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NETS - Chapter 131 – Killing the Giant Croc

Primal Giant Crocodile didn't expect Lu Ping to attain the Great Force at this moment. He wielded his mystic instrument and slashed at Lu Ping, who suddenly swept his swords across the space and cast a new sword art!

It was the [Great River Eastward Sword Art] in the [North Ocean Twelve Ultimates]!

Previously, Lu Ping always felt that he couldn’t fully grasp this sword skill and utilize its maximum power, so he seldom used it during battle. But after suddenly attaining the Great Force, he had fully understood the essence of this sword skill.

Lu Ping's dual swords swept out horizontally, and struck against Giant Croc's sword. Amidst the loud clash, the Giant Croc suddenly felt as if he was caught in the middle of a big river and trying to swim against the current. But he was unable to compete with the rolling torrent of Great Force and was instantly swept back a hundred feet.

The Giant Croc was in disbelief; Lu Ping had knocked him back a hundred feet across the sea surface.

Lu Ping, however, was not ready to stop any time soon.

After mastering the [Great River Eastward Sword Art] for the first time, Lu Ping could hardly contain his excitement. With his spirits surging high, Lu Ping whistled loudly in excitement. The Soaring Wing Swords slashed out 49 times consecutively, like a torrential river surging towards the Giant Croc.

The Giant Croc was no slouch either. Born as a naturally talented water manipulator, he had his own pride as a noble monster with a heritage of tens of thousands of years, and a master of Great Force.

He slashed his serrated blade horizontally in front of him and released a wave of pale white energy. The energy emanated a bitter, sorrowful aura, condensing into a crystal ice blade in the air and separating Lu Ping’s river into two halves like a diversionary dam.

The duo exchanged a few dozen bouts within the surrounding miles of the sea. Both of them had an extraordinary understanding of water manipulation, so their battle heavily stirred up one turbulent wave after another.

If one were to describe the previous fight, although the Primal Giant Croc didn’t defeat Lu Ping, he still maintained the upper hand. However, this time around, the Primal Giant Croc finally noticed the difficulty in seizing the upper hand in the fight, and as the duo fought with equal strength, the battle gradually turned gory.

This Primal Giant Crocodile originally wanted to rely on his peerlessly profound arcane energy to defeat this human being in front of him. However, after fighting for some time, he sadly realized that this Fifth Layer Blood Condensation human cultivator’s arcane energy was no less inferior than his.

On the contrary, Lu Ping’s battle spirit was flaring high. Right now, he had mastered the [Great River Eastward Sword Art] and honed his sword skill, which greatly improved his abilities. As a result, he couldn’t help feeling tempted to slay this Primal Giant Crocodile here today.

Not to mention this monster’s inheritance of the Jiao bloodline, his Seventh Layer Blood Condensation cultivation base and profound arcane energy proved that the Primal Giant Crocodile was indeed worthy of sharing the same status as the Emerald Sea Spirit Snake in the monster race.

If Lu Ping could kill this monster and acquire his Condensed Blood Beads, then after reaching the peak of the Sixth Layer, his own breakthrough to the Late Blood Condensation Realm would proceed smoothly.

Besides, the crocodile was also a necessary part of Lu Ping's ideal Avatar.

Lu Ping's face tensed up and a murderous aura emanated out of his body. By now, he had already killed dozens of human cultivators and hundreds of monsters, so naturally, his character had taken on a deadly edge.

The Primal Giant Crocodile was so keenly vigilant that he sensed Lu Ping's murderous aura almost instantly, but he wasn’t concerned at all. He believed that even if he couldn’t defeat this human cultivator, he could always leave when he pleased. He was confident that not even a Ninth Layer Blood Condensation cultivator would be able to stop him if he wanted to withdraw.

The duo was locked in battle when Lu Ping suddenly pointed his left hand and an iron seal appeared above the Giant Croc’s head. It was Landslide, which enlarged into a 33-feet cube as it rammed down towards the crocodile’s huge body.

The monster’s body was huge, his strength seemingly boundless, and he quickly protected himself with a water tower above his head, but he still underestimated Landslide's power.

Landslide smashed through the water tower, clouting the Primal Giant Crocodile’s head and leaving behind a large gash. Blood splattered all over the place and his huge body hurled down a hundred feet deep into the sea water.

While the Giant Croc was dizzy from the blow, Lu Ping's dual swords took the opportunity to break through the other’s protective energy and slashed twice on his shoulder.

However, the Primal Giant Crocodile's flesh was thick and tough, no weaker than a high-grade defensive mystic instrument.

Although the Soaring Wing Swords were his best high-grade mystic instruments, after breaking through the Late Blood Condensation cultivator's special protective energy, they didn’t have much power left. They only chipped off two pieces of crocodile skin, which was only superficial to the Primal Giant Crocodile.

Despite this, the pain on his shoulder and head had infuriated the Primal Giant Crocodile, causing it to stomp around like a thunderstorm.

The furious monster finally lost his cool and pulled up huge tidal waves on the sea surface. He slashed out the serrated blade in a frenzy, bombarding Lu Ping with countless attacks. However, Lu Ping calmly parried each attack one by one while retreating backwards.

Then, Landslide rammed down again in the air, but the Giant Croc was clearly prepared this time. His long tail whipped out and deflected Landslide away from him!

Landslide was launched into the sea, splashing tall waves a dozen feet high. The Giant Croc's long tail suddenly stiffened up, as if the bones had broken, causing his movements to falter.

