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TL - Chapter 80: Tan Jiao 11 (2)

Sad emotions and being depressed were never my thing. Around the afternoon, I got out of bed feeling motivated again and started packing my bags. As*hole, I’ll bring nothing but mini skirts! I know Wu Yu can never resist my solid color mini skirts.
I did some math in my mind. Wu Yu said he would leave around evening, so I would definitely be quicker than him if I drove there. Wu Yu and the professor talked about the address yesterday, and I had memorized that as well.
I did a rough search online and found that it was a village with very little tourism. However, after giving it my relentless effort, I managed to find an inn and booked a room. Either give up or go through to the end. I even booked a luxury room with a balcony facing the professor’s house.
When I finally arrived at Li Xiao, the sky was almost dark. It was my first time driving on the highway for such a long time, so I felt extremely tired after that tense drive. After checking into my room, I took a glance at professor Chen’s house that was pretty far away before heading to bed.
Professor Chen’s house was located in a somewhat remote area. It was around halfway up the mountain and rather far from the village and inns around the area. Looking towards it, I saw a rustic house built from stone and wood hiding among lush trees. Wu Yu mentioned a fire yesterday. The fire happened half a year ago and almost killed professor Chen’s entire family. But now, it seemed like they had renovated the house. I was quite far away, so I could not spot any damage left by the fire.
However, I suddenly felt that professor Chen and his daughter were either gutsy or insane to want to come back to the place where their family members were killed.
The village was not big, and there were several houses that were already empty. Even the inn I stayed in was only half-operational, having little to no customers.
I actually felt pretty nervous coming to somewhere new and remote on a whim. All I cared about now was not letting Wu Yu discover my presence.
However, I was still too naive.
After the strenuous journey here, I immediately went to bed after checking into my room. When I finally woke up, it was already dark outside. There were only a few lights around the compound. There were some sounds outside, probably another customer or the lady boss. I paid no attention to it and opened the door mid-yawn.
In the corridor, the only lamp there was outside my door, hanging right above me. That man had just closed his room door and was turning toward the front desk. I was mid-yawn and my hands were still in the air paused. Immediately, I went back into the room and shut the door swiftly. I took two steps back in disbelief as my heart raced.
After several seconds had passed, I inched toward the door with my still very hot face and listened. There doesn’t seem to be any sounds. Perhaps he didn’t see me?
Damn it, what’s going on. Why didn’t he go stay with the professor? Why did he stay in the same inn I was staying in and is even staying beside my room?!
As my thoughts ran wild, I suddenly heard two knocks on my door. They rang clearly beside my ear. Faced with the enemy, I immediately retreated to my bed.
Someone knocked on the door. Could it be him?
“Tan Jiao?” A familiar voice came from outside. I immediately covered my mouth and stayed silent.
“Tan Jiao.” His tone was more stern this time. “I saw you. Open up.”
Ever since I had known him, my face had never been so hot. Standing there beside my bed, I thought I was burning inside. However, my mind soon calmed down, and I went back onto the bed. Turning on the TV, I made it loud and ignored him.
It did not seem like he was there anymore.
I curled up, hugging my legs with my head buried in them.
How can I be so unlucky! The summer is still not over, and Zhuang Yu is still busy with her final year exams. Wu Yu is trying to avoid me, and even his colleagues are pretending not to know me. Everything seemed abnormal but also seemed like how it ought to be. Then there was my first time trying to go after a man; instead, I caught in the act...
“Ah!” I screamed into my pillow with my hair messed up. At that moment, I heard some movements from the balcony beside my room. I looked up and saw Wu Yu casually vaulting over the railing between the balconies. Then those black pupils stared at me, causing my mind to immediately go blank. He slowly walked toward the room, pushed open the balcony doors, and finally stood there, gazing at me.

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