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TL - Chapter 81: Tan Jiao 11 (3)

I lowered my face toward the bedsheets and kept mum while feeling extremely awkward. But there was no way out now, as he stood there, with his strong presence filling the whole room. If he blamed me, I swore that I would leave right away.

A few seconds later, I heard his slightly hoarse voice, “Have you had dinner?”

I looked up at him but was unable to see clearly his expression. He was standing in a dark corner of the room, but he did not seem angry.

“Not yet.” My voice was significantly softer than his.

“Let’s go eat then. I’ll wait outside.” After that, he walked out the door. I watched him walk out with my mind feeling somewhat dazed.

However, I was up and ready with my most beautiful mini skirt five minutes later. He stood outside the exit of the inn, with a cigarette in hand, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. That was the look of the man I liked. When he saw me, he took a deep draw of his cigarette, face down. Then we walked out along the alley from the inn, with him in front, me at the back.

It was already eight something, so the village was relatively quiet. The street lamps were high and bright, and the crickets were chirping away in the bushes. After walking quietly for a bit, he had already finished his first cigarette, lighting up his second one. The silence between us was rather uncomfortable.

I could not take it anymore and asked, “Why didn’t you stay at the professor’s house?”

“It wouldn’t be good.”

“Oh. Then, have you paid them a visit?”

“Not yet. Didn’t you say you were hungry?”

There was no doubt he said that to end the conversation. With that, we walked on without saying anything more.

As we walked into somewhere more populated, we found a few restaurants along the road. Wu Yu told me to pick one, so I did not hesitate to pick the restaurant with the most people. “When it comes to picking a restaurant, the most important factor is the number of customers. This restaurant must be good if it still has customers at this hour.”

I went in to have a look first. When I turned around, I found Wu Yu standing there looking somewhat unimpressed, but there was still a shadow of a smile on his face.

I turned around not wanting to see his face, as it caused my mood to go up and down.

We sat at a corner table, and he left ordering to me as well. I picked a few dishes and asked him about his preferences, which he promptly answered. He seemed calm now and had also finished the cigarette in his hand.

I had no idea when I had relaxed, but when I finally took notice, a gentle smile had already developed. We are probably on good terms now.

As friends, we...

Who wants to be his friend?!

I just want to have him!

While waiting for the food to come. “Call Shen Shiyan. See if he can find some details about the fire that happened at professor Chen’s house.”

I understood his intentions and replied, “Sure, I’ll give it a try.”

However, after searching through my phone’s contacts, I simply could not find Shen Shiyan’s number.

“Hmmm, why is it not here? I thought I had saved it. Maybe my phone has some issues, or maybe I deleted it accidentally. Give me one second, I’ll look through it again. I even called him so many times.”

Wu Yu held onto his cup of tea but did not drink it.

“Even my call history with him is gone. I think my phone is broken…” I muttered. Then out of nowhere, Wu Yu looked at me with shock in his eyes.

I was a little scared but was unsure about what had happened.

At that moment, someone clapped in the shop, which caught both of our attention. The chubby shop owner stood in the center of the shop and announced, “It’s the 15th of July, 2017. It’s our newborn’s one-year birthday! So to celebrate, everything on the menu is 20% off. I also want to thank everyone for their business!”

The shop roared with joy, with many of the patrons there thanking and congratulating the shop owner.

Looking at this scene, I totally forgot the matter at hand. “How lucky of us to get a 20% discount. Should we go over to congratulate him?”

When I turned to Wu Yu, I was greeted by a stern face.

“Is something wrong?” I asked immediately after noticing that something was not right.

Wu Yu looked me in the eye as the shop roared in celebration.

“What date did the shop owner say it was?” Wu Yu asked with a calm but somewhat sorrowful voice.

I was taken aback, thinking that he probably wanted to confirm the date, or perhaps he had forgotten about something important. I looked at the date on my phone and said, “It’s the 15th.”

Wu Yu said nothing. He looked up to the TV in the restaurant that was playing the news. Unsure about what was going on, I followed his gaze to take a glance at the news as well. The TV displayed the time as well.

After a few seconds, he looked at me once more. I could not describe the look he had. It was as though he had just woken up from a dream. There was a strong mix of shock and pain. We looked at each other in this noisy restaurant. Finally, I discerned the look in his eyes. He was looking at me with pity.

I did not understand what he meant, but I could feel that something was not right. I looked down and saw that my hands on the table had formed tight fists. I was tense and scared. Scared of the new truth he had discovered. Terrified about the things he was about to say.

“Tan Jiao… don’t you feel that something is wrong here?”

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