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IGK - Chapter 34.2: Just Accept My Thanks (2/2)

“Me? Apologize to Wang Ke?” Murong Luguang was shocked.

Are you asking me to apologize to my love rival?Why would I do that?

But She Miejue’s icy glare made his heart shudder. Reluctant, he could only cup his fist toward Wang Ke, “Junior apprentice-brother Wang Ke, I wronged you just now, I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”

Wang Ke glanced at She Miejue doubtfully. What is happening?Didn’t Zhang Zhengdao say that she’s a violent and unreasonable woman?Why did she suddenly give me this much face?

Wang Ke was unable to keep a demanding front since his revered teacher was present, and since his opponent was acting humbly.

“Forget it. Next time, I hope that senior apprentice-brother Murong talks to me nicely if he has something against me, instead of resorting to violence without investigating first!” Wang Ke nodded.

Murong Luguang was displeased. He looked downward and replied, “Sure!” 

She Miejue was satisfied by this exchange, and nodded her approval.

“Wang Ke, you are clear of suspicion now. You may extinguish your flame!” Princess Youyue reminded him—

Because the ball of essence Qi was still burning in Wang Ke’s palm.

Extinguish it?

Wang Ke’s face froze. I can’t extinguish this flame!

Wang Ke didn’t expect the egg-sized Qi ball to burn for that long.

How about absorbing the essence Qi back into my body? But he didn’t dare do it. His turbid essence Qi reserve in his body might explode if even a spark came into contact with it. His entire core cradle might explode!

As for extinguishing it by force, Wang Ke could technically do it. But if I did that, wouldn’t the turbid essence Qi in my palm spread all over the place? Everyone would smell that mesmerizing fragrance!I still care about my face!

Zhang Zhengdao fainted with one sniff. What would happen to all of you if you sniffed it too?

Most importantly, Wang Ke didn’t want Princess Youyue to smell it, or he might lose her favor, which he had just built up.

Wang Ke faked a smile and explained, “Uhh, I have yet to master this fire spell. I’ll wait until it burns out!”

With some time, the turbid Qi would be used up and the fire extinguished.

“You haven’t mastered your fire spell? You’re saying that you can’t extinguish it by yourself? Why don’t I help you with that!” Princess Youyue said as she stretched out her hand.

Wang Ke was shocked. The turbid Qi will spread if I let you hold it.I would never let you smell it.

“It’s okay. It’ll just take a little more time!” Wang Ke’s hand dodged hers immediately.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to worry. I’m at the Golden Core stage. Your flames can’t harm me!” Princess Youyue passionately jumped to grab the flame sphere.

Wang Ke’s forehead was covered in sweat as he dodged her hands again.

This is bad. Princess, why are you being so helpful right now?You must never touch my essence Qi.

“It’s all right, Princess. Let me take care of this. Have some rest first!” Wang Ke continued to dodge the princess.

But Princess Youyue’s sabotaging attribute seemed to be at work again. She didn’t notice that Wang Ke’s forehead was covered in sweat because he was nervous, so she kept on offering her help eagerly.

That “lovers’ intimacy” scene made Murong Luguang’s eyes fill with envy and rage again.

F***, I’m not dead yet!What’s with this lovey-dovey display!Playing a romantic game of catch?There are many eyes watching! You pair of adulterers.


The princess’ hands caught Wang Ke’s arm and immobilized the ball of flame.

“Wang Ke, hand it over!” Princess Youyue used the other hand to grasp the ball of flame in Wang Ke’s hand.

But the latter was only at the Innate Stage Level Two; he was completely unable to resist Princess Youyue’s moves. He had nowhere to go once the princess grasped his right arm! 
Just when the princess’ other hand was about to touch the flame—

“Don’t!” Wang Ke cried out in horror.

Princess Youyue was about to smack the flame with her palm. The stench of turbid essence Qi was about to cause his positive image in the princess’ heart to crumble. Wang Ke was sweating profusely, terrified.

The nearby Zhang Zhengdao was gloating over Wang Ke’s misfortune.

It was then that a huge hand smacked Wang Ke’s palm before the princess’ and extinguished the flame. After that, the huge hand closed, taking hold of the remnants of the burning essence Qi.

“Let me help you, junior apprentice-brother Wang!” Murong Luguang said with gnashing teeth.

He was infuriated by the loving display of that pair of illicit lovers. If not for the presence of his revered teacher, he would have struck Wang Ke dead already. But even if he tried to hold back his rage, he could not do it. He could not bear to stand idle while the couple was showing their mutual affection. He killed the flame and caught the turbid essence Qi in his hand.

Wang Ke was instantly relieved to see that the leftover turbid essence Qi did not end up in the princess’ hands but in Murong Luguang’s. He felt so fortunate, and still felt the chills at the thought of it.

My savior!

“Thank you!” Wang Ke showed Murong Luguang his sincere gratitude while drenched in cold sweat.

“Thank me? Thank me for what?” Murong Luguang was confused.

But Wang Ke’s sincere eyes didn’t look fake. I interrupted your romantic moment, and you want to thank me?

“Just thank you!” Wang Ke thanked him again, with genuine feeling.

Murong Luguang: “??????”

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.