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ZY - Chapter 277- Exposed

"Lin Xi, you are finally here!"

 Breaking Dawn Ash's gaze was cold as he smiled, "I heard that you and this July Wildfire has animosity... Why not, we put aside our hatred, you two can settle it among yourself?"

 "No need."

 Lin Xi waved her arm and walked out of the forest slowly. Her exquisite face was really calm and under the cold breeze, her clothing danced. It was as if she was one with the environment around. Such a beautiful girl walked towards the Breaking Dawn Guild Leader but none of the other Breaking Dawn members dared to attack.

 "Why, you want to attack me?" Breaking Dawn Ash said calmly.


 Lin Xi smiled, "I shall deal with you first and then it won't be too late to handle July Wildfire!"

 "Very good, I wanted to spar with you and learn how strong the pinnacle Warrior on the server is!" Breaking Dawn Ash didn't fear anything.


 Lin Xi smiled, "With your strength, you probably aren't good enough to spar with me?"


Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.