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ABBR - Chapter 97-Pt.1

Ever since that night of absurdity, Ange had frequently thought to herself, What is my relationship with Fang Qin?

Are we friends? Pen pals?

If it wasn't for Fragrant Citrus harassing her this time, Ange felt that she might never meet Fang Qin ever again. In that case, Fang Qin would become nothing but a passerby in her life.

Since she is a passerby, I don't need to invest too many emotions into her. I don't need to get too involved with her.

Ange had repeatedly told this to herself throughout her flight from Shanghai to S City. However, when she met Fang Qin again at the airport, she realized that she still couldn't let go.

As soon as Ange saw that familiar face again, she immediately recalled that night. She couldn't forget the messy kiss that carried the scent of alcohol, and neither could she forget the scorching hands that burnt her body. Ange also vividly remembered the time when Fang Qin stayed over at her house. She remembered the blue nightgown Fang Qin wore, the time Fang Qin grabbed her hands and refused to let go, and the passionate gaze Fang Qin used to look at her at the time.

Fang Qin was by no means stunningly beautiful. She wasn't a match for Fragrant Citrus, whether it be in terms of appearance or figure. Yet, for some reason, Ange found herself constantly thinking about the woman.

After Fang Qin left her house, Ange had trouble sleeping the first few nights. Whenever Ange closed her eyes, that woman's face would appear in her mind, her smile exuding a fatal temptation.

Ange had always thought that woman was poisonous.

For this reason, Ange had her housekeeper do a thorough clean-up of her home as if doing so would erase the fact that Fang Qin had ever visited the place.

However, when Ange saw the blue satin nightgown mixed in the laundry the housekeeper did, she started losing her mind once again.

Ange had originally thought to throw the sexy nightgown away. However, when the housekeeper heard Ange's decision, she said, "It'd be a waste to throw away such a good nightgown."

Ange hesitated because of these words.

In the end, Ange had kept the nightgown and even brought it with her to S City. She had initially planned to return it to Fang Qin, but because Fang Qin had left in such a hurry, she didn't manage to take it out in time.

Ange also remembered the words Fang Qin said before she left: "Next time."

These two words were akin to a hint. After settling into her hotel room, Ange even suspected that the woman had deliberately left in a hurry.

At this time, the sky had darkened already, though the street was brightly lit. The hotel Ange stayed at was right before her, yet she couldn't get close to it because she found that the car doors and windows were locked.

The car's soundproofing was excellent, and Ange could hear almost none of the noise outside. There was also no music playing this time, so the inside of the car was so quiet that one could even hear the sound of a pin dropping.

As soon as Fang Qin said those words, Ange stopped breathing. As if someone had struck her acupuncture points, her eyes became hollow, and her expression became dull. Simultaneously, a voice emerged from the bottom of her heart, asking: What just happened?

The few short seconds spent in silence were akin to torture for Fang Qin. She knew that she was acting impulsively this time, but this impulsiveness came from her heart. Moreover, it was difficult for them to meet even once, and nobody knew when their next meeting would be. So, she didn't wish to wait any longer.

Only, Ange's reaction looked as if she had been frightened…

"Tang Xin?"

Ange snapped back to reality and met with Fang Qin's eyes filled with anticipation. Then, wetting her lips, she asked, "W-What did you say?"

Did she not hear me? Whatever. I've already gone this far, so what's the point of caring about my dignity?

After sorting out her emotions, Fang Qin locked eyes with Ange and said, "I like you."

The three words hammered Ange's heart, verifying the fact that she had not misheard. Fang Qin was indeed confessing to her.

But isn't this too sudden?

Ange didn't know if it was because of the dry air in the car or something else, but she felt her throat tightening, and she couldn't help but swallow some saliva.

After another period of silence, Fang Qin started growing anxious. So, she carefully spoke up once more, "I wish to know what you feel about me."

What do I feel? About you?

Ange was unable to process Fang Qin's question as her mind was a complete blank right now.

No, this won't do. My heart still isn't ready yet, Ange thought in a panic. Then, pretending to be calm, she said, "If I recall correctly, this is only our fourth meeting. Can I know when you started liking me?"

