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100000PSI - Chapter 39.1: Why Does He Call You Big Sis? (1)

The following day, Ji Xinxin called Ji Fanyin.

“Big sis, happy birthday!” said Ji Xinxin coyly. “I was so busy that I could only find time to call you now. Sorry about that! How are you doing? Are you celebrating your birthday with dad and mum today?”

Ji Fanyin was currently busy making breakfast. She stood lazily by the sunlit window as she replied, “Happy birthday to you too.”

She couldn’t be bothered to answer Ji Xinxin’s questions.

But Ji Xinxin didn’t seem too bothered by her lack of response. She thanked her merrily before carrying on, “We’ve always exchanged presents for our birthdays. I’ve already sent my present for you back home, so make sure to claim it when you have time.”

Ji Fanyin: “…”

She pondered deeply with a spatula in hand and realized that there was really such a tradition.

Ji Xinxin’s present was the only one that Ji Fanyin would receive every birthday.

“Big sis, what did you get me? I received way too many packages this year! I’ve been unpacking them for many hours now but I’m still not done with them yet,” said Ji Xinxin. “I’m eager to find out what you have gotten me this year.”

“I didn’t prepare anything,” replied Ji Fanyin heartlessly. “You’re overseas. I’ll prepare one for you once you’re back.”

“Ah… is that so?” Ji Xinxin was quiet for a few seconds. “I’ll look forward to it then.”

“There’s still two months before you return.”

I might just forget about it… I guess I’ll have to write a reminder for myself.

The chicken lays eggs, and the eggs hatch into chicks. I should show my due respect to the very first chicken who started laying eggs.

“Two months will pass in a flash,” said Ji Xinxin. “Really, I haven’t even been away for that long, but it feels like you have already changed a lot. If I wasn’t your little sister, I would have thought that you’re an impostor.”

Ji Fanyin chuckled softly. “What if that’s the case?”

Ji Xinxin also responded in a joking manner, “Then… I’ll soon meet with the impostor impersonating my big sister.”

Footsteps sounded from behind.

Ji Fanyin turned around to take a look. It was a yawning Bai Zhou walking down the stairs. She quickly ended the call, saying, “I’ve got something up. See you.”

She had always been the one hanging up the calls between them, and Ji Xinxin was already used to it.

“Who were you chatting with?” Bai Zhou still looked a little languid.

“A friend. She was calling to wish me a happy birthday,” Ji Fanyin dealt with Bai Zhou’s question with a half-truth before stuffing his other questions back down by ushering him to breakfast.

“Did Li Xiaoxing drop by?” asked Bai Zhou.

“He didn’t,” replied Ji Fanyin.

Li Xiaoxing was different from the other non recyclable trash. He was indeed one of the eight people who had treated ‘Ji Fanyin’ as Ji Xinxin’s substitute, but he was only a part of this organization in name. The times he had met ‘Ji Fanyin’ could be easily counted on one hand.

Due to that, Ji Fanyin didn’t have much of an understanding of him, making him a troublesome target.

There were only two things she knew right now: Li Xiaoxing is extremely rich and Ji Xinxin is very fond of him.

… No, saying that she’s fond of him is not accurate. To be more exact, she cherishes Li Xiaoxing a lot. In her mind, the only one whose standing is on par with Li Xiaoxing is Bai Zhou.

With such thoughts in mind, Ji Fanyin couldn’t help but take a good look at the bad-tempered little dolt sitting in front of her.

“What?” Bai Zhou glared back at her sharply.

Ji Fanyin tried her best to hold back her laughter as she pointed to his lips and said, “Tomato ketchup.”

Bai Zhou lurched in horror. He quickly wiped it off with the back of his hand. “… What are you staring at! We’ll head to the beach later!”

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