Lu Ping hastily took advantage of the situation and made two more cuts on Giant Croc's long tail, which further infuriated the monster even more.

With the combination of Soaring Wing Swords and Landslide, the enraged Primal Giant Crocodile finally came to his senses after suffering several losses in quick succession. By this time, he realized that he’d been completely outplayed and was like a clumsy puppet for Lu Ping to toy with.

Although Lu Ping couldn’t take him down any time soon, but the piecemeal beatings still bruised and battered the Giant Croc’s half-humanoid body into severe bleeding.

The Primal Giant Crocodile finally realized that he’d been defeated. Furthermore, if this went on, he would eventually be played to death by this abominable human cultivator. This threw him into terror and he made plans to leave.

The terrified monster turned back into his original form as a giant crocodile and rolled seven times in the sea, raising seven huge waves on the surface. At the same time, his serrated blade suddenly dismantled itself into countless teeth, they flew into the waves and shot towards Lu Ping.

Each of the seven waves was wrapped in a layer of strong and sharp energy. Lu Ping would definitely end up in pieces if they hit him!

Lu Ping face turned serious, and he quickly kicked up a giant wave under his feet. Then, the Soaring Wing Swords sneaked into the wave like two naughty water spirits as the giant wave pounced out and swallowed up the Giant Croc’s seven huge waves in a row.

During the collision, the Soaring Wing Swords shuttled through the waves and shattered the dismantled serrated blade.

After breaking apart the seven waves, Lu Ping looked out and suddenly realized that the Primal Giant Crocodile had taken advantage of the waves’ cover and retreated nearly a thousand feet back in the direction they came from.

Lu Ping didn't expect that the Primal Giant Crocodile, who was furious and unstoppable a moment ago, would suddenly put up a trick and flee.

But since he had already made up his mind to slay this Giant Croc, he naturally could not let him go. With a cold laugh, he said, "You can't escape! You’ll die here today!"

After saying that, the white cloud under Lu Ping's feet flashed. The Auspicious Cloud carried him off to chase after the fleeing Primal Giant Crocodile.

The Giant Croc had already changed back to his original form and swam through the seawater. He turned his head back and said mockingly, "Although you defeated me, you’re delusional if you think you can kill a monster general like me."

Lu Ping chased closely behind the Primal Giant Crocodile. He didn’t respond to these words and only curled up the corners of his mouthin a sneer.

Primal Giant Crocodile, who was swimming fast in the water, suddenly froze and exclaimed, "What’s this?!"

A loud thud could be heard and a huge sea turtle was knocked away by the Primal Giant Crocodile. But this also stalled the giant crocodile’s fast-moving speed for a while.

At that moment, the Primal Giant Crocodile felt a sudden tightening of both his hind limbs and tail, as if they were tied by a rope. He quickly tumbled rapidly and three water snakes were thrown backwards by the Giant Croc. But the Giant Croc's pace was dragged down again.

When Giant Croc turned his head and saw the three water snakes, his pupils shrunk and he exclaimed in shock, "Emerald Sea Spirit Snakes?! How did you make the Emerald Sea Spirit Snakes help you? How is it possible? Could it be, you......"

Giant Croc seemed to have something to say, but he suddenly heard a sharp chirping sound from above his head.

A huge blue bird swooped down and clawed at the Giant Croc's eyes with its claws. The Giant Croc quickly dodged sideways, but the bird claws still dug two large bloody holes on his back.

The Verdant Luan was not like Lu Ping’s other four spirit pets, she was a peak Sixth Layer Blood Condensation monster bird. If the Primal Giant Crocodile was caught off guard, she could do considerable damage to him.

This time, the giant crocodile was completely blocked on the sea.

At that moment, a strange sound came from behind the giant crocodile, and when he turned his head to look, a dazzling green light blinded his eyes, followed by a sharp killing aura that froze his body.

Primal Giant Crocodile immediately realized that the situation had taken a turn for the worst. He felt a lightness in his body, and then the world began to turn over in his eyes.

Before losing consciousness, the Giant Croc saw a distinct object dazzling with green light. It was a flying sword with a simple and unadorned appearance.

Giant Croc easily recognized this mystic instrument because his big brother, a Primal Giant Crocodile who had mostly taken on a human form except for the mouth, had a similar top-grade mystic instrument.

Lu Ping grasped at the green flying sword in his hand. This was a top-grade flying sword with dual elements of water and wood that he’d obtained in the Core Forging Realm's cave-dwelling on Fei Ling Island.

Long ago, Lu Ping had successfully refined this Verdant Dawn Sword when he broke through the Mid Blood Condensation Realm.

However, casting a top-grade mystic instrument consumed so much arcane energy that Lu Ping, who was in the Fourth Layer Blood Condensation Realm, could only make a few attacks with his profound arcane energy.

Of course, the power of a top-grade mystic instrument was undeniable.

Previously, Lu Ping could only wound the Primal Giant Crocodile with his high-grade mystic instrument, but a top-grade mystic instrument could easily behead him with a single blow.

While Lu Ping was immersed in a sense of accomplishment at successfully killing a Late Blood Condensation monster in a head-to-head battle, Dabao was excitedly standing on Lu Dagui’s back.

The monster sea turtle was wounded and could barely swim towards Lu Ping. Lu Dabao was shouting excitedly at Lu Ping; apparently it had discovered something good.

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