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EIF - Book 03 Chapter 045: Breaking the Barrier

At the east city gate tower of Silver Moon City:

Mu Chenfeng stood at the top of the city gate tower with two subordinates, looking at the distant sea.

“I wonder, how is the zither bestowal event going?” one of Mu Chenfeng’s subordinates said with a frown.

“Division Master, you made a wise decision. Since there are sin dragons causing trouble there, holding the zither bestowal event there would be very dangerous. I heard that they even sealed off the Silver Moon Sea. The people in there cannot come out.”

“Indeed, Milord. Although that Gu Hai is quite capable, what can he do against the sin dragons? The current hall master is nowhere comparable to the previous hall master. If Milord had gone, what if…,” the other subordinate said.

Mu Chenfeng looked into the distance and remained silent for a while before saying, “I’m starting to regret.”


“I should have entered with the hall master. Hah!” Mu Chenfeng sighed.


Silver Moon Sea:

One hundred bronze…

Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by DragonInWhite. Edited by VampireCat.