But I'm still a little scared. So, can you go with me?"

Murong Shi naturally wouldn't let Xu Chuanchuan face this problem alone. So, she nodded and kissed Xu Chuanchuan on the forehead.

Xu Chuanchuan wanted to settle things with her mother first before her father returned home. Although Mother Xu was conservative in her thoughts, she was soft-tempered and easy to talk to. So, Xu Chuanchuan didn't think it would be a big problem to persuade her mother.

When Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi arrived in the master bedroom, Mother Xu was folding the laundry. After hesitating for a moment, Xu Chuanchuan said, "Mom, we have something to tell you."

Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan had come into the room while holding each other's hands. However, Mother Xu didn't find the action strange. Instead, she greeted them with a smile and asked, "What is it?"

After locking the door behind her, Xu Chuanchuan said, "Can you stop what you are doing first?"

Seeing her daughter's solemn expression, Mother Xu's smile disappeared as she asked, "What's the matter?"

Fortunately, Murong Shi was with her. Otherwise, Xu Chuanchuan wasn't sure if she could even stand upright right now. Then, after wetting her lips, she said, "Mom, I wasn't trying to anger you by not dating someone. Rather, it's because...I already have someone."

Frowning, Mother Xu said, "This excuse again? Exactly which one of your words is true?"

Xu Chuanchuan took a moment to look at Murong Shi and gather her courage. Then, she smiled at Mother Xu and said, "Mom, let me introduce you again. This is Murong, my girlfriend."

Mother Xu glanced at the two girls in front of her with a blank face. Then, she said, "I know that."

"No, you don't understand." Gritting her teeth, Xu Chuanchuan said, "I'm saying that Murong is my partner, the type that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with."

Mother Xu: "..."

A strong wind blew outside, and it lifted the curtains and caused them to sweep across Mother Xu's face. However, Mother Xu did not react to the curtains at all. Instead, she looked as if she had just seen a ghost as she stared at the two people in front of her.

With the experience of coming out of the closet at the Murong household last time, Xu Chuanchuan wasn't in as much of a panic this time. After plucking up her courage, she began telling her mother about how she didn't like men and that she had been dating Murong Shi for more than half a year now. She even told Mother Xu about their plans for the future.

However, even after Xu Chuanchuan had spoken to the point of becoming thirsty, Mother Xu still didn't say a word. Though, the expression on her face had become very rich.

Not giving up, Xu Chuanchuan said, "You might not understand it, but it's not my choice that I like women more than men. This is destined by nature, and there's nothing I can do about it."

"..." Mother Xu remained dumbfounded.

Seeing Mother Xu's reaction, Murong Shi followed up, "Auntie, Chuanchuan and I aren't dating out of impulse. We have a very good relationship, and even my family has already found out and is supportive of our relationship. I know this might be sudden to you, but I still hope you and Uncle can accept us."

However, Mother Xu still wore a stupefied expression as she looked at the two before her. After this shocking revelation, she couldn't help but have mixed feelings when she looked at their clasped hands.

"Mom, you've always loved Xiangxiang and me since we were young. So long as it's good for me, you won't object to it, right?" Xu Chuanchuan launched a preemptive strike.

Hearing this, Mother Xu's muddy eyes slowly turned to her daughter's face. Although many thoughts ran through her mind right now, she didn't know what she should say in this situation. Eventually, though, she opened her mouth and said, "Your dad is very stubborn."

"I know, so you must help us," Xu Chuanchuan pleaded.

Mother Xu did not follow up, possibly because she still hadn't wholly digested this explosive news.

Father Xu came back very late. When Xu Chuanchuan heard the front door opening, she promptly hid in her room and dared not leave it. Although she didn't know whether her mother would tell her father about her relationship, she still prepared herself for the worst-case scenario.

Bang, bang, bang—

A few minutes later, loud banging sounds came from the door, followed by Father Xu's shouting, "Xu Chuanchuan, come out right this instant!"

Xu Chuanchuan shuddered and tightly embraced Murong Shi. "It's over, it's over. My dad is definitely against us."

Murong Shi was similarly nervous, though she didn't make it as obvious as Xu Chuanchuan. Then, she slowly let go of Xu Chuanchuan and went to open the door.

Father Xu's angry face immediately appeared behind the door. After taking a look at Murong Shi, he walked past her and glared at Xu Chuanchuan, demanding, "What the hell are you doing?"

Xu Chuanchuan knew that there was no getting out of this situation. So, she stepped forward and said, "Dad, I don't care whether you and Mom agree or not, but I'm going to stay with Murong Shi!"

Pointing at her daughter's nose, Father Xu said, "I dare you to say that again!"

In response, Xu Chuanchuan puffed up her chest and said, "I don't like men. I only like her."

Murong Shi's pupils shrank slightly when she heard Xu Chuanchuan's words. Then, she moved her lips and said, "Uncle, we…"

"I'm talking to my daughter; you keep your mouth shut." Father Xu did not give Murong Shi any opportunities for Murong Shi to make any excuses. Immediately, he dragged Xu Chuanchuan to the room next door, locked the door, and began scolding his daughter.

"Do you have no shame?!"

"What's there to be ashamed of for liking women?!"

"You two are perverted!"

Shocked by her father's words, Xu Chuanchuan said, "Dad, even if you can't understand it, can you not say that about us? How are we perverted?"

Mother Xu also felt that her husband had gone overboard with his words, so she stepped forward and said, "How can you say this about your daughter?"

With nowhere to vent his anger, Father Xu glared at Xu Chuanchuan and said, "You get out of the house!"

Panicking, Mother Xu said, "Where do you want her to go this late at night?!"

"I don't care! I don't have a daughter like her!"

Xu Chuanchuan had already prepared herself to get scolded and hit, but she never thought that her father would say such words to her, so she couldn't help but tear up.

Hearing sobbing sounds coming through the door, Murong Shi anxiously struck the door while asking, "Uncle, Auntie, can you open the door first?"

The commotion had gotten so loud that even Xu Xiangxiang and Ange were alerted, so the two of them promptly ran out of their room.

Then, Xu Xiangxiang asked, "What's wrong?"

At the same time, the master bedroom's door flung open, and Father Xu pushed Xu Chuanchuan out of the room.

Murong Shi reacted quickly and caught Xu Chuanchuan. When she saw her lover's crying face, she couldn't help but feel her heart aching. Then, she looked at Father Xu and said, "Uncle, if you have any dissatisfaction, vent them on me instead."

However, Father Xu simply treated Murong Shi like air and ignored her.

Meanwhile, Xu Chuanchuan wiped her tears and sobbingly said, "Dad, I'm already an adult. We aren't here to seek your approval. I don't care what you think. It will never change the fact that I want to be together with her."

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