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100000PSI - Chapter 42.4: Please Keep On Liking Me (4)

Due to the extraneous painting, Ji Fanyin had to make a trip back to her apartment to drop off the painting before heading to Bai Zhou’s house. While in the cab, she quickly selected ingredients on a grocery delivery app and had it delivered to Bai Zhou’s condominium.

Interestingly, she found that she had more deliveries made to Bai Zhou’s house than her own one on the grocery delivery app.

When Ji Fanyin arrived, she saw the caretaker receiving bags of vegetables, meat, and seafood from the delivery man. She took some of the bags from him—there were quite a lot of them—and the two of them made their way into the lift.

“It looks like Miss Ji really cares a lot about Mr. Bai,” the caretaker said with a polite smile. “I have a younger brother too, but I don’t treat him as well as you do. Mr. Bai has been living here for quite some time now, but you’re the only one who frequently visits him. He did bring a few friends over in the past, but that’s once in a blue moon.”

Ji Fanyin replied with a smile, “Yeah, he’s not good at socializing with others. His personality is really worrying.”

Though the ones who should be worried are Bai Zhou’s family members, not a contractor like me.

Soon, the lift reached the top floor. The doors opened to reveal an angry-looking Bai Zhou standing right outside.

“You’re late,” he grumbled impatiently.

Ji Fanyin immediately switched to her work mode. She glanced at her watch and replied, “I’m not. Your watch is off.”

Bai Zhou harrumphed irritably. He snatched the heavier bags from her hands and walked off, leaving just two of the lighter bags for her to carry.

Ji Fanyin casually followed him as she began making plans for tonight’s menu. “Zhouzhou, it’s going to be winter soon. Why don’t I broil some turtle chicken soup?”

“Up to you,” replied Bai Zhou perfunctorily, not bothering to look at her. “You said that you had something up in the afternoon and couldn’t come over. What is it?”

“I was busy with schoolwork,” replied Ji Fanyin without any hesitation. She entered the house and switched to a pair of slippers. “It’s going to be the Christmas Holidays soon. I’ve got to clear up my work beforehand so that I can relax over the break.”

“Of course, you’re busy. 24 hours a day, and you’re only free at night.” Bai Zhou wasn’t intending to let this go easily. “Was it Song Shiyu or someone else this time?”

“Who are you talking about?” Ji Fanyin walked past him as she teased, “Oh? Is our Zhouzhou jealous?”

Before Bai Zhou could blow his top, Ji Fanyin placed her bags on the counter and turned around to face him.

“Even if I really met up with others for work or some other reason, you should know that they can’t possibly shake the place you have in my heart. I’ll never neglect you over others. You should know how much I care for you, right?” she said earnestly.

Bai Zhou’s anger visibly dissipated at her words. As if to hide his embarrassment, he tossed the bags on the counter and shot her a glare, saying, “I’m hungry!”

It was already nearing 9 P.M. by the time she left Bai Zhou’s house.

On the way home, she tapped into her reservation app and greyed out her schedule for the next two weeks.

Ji Xinxin would be returning to the country tomorrow, and her Christmas Holidays lasted for two weeks. Ji Fanyin intended to take a break during this period of time.

Her clients would likely be too focused on Ji Xinxin during this period of time to bother trying to look for her.

… Maybe except for Li Xiaoxing. I reckon that he’ll need some urgent supplementary classes, but that isn’t much of a problem since we’re doing it online.

For that reason, she decided to allow calls from her Client group.

She made up her mind to set her phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for the next two weeks and spend her days binging on films. She thought that she deserved a good break after working so hard for the past few months.

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