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100000PSI - Chapter 42.3: Please Keep On Liking Me (3)

Women were mysterious creatures. They could hate each other without any real reason, but they could also form friendships over inexplicable reasons. 

It was only a month ago that the flowers of friendship between Zhang Ning and Ji Fanyin started budding, and now, they were already soulmates. 

Over lunch, the two of them decisively settled all of their work-related matters before moving on to idle chatter. Zhang Ning sipped on her Pu’er tea like an old man and said, “It was actually He Shen who first noticed you, but after meeting you, I realized that you’re quite a remarkable person. To be frank, I would have never considered partnering with a friend, but I don’t feel worried at all establishing this studio with you.”

Since the topic had gotten to He Shen, Ji Fanyin casually replied, “I’ve watched all of He Shen’s films ever since his debut, whether he’s playing the main character or supporting roles.”

Zhang Ning chuckled softly and said, “He’d be overjoyed to hear that. Have you posted a movie review on them yet?”

“I’m preparing an essay for it. Rather than a movie review, it’s more of an analysis on the actor. It’s a new project I’m working on,” replied Ji Fanyin. “Just a heads up, there might be some things in the review that he might not be too fond of.”

“Don’t worry.” Zhang Ning waved her hand casually, thinking nothing of it at all. “He thinks that everything you say is right. The two of you have identical views when it comes to movie preferences and evaluations. I’m telling you, he has read every single one of your movie reviews ever since he discovered your Weibo account!”

Ji Fanyin was perplexed to hear that. “I guess I really should meet him one of these days.”

“Hm?” Zhang Ning was surprised. “Didn’t you have a chat with him during the movie premiere? I recall him heading to your seat after the movie ended.”

Ji Fanyin thought back on what happened that day and nodded in realization. “Ah, I get it now.”

“What did you get? Tell me!” exclaimed Zhang Ning.

Ji Fanyin burst into laughter. “Why don’t you ask him if you’re that curious?”

“He Shen doesn’t tell me anything at all!”


Ji Fanyin did her homework for the date with Song Shiyu at the art exhibition later in the afternoon. With a bit of investigation, she found out that the art exhibition was displaying works from one of Ji Xinxin’s favorite painters. 

To ensure that she could say a thing or two about the artworks, she memorized the artist’s personal details and looked up analysis on his paintings. 

Though she didn’t get a chance to put her newfound knowledge to use.

“I’ll buy one for you,” said Song Shiyu. “You were staring at one of the paintings for quite a long time earlier. Do you like it?”

Ji Fanyin took some time to jog her memory. 

The only painting she had stared at for a long time was the one she had trouble comprehending. If she had to describe it in words, it would be: Can this be considered art too?

Anyway, it would be wrong for her to candidly accept the gift from him. That would be un-Ji Xinxin-like.

“There’s no need for you to do that. I don’t have space at home to hang it anyway,” Ji Fanyin rejected his offer with a smile. “Rather than a painting, I’d be happier if we could spend more time together like this.”

Song Shiyu replied with a laugh, “I’d be more than happy to spend more time with you, but that has nothing to do with me giving you a gift.”

So, he bought that painting and gave it to Ji Fanyin.

The painting cost only 400,000 dollars as it was from an up-and-coming painter, but it was still worth something. As soon as the painting fell into Ji Fanyin’s hand, its value was added to the ‘Temptation of Home’ app. 

Ji Fanyin rejected the offer to have the painting delivered to her home. She had absolutely no intention of revealing her address to Song Shiyu. It was rather small anyway, so she could lug it back home herself. 

 Holding onto the painting that was wrapped with high-quality kraft paper, Ji Fanyin eyed Song Shiyu coyly and said, “I think it’s only right for me to return your gift. Shiyu, what do you want?”

With his hands tucked inside his cashmere coat, Song Shiyu lowered his head and looked at Ji Fanyin with a hesitant look on his face. “ I want you to continue liking me.”

“What kind of request is that?” Ji Fanyin burst into laughter. “Why would I stop liking you?”

“… I want you to like me till the end of time,” insisted Song Shiyu.

Ji Fanyin blinked her eyes before graciously accepting his request, “Alright, till the end of time.”

As long as it’s during working hours.

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