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100000PSI - Chapter 43.1: Doesn’t Big Sis Like You? (1)

Ji Xinxin got off the plane and headed to the baggage carousel to collect her luggage. While waiting, she powered her phone on but switched it to silent mode right away. 

The moment her phone regained its signal, countless messages poured in like a terrifying tsunami. Most wished her bon voyage, some asked if she had arrived yet, and one said that he was already in the car park and urged her to call him once her plane landed. 

There was a huge list of people she could choose from to fetch her from the airport, many of whom had already offered their services. However, that didn’t mean that she could simply choose whoever she wanted. 

Ji Xinxin knew that she was treading a delicate path here; the slightest bit of carelessness could cause her to plummet back to earth. It was just that she had done this for so many years that she had already gotten used to the feeling of playing with fire. 

It was indescribably thrilling.

“What does your suitcase look like?” a young man whom she had just met on the plane asked. 

Ji Xinxin raised her head and smiled in embarrassment. “It’s pink with a baggage tag that has ‘Fairy’ on it.”

“I’ll help you. It’d be inconvenient for a lady like you to carry something that bulky.” The young man offered his service. 

Ji Xinxin was used to having others fawn on her like that. She smiled sweetly at him and said, “Thank you. To be honest, I nearly bumped my leg into my suitcase while I was checking into the flight earlier on.” 

The man’s face reddened. He waved his hand and replied, “It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s always a pleasure to help a lady as beautiful as you.”

“It’s rare to see someone as kind and warm-hearted as you.” Ji Xinxin tucked her hair behind her ears. “A man who knows how to take care of the ladies like you must be very popular.”

The man blushed even more furiously. He awkwardly coughed twice and turned his eyes away.

To Ji Xinxin, pulling on a man’s heartstrings was the easiest thing in the world, not to mention that she was blessed with an innocent and jovial face. Leaving a good impression on others was a walk in the park for her. 

It was just that she had managed to grasp the man’s background while chatting on the plane, and the latter was a perfectly average person. Even his appearance was just passable. She didn’t think that there was a need to spare her time on him. 

After all, she wasn’t the same woman she used to be. She had choices.

Ji Xinxin chuckled softly before turning her attention to her phone. She began replying to the messages from some of the higher priority individuals on her phone, though she specially left Bai Zhou for last. 

She knew that Bai Zhou would drop her a call as soon as he received her message.

The problem was that she had chosen Song Shiyu to fetch her from the airport. 

Her first choice was actually Li Xiaoxing as he had been acting weird recently. She had dropped him a hint about her arrival time in her messages, but the other party hadn’t responded to it at all. Left with no choice, she could only go for Song Shiyu instead. 

“Shiyu? My plane has finally landed, and I’m collecting my luggage now,” Ji Xinxin called Song Shiyu’s number and said. She added teasingly, “Are you still at the car park? Aren’t you coming over to fetch me?”

Song Shiyu’s voice sounded a little suppressed. “Xinxin, I have a meeting now so I sent my assistant over to fetch you. I’ll be waiting for you in my car.”

“Oh…” replied Ji Xinxin in disappointment. “You should focus on your meeting then. See you soon!”

“It’s cold outside. Button your coat well and make sure to keep your hands warm,” advised Song Shiyu.

“I know, I know.” Ji Xinxin hung up the phone. The unease she had felt over the past few months welled up in her heart once more. 

Song Shiyu is supposed to… No, he would have come to the arrival hall to fetch me! There’s no meeting that could have been more important than me.

“Is that your luggage?” the man asked while pointing to a pink suitcase on the baggage carousel.

Ji Xinxin snapped out of her thoughts and looked over. “Mmhm, that’s my suitcase.”

The man stepped forward and carried it down from the conveyor belt for her. 

“Thank you. My friend is already outside waiting for me, so I’ll be making a move first.” Ji Xinxin waved him goodbye with a smile and left without waiting for his response. She wasn’t about to give the other party a chance to ask for her contact details.

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