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TL - Chapter 80: Tan Jiao 11 (2)

Sad emotions and being depressed were never my thing. Around the afternoon, I got out of bed feeling motivated again and started packing my bags. As*hole, I’ll bring nothing but mini skirts! I know Wu Yu can never resist my solid color mini skirts.

I did some math in my mind. Wu Yu said he would leave around evening, so I would definitely be quicker than him if I drove there. Wu Yu and the professor talked about the address yesterday, and I had memorized that as well.

I did a rough search online and found that it was a village with very little tourism. However, after giving it my relentless effort, I managed to find an inn and booked a room. Either give up or go through to the end. I even booked a luxury room with a balcony facing the professor’s house.

When I finally arrived at Li Xiao, the sky was almost dark. It was my first time driving on the highway for such a long time, so I felt extremely tired after that tense drive. After checking into my room, I took a glance at professo…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.