"The first time," Fang Qin answered without hesitation.

Ange was stunned, but she quickly hid her astonishment. Then, with a false smile, she said, "The first time? But you were drunk that night."

Fang Qin grew embarrassed when she recalled her gaffe that night. Then, she explained, "I didn't forget anything after waking up. I remember your looks, your voice, and your…"

Sensing Fang Qin's passionate gaze scanning her lips and other parts of her body, Ange immediately felt her body heating up. Biting her lower lip, she interrupted, "Stop."

Fang Qin felt her heartbeat quickening when she saw the reddened tips of Ange's ears. Then, she softly said, "Even though you keep avoiding me, I know that you…"

Ange felt her nerves tense up a little with every word Fang Qin uttered. Just as the string in her heart was about to snap…

Someone's phone suddenly rang, giving both of them a scare. The ringing phone interrupted Fang Qin's words and gave Ange a sense of liberation.

Just as Fang Qin was about to continue speaking…

Ange noticed that the ringing came from Fang Qin's phone. Afraid to hear what Fang Qin had to say, Ange said, "Someone's calling you."

Fang Qin hesitated for a moment before retrieving her phone from her bag. Then, when she looked at the screen, her expression changed slightly.

Ange turned her head away and tried to open the door. Unfortunately, it refused to open.

Meanwhile, Fang Qin answered the call and put her phone by her ear. Before she even managed to open her mouth, the person on the other side said something that caused her face to instantly turn white.

Ange coincidentally saw this change. Although she found this development somewhat strange, she tacitly remained quiet.

"Don't panic; I'll head over right away," Fang Qin said before ending the call.

Sensing that something was amiss, Ange ignored the embarrassment she previously felt and asked, "What's wrong?"

Fang Qin's face no longer had its previous composure as she quickly said, "My dad fainted with a bleeding stomach!"

Ange was inwardly frightened by this news, so she quickly said, "Then, you should quickly go see him."

Subsequently, Fang Qin unlocked the door and let Ange out of the car. Then, she drove off without another word.

Ange returned to the hotel by herself.

After returning to her large and empty room, she collapsed onto her bed in exhaustion and idly stared at the chandelier above her.

What kind of coincidence is this? Why did something have to happen to her father at this time? I wonder if her father's condition is serious?

If it wasn't for that call…

Ange sat up and shook her head to get rid of her nonsensical thoughts. Yet, no matter how much she shook her head, Fang Qin's voice lingered in her ears like a curse. So, she took out her phone, plugged in her earphones, and played music at the loudest volume to numb her mind.

Afraid that Ange would be bored by herself, Xu Chuanchuan gave her friend a call after finishing lunch. When the call connected and she heard Ange's hoarse and weak voice coming through the phone, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "Don't tell me you were still sleeping?"

However, Ange said, "I didn't sleep at all last night."

"Were you writing the entire night?"

"I played games the entire night."

"..." This was unlike Ange's normal behavior, so Xu Chuanchuan couldn't help but worry if her friend was unused to living in S City. "Why don't you try to get some sleep now?"


"Go to sleep. I'll go find you after work."

Before Xu Chuanchuan could hang up, Ange suddenly shouted, "Come by yourself tonight. I have something to talk to you about."

Finding Ange's behavior to be abnormal, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "Did you get sick?"

"No. We'll talk about it later."

After work, Xu Chuanchuan told Murong Shi that she would be visiting Ange by herself. Feeling upset, Murong Shi asked, "What is she trying to do inviting you to her hotel?"

Xu Chuanchuan knew that her lover's jealousy was acting up again, so she hurriedly explained, "Her tone sounded off when I spoke to her this afternoon. I think it must be something very important."

Murong Shi remained silent for a while before saying, "I'll drop you off before I visit Fang Qin's father at the hospital."

Fang Qin had called last night saying that her father had been hospitalized. Murong Shi had been friends with Fang Qin for more than two decades, so she naturally had to visit her father.

Then, the two set off after coming to an agreement.